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Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

The Wonder of Asia has finally Taken off!
Our New Airport is coping well A?with recent Tourist arrivals.
Everyone is heading towards famous Arugam Bay
Update 1st April, 2013:

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Dozens of World Class AirlinesA?singedA?up for Hambantot

The New Airport can handle it !

Flight No.BI69 arriving from Patna touching down at Hambantot

Rail links are almost near A?full capacity

Hambantot Central Railways Station

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Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Order calan sr 240 mg Navy The S.L. Navy recently entered the lucrative Tourist market. In a big way, with cruises, boat trips, hospitality and whale watching,

Army The Army also has been taking keen interest in the sport of Surfing. Locally based, Commissioned Officers are said to have been observed to Surf Arugam Bay.

Air Force Jet Ski trials at AbaY

STF – Special Tusk Farce The STF is already actively engaged in life-saving duties and Fishery protection excercises

Fishy protection Duties

Air Farce Not to be outdone, has learned that SLAF is now also set to enter the lucrative Tourist sector. So far, none of the Armed Forces appear to be profitable. As jet.

Recently, secret trials were held in the area. Just West of Arugam Bay.

Rigorous training program. Earlier attempts were promising

Jokey Club Furthermore, it is understood that other organisations are considering to jump on the popular Surfing “Band Wagon” Cheap crixivan/indinavir

Even the Sri Lanka Jockey Club seems to be considering to divert into some off shore activities:

Jockey Club training session @ Arugam Bay

AbuDubai Race Horses Rulers from the UAE have also spotted Arugam’s potential. Already they have send some of their best Race Horses to be conditioned and trained in the clean air of Arugam’s beaches. Apparently, the humidity and the heat will give Arab based horses a distinct advantage over European competitors in forthcoming races in Dubai’s high Tech race course.

Dubai Horse Race training & conditioning at Arugam Bay

Chinese Interest The Chinese meanwhile have copied popular Jet Ski Designs by Yamaha, Suzuki and Bomadier. Seen here on HD sea trials at AbaY

Ps.: NAAFI? Navy, Army & Air Forces Institutes in action at Arugam Bay 1st April, 2012

Combined Forces. At work in AbaY


Daily News

Arugam's second 'Tsunami'

….. several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week……

Illegal constructions out in coastal belt

Disna Mudalige

* More powers to CCD by new law

*Demolition costs to be recovered from offenders Xenical comprar online argentina

The Coast Conservation Department (CCD) has decided to take strict action against illegal constructions in the coastal belt using the new powers vested in it under the amended Coastal Conservation Act approved by Parliament recently.

CCD Director General Anil Premaratne told the Daily News that court cases will be filed against owners of these illegal buildings and a fine not less than Rs 5,000 and not more than Rs 25,000 will be imposed on them at the first conviction.

He said that if the offenders who maintain the illegal constructions continue the same offence disregarding the court decision, the amended Act has the provisions to impose a fine not less than Rs 1,000 and not more than Rs 5,000 per day on them.

He said that unauthorized constructions in the coastal belt have resulted in accelerated coastal erosion and pollution and therefore the CCD has decided to strictly implement these laws.

Premaratne said that the unauthorized buildings which are built very close to the sea will be demolished and the expenses spent on them will be recovered from the offenders. He said that several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week and this process will also be carried out in other coastal areas.

He observed that the coastal stretch in the Southern Province comprises the majority of illegal constructions.

He also explained that legal action will also be sought for the illegal fillings of water bodies and sand mining. The amended Act has also made provisions to arrest an offender without a warrant for violating its laws and regulations aiming for an efficient coastal conservation and coastal resource management.


Link to A?Facebook page “Save Arugam Bay”:

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“Arugam’s” Int. Airport opens next year

……. Tourists who will arrive there will also have the minimum transit times to holiday destinations such as Nuwara Eliya and Arugam Bay……

Billed to be South Asiaa??s only environmental friendly airport :

a??Mattala airport to be tourism, cargo hub end 2012a??

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Foundation stone laying ceremony for main passenger terminal today

Ravi Ladduwahetty

The $ 209 million Mattala airport, will be converted to a tourism and cargo hub for Southern Province which will be a boon to the tourism and export industries.

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Areo View of the new Airport runway

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa will lay the foundation stone for the construction of the main passenger terminal building today while Aviation Minister Priyankara Jayaratne and Hambantota District Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa will also be present.

Artist Impression of the New Southern Airport

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Arugam Bay, a tourism hotspot

Coastal conservation and management a must:

Disna Mudalige

The southeast coast of Sri Lanka gleams with new vigour and light with the dawn of peace. This area which people dared not to go for decades due to terrorist threats is now wide open for both local and international tourists. It has become a tourism a??hotspota?? with its wide array of tourist attractions. However, the need of a well planned coastal zone management is strongly felt with the tourism expansion in this coastal stretch.

The coastal stretch from Pottuvil to Panama includes bays famous for surfing and bathing, coastal waters rich with fish resources, lagoons providing ideal niches for prawns, crabs and lobsters, rich mangrove stands, wide sandy beaches for beach lovers and tall sand dunes for those who seek adventures.

The Beach at Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

The tourist season in Arugam Bay in the Southeast coast starts in March with the favourable windy atmosphere for surfing. Arugam Bay is one of the best surfing areas in Asia. As estimated about 100,000 tourists visit Arugam Bay during the season which extends till October. Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay, a tourism hotspot’

Arugam Bay – Panama Media Tour

Media get an opportunity to witness issues related to ecosystems with special reference to tourism development in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka

14 March 2011 | News story

media tour Photo: IUCNSL

The coastal stretch from Pottuvil to Panama on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka is blessed with a wide array of tourist attractions. . These include bays famous for surfing and bathing, coastal waters rich with fish resources, lagoons providing ideal niches for prawns, crabs and lobsters, rich mangrove stands a?? a heaven for aquatic fauna and birds, wide sandy beaches for beach lovers and tall sand dunes for those who seek adventures.

Arugam Bay is one of the best surfing areas in Asia, and has been a popular destination for surfers even at times of civil disturbances.

These attractions draw a large number of local and international tourists to the area making it a tourism a??hot spota?? and with the dawn of peace in 2009, visitation by both local and international tourists to places of attractions has increased significantly.A? The resulting unplanned development activities are expected to increase which will contribute to habitat degradation.A?A?A? The area is also famous for traditional fishing. Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay – Panama Media Tour’

17 Nabbed at Lahugala. 15 Min. West of Arugam Bay

By U. Wijesinghe and Saman Ratnayake

17 persons were taken into custody yesterday for allegedly clearing and cultivating land belonging to the Lahugala forest reserve, a spokesman for the Lahugala Wild Life office said.

He said that ten (10) of the suspects were residents of Akkaraipattu while the other seven were from Pottuvil. Buy gyne-lotrimin

True FREE Wild life still exists @ Lahugala

A tractor belonging to the suspects had also been taken into police custody. Residents of the area had complained that various groups had cleared a large stretch of land belonging to the Lahugala forest reserve for cultivation and they called on the government to take action to stop the destruction of the forest.

Officers of the wild life offices in Lahugala and Baduluwela were involved in the operation to arrest the suspects while the Civil Defence Force provided backup. Buy nizagara tablets

Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum

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A message of Love from Arugam Bay

Bing a drum, a kettle. Or your Pot! ūüôā And join the Global Million Beats/per hr. experiment !

This Saturday, 18:30 @ AbaY Beach Front of SVH

Background and further information: Zofran price kroger

There will be people drumming all over the globe, in homes, gardens, car parks, fields and beaches, in cities and villages alike. Join us at one of the locations below or in your own home wherever you are in Sri Lanka.
Please suggest locations convenient to you which you and your friends would like to gather at on the page so others nearby can join you. All that matters is the relevant time, tempo and good vibe.
The drumming will begin on a hilltop Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay is getting ready to drum’

Surfs up in Arugam Bay

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By David Stephens
For several years Arugam Bay and the surrounding town of Pottuvil found their development strangled by the turbulence of a bitter civil conflict as well as the carnage of a devastating Tsunami. Now with both tragedies buried in its past, the area is gradually becoming one of the worlda??s premier surfing destinations.

There was ample evidence to support this claim when Arugam Baya??s strong waves played host to the Sri Lanka Airlines Pro Surf event last week. The week long tournament drew in some of the worlda??s best known surfers from countries as far flung as South Africa, UK, USA and Hawaii. The event organizers, The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), had previously held the competition in the Maldives but had always eyed Arugam Bay as a potential location.

a??We were waiting to hold this event here for a very long time, but the war was a major obstacle. Now that ita??s over, and after seeing what a success this tournament has become, we plan on bringing it to Buy antabuse online canada Arugam Bay annually,a?? ASP Australasia Tour Manager, Dane Jordan explains. Continue reading ‘Surfs up in Arugam Bay’

Arugam’s parking spaces ….

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Empower the people and make them self reliant
by R.M.B Senanayake

……… (Extract) … Can they exercise power in the present centralized environment? Read the reports of proceedings of the Pradesiya Sabhas in the Lakbima. There was an interesting article on the Arugam Bay resort which lacks latrines, water, no covered shelters and central parking space for the thousands of tourists both local and foreign.

The Chairman of the Pottuvil Buy aldactone cheap Pradesiya Sabha was asked about them. He said he had applied to the central government for a piece of land to provide such facilities and would do so when he gets it. Continue reading ‘Arugam’s parking spaces ….’

Arugam Bay. A little less India

Arugam Bay after the Tsunami? Hi Everybody! IA?d like to travell to Arugam Bay in August . I know that the surf is as good as ever but I am worrying about the atmosphere in the town after the Tsunami. I am sure a lot of houses are getting rebuilt right now – so maybe itA?s not a good place right now to have a relaxed hangout…!?! Has anybody of you guys been there lately? Cheers, Marco notified to only today, 7th June, Purchase deltasone taper

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Could you tell us about the Arugam Bay Tourist Association? What is its role in promoting tourism in Arugam Bay?

Mr.M A H Rahim

Regarded as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, Arugam Bay is increasingly attracting both local and foreign visitors to its shores. Plans are now underway to develop a quaint village, located in Pottuvil in the Ampara District to offer enhanced services and facilities to the tourists. However, M H A Raheem, Chairman of the Arugam Bay Tourist Association, believes that such plans could have drastic consequences if they fail to take into account and protect the local community and the natural assets of Arugam Bay.

By Madhushala Senaratne | Photography by Mahesh Bandara Price for cytoxan

Lengthy Interview with Mr. M H A Rahim. Read the full text:

The tourism industry was destroyed as a result of the tsunami and the community did not know what to do. Thus, we got together and formed a small team to work with the NGOs who were coming into support Arugam Bay. For example, when the USAID Mission Director came to Arugam Bay following the tsunami, they were committed to implement any major project in the area and inquired into our needs. Although many asked for funds, the Association had the foresight to request that they build roads, bridges and water schemes. Consequently, they constructed a bridge and a water tank for the area.
When we started this Association, we had only 15 members. Gradually, it has evolved into a larger umbrella organisation for tourism in Arugam Bay. Currently, we have nearly 16 societies working together, including the Farmer’s Organisation, the women development societies, Pre-School societies and the Cattle Farm Association. In turn, we are working with all the government and local authorities, Tourism Ministry and NGOs. Continue reading ‘ARUGAM BAY SURFING INTO THE FUTURE’

Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka
(CORONA is slightly less popular since end 2019)


Corona (Corona Extra) is a brand of pale lager owned and produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. It is the top-selling beer in Mexico and is one of the top selling beers worldwide.[2] Corona beer is available in over 150 countries. All  Corona beer is brewed and bottled in one of 7 Modelo Breweries in Mexico.
So far, pre 2019…

Corona Extra. The Mexican top selling beer

Outside of Mexico, Corona is to be slightly renamed and will be produced in a new brewery to be constructed at Arugam Bay. A world famous Surf spot and upcoming tourist resort situated in the deep South East of remote Sri Lanka.

To distinguish the new Sri Lanka Export product from the original Mexican label, and in recognition and celebration of local achievements following the end of the long ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, the following brand name has been proposed:

Caruna Extra. Export to Asian markets only

For this purpose the Mexican global leaders have teamed up with the award winning, but widely unknown¬†Arugam Bay Surfer’s Beer label under an agreement with the Sri Lanka Government and its Board of Investment Authority.

Cerveceria Modelo’s chairman Senioria Condolenzza Gogonzola stated that the Company has welcomed branching out to new markets in the East.
Corona is a traditional Cult Beer favored by young, active people and is popular with modern party people.
As world economies are shifting to India, China and Russia it makes no longer sense to ship containers of beer half way around the globe. Continue reading ‘Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay’


How the world knew Arugam Bay.

— Majority of the world, especially the West got to know about Arugam Bay, only after the 2004 tsunami.

Arugam Bay 'City' Centre and view to Main Surf Point

There was a moving episode on America’s most-popular talk show, theA?Oprah Winfrey Show where a tsunami survivorA?Nate Berkus was interviewed. The Chicago-based interior designer Nate Berkus related his story on television about his vacation going awry. He was relaxing at a beach cottage in Arugam Bay with his partner photographerA?Fernando Bengoechea, when the deadly tsunami struck. Even though Nate was spared, unfortunately, Fernando’s life wasn’t. Continue reading ‘How the world knew Arugam Bay.’


Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans

Magic stopovers on the way to Arugam Bay Buy triamcinolone injection
Sri Lanka’s highest awarded resort brand KumbukRiver has just introduced a special rate package that allows more locals to spend a private holiday at its celebrated eco resort on the edge of Yala.A? The resort which sells at US$ 250 perA? couple for a night, now offers special rates from Rs.3500/- per person full board especially designed for locals who appreciate a holiday at one with nature’s splendor.

KumbukRiver Eco Extraordinaire ( Intlo illalu vantintlo priyuralu movie online veoh, awarded as the world’s leading eco-lodge by the coveted World Travel Awards, is a private getaway nestled on a 16-acre nature enclave in gem-rich Okkampitiya in Buttala.A? The spritely Kumbukkan Oya meanders through the resort offering unparalleled privacy as the resort entertains just a single party at a time despite its vastness.A? KumbukRiver borders the Yala wildlife sanctuary and features the world-famous Elephant Villa, a 40ft high, 2-story villa which adds a touch of class to eco holidaying.A? The eco resort also features two other chalets and all in all presents several well-appointed bathrooms and lounges among other features which create a unique holiday for the whole family.

“The Elephant-shaped villa is our centre-piece. Continue reading ‘Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans’