#60 Lahiru Place

#60 Lahiru (Sign)

Order lioresal 20mg #60 Lahiru Place is located in the small lane directly behind #58 Rupas.
Not much is known about this establishment so far.

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#60 Lahiru (establishment) Order actoplus

10 Responses to “#60 Lahiru Place”

  • I stayed at Lahiru place with my friends Pushpajith and Kaveendra.

    Nice simple place. Their vegi soup and sandwich are superb. Service is v much satisfactory.

    Prices reasonable.

    Ravi is a nice and calm guy.

    (May 2015)

  • Still the best place in ABay…amazing vibe, amazing food and amazing rooms. Email me at krmack@live.com if you want Ravi’s number


  • what are ur rates for 2 triple non A/C rooms

  • please mark the phone number of lahiru place

  • Aloni,

    Suggest you set aside LKR 1000 – 1500 per room (Double). Transport was LKR 20,000 both ways when I last took it (2009).

    This is’nt my place but just to give you an idea.


  • we want 2 stay in your place 11-16/08/2010 family 6 person +transportaion from airport 2 arugam bay. need your answer asap

  • right on kirsten! lahirus is the most humble wonderfull place in abay. Genuine people and great iced coffee. I’ll be there in a week…yipeee.

  • The absolute BEST place to stay in a.bay…we were the first to stay here after the tsunami and watched Ravi and Canti build it up with their bare hands..they didnt ask for anything from anyone and were the most amazing hosts EVER!! His iced coffee was the best and his big denners were great too. Lahiru and Sandoon, their kids, just added to the experience of living with a proper sri lankan family….still think about them heaps and cant wait to get back!! they rock!!!!

  • Ravi is a legend. Coffee Shakes are amazing. Awesome time. Be back in 2008.

  • one of the best guys in arugam bay is ravi
    great family great food and atmosphery ,had
    a great time over there ,come back again

    love u ravi

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