#54 Shashni Beach Resort

#54 Shashni (sign)#54 Shashni Beach Resort is an interesting, 2006 creation.
The strip of land just South of #50 SVH has been used by Tangalle resident Mr. Sudumathia (“The White Guy”) for many years as a fish packing centre. The Ceylon Fishing Corporation operated an ice crushing plant next door. Daily, fish was transported to the main market in Colombo in cool trucks; later a regular bus service AbaY-Monaragala-Hikkaduwa was added to this transport only operation.
The noisy and very smelly fish business stopped rather suddenly in Dec. 2004 when the ice plant was washed away and never rebuild.
Good luck had it that suddenly many boats and engines were given away by many uncoordinated agencies, and it seemed that the former fishmonger became a proud, multiple fishing boat or -fleet owner.
Mid 2006 seen another piece of good fortune for the Sudu family. Somehow the former transport yard was cleaned up and a brand new hotel resort was constructed.

#54 Shashni (establishment)

#54 Shashni's road entrance

In ten nice, colourful bungalows and a few budget cabanas were build, adding choice and a very central location to stay in the Bay.
Neighbours are also happy, because the former business caused some conflict, because the bad smell and noise was never apprechiated by any visitor on holiday in the Bay.
#54 Shashni has only been in operation a few months, but proved itself as a popular, well positioned little resort, in the very centre of Arugambay, right next door to the also noisy SVH.

A popular figure is #54 Shashini’s Motilium online canada own cook, Shabdeen, who gained his multiple skills in almost all surrounding guest houses at some stage.
However, not many small guest houses in Ceylon can boast to have a proper (#39) Diovan vs generic Hillton trained chef on board these days….

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  • Hi there,
    I’m looking for an accomodation like bungalows or something like, for 3 person from 16th aug to 5 sep. included. So I would know if you have something available and rates about this period.
    Thank you forward and hope to hear you soon!

    Best regards,

    Gianmichele Barbiero

  • Thanks for your feed back, Daniel!
    This is exactly what other travelers are looking for.
    We also heard only positive reports from all the guys who stayed @ #54 Shashini.

    As we are unsure if Shabdeen actually has an email addy we suggest you send one mail to:
    This will be printed out and we will deliver your message by hand to Shabdeen.
    If he then needs help to answer or establish a new mail address the Community Internet Cafe @ #50 SVH will assist him.
    For free, as always.

  • hi there!
    i stayed at shashni beach resort just a few weeks ago and had a great time! really nice place and very friendly people.
    can someone help me find there email-adress or
    the emailadress of the cook sabe?
    thanks and all the best to abay

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