#58 Rupa’s Cabanas

#58 Rupas (sign)

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#58 Rupa’s Cabanas: Together with other originals “Sooriya’s” and “Beach Hut” old Mr. Rupas completes the Famous Three representing Arugam Bay hospitality at its best, for more than quarter of a rather difficult Century.

Rupas Cabanas are located at the Southern end of the Bay, near famous Surf Point.

Family run, a new beach side restaurant, clean and also modern rooms and a great reputation; this sums up “Rupas”.

A good German friend has designed the first ever home page of Rupas and we will post the direct link below as soon as soon as the web site is completed.
Do you have any better photos of your time at Rupas?
Please send them to: ArugamFoto@Gmail.com and we will take care to publish them at once.

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  • Please contact the hotel directly with your request.
    All known links are shown on the left side panel.

  • Please contact the hotel directly with your request.
    All known links are shown on the left side panel.

  • ranuka praveen

    i wanu room charges. pl send hotel phone number

  • Hi..please the rates: 21 May-13 Jun 2012…2 peoples !! Thanks !!

  • Hi,
    Does anybody knows how to get in reach with Rupa’s place
    true mail? rupas@arugam-bay.com doesn’t seem to work.


  • Klar, Jan,
    Wir erinnern uns an Euch!
    Ich denke wir haben den Link zu #58 Rupas Seiten richtig angegeben?
    Nun willst Du wohl auch unsere Home Page optinieren, oder?
    Wir sind jedenfalls immer unter der folg. email zu erreichen:
    Bei dringenden Faellen kannst Du natuerlich gerne auch anrufen!
    Fred & Familie

  • Hi Fred, hier Jan 🙂 Erinnerst Du Dich? Der Suchmaschinenoptimierer (SEO) aus Berlin, der Deinen Kuchen so schätzt… 😉 Nunja es ist einige Zeit vergangen seitdem wir in Arugam Bay waren, aber wir haben Euch nicht vergessen.

    Wir haben die Website des Arugam Bay Hotels “Rupas Guesthouse – Hotel und Restaurant” überarbeitet. Rupa’s Hotel hat jetzt ein modernes tabellenfreises Webdesign auf Typo3 Basis (Typo3 CMS ist Open Source).
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du Dich mal bei mir meldest. Hätte eine Bitte an Dich. Danke.

  • Dear Jan,

    just I took a look at Rupa´s homepage and I feel happy somebody did all this for him. So close to the beach their losts after the tsunami were much bigger than other guesthouses had behind.

    I know this family more than 15 years. It was always a good, save and friendly place to stay, rest and eat. I wish them all the best. Thanks for your help.


  • Thank you for your entry into our Beta version!
    We are working on it now, with no money or super experts on hand (unlike others) but rest assured that we will add much more features soon.
    For example, a direct link to the web site you kindly designed for old man Rupas will be shown here together with all other relevant contact information.
    We are also working on a rating and voting system.
    All relevant old Forum entries also will be transferred as well as Press archives etc.:
    Do YOU have time? Do YOU wish to help us as well?

  • My wife and me had a great time at Rupas Hotel and Restaurant in Aurugam Bay, Sri Lanka. Actually we only wanted to stay a couple of days, but since we enjoyed our vacation so much, we altogether stayed 3 1/2 weeks 🙂

    To say thamk you we built a Website for Rupas Hotel. Just have a look: http://www.arugam-bay.com/

    Best wishes Alexandra und Jan Riebold

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