#59 Ruwangi Place

Metoclopramide buy australia #59 Ruwangi's (sign)#59 Ruwangi Place is a simple wooden hut hidden in the back Streets of AbaY, very near to #58 Rupas.
The most striking impression of this Place is a sign on the table in the front garden:
“Best Arugam Bay Rice & Curry” followed by a very modest: …..I think…

The funny thing is: EVERYBODY agrees!
Even the world’s favorite traveler’s Bible/Koran, the totally-out-of-date-at-time-of-print “Looney Planet” got this one right! For a Change.
And they even listed #59Ruwangi in the ‘old’ 2006 edition. For a change! i think…!

The great cook and friendly landlady, which actually is little Ruwangi’s mother, has a very hard time since husband Samman was sent off to work away from the family home. Playing the single mum role, she really tries her best to keep the family together and earn a little honest income.

The almost impossible happened: In face of maybe 1,000 other R&C (Rice & Curry) competitors around the famous Bay everybody -so far- agrees that she has beaten them all to fame.
By simply producing the VERY Best, VERY cheap, fresh, usually vegetarian RICE & Curry in the entire Bay.

Let’s have YOUR feedback!
Was it really your favourite All-YOU-can-Eat R&C ?

#59 Ruwangi's (establishment) Can abilify treat bipolar disorder

6 Responses to “#59 Ruwangi Place”

  • Had dinner with 15 other people last night. BBQ fish, rice and curry, pizza Jimmie and pita bread we had it all. Best food I’ve had in sri Lanka for sure thanks guys.

  • Best rice and curry,Manel the owner
    greatest smile in all Srilanka, if your in Abay you must go!

  • Ate there every day for a late breakfast after the crew’s morning surf(brekky filled us til dinner).

    Pittu, String Hoppers, Pol Rotti, Dhal, Potato Curry, Fried Eggs, Mung Etta, Prawn Curry, Fish Curry, Egg Curry…. need I say more? Ended up there for Rice and Curry dinner most nights as well. You can order in advance or just show up.

    I recommend this place to everyone travelling over to A-Bay

  • seriosue wicked rice and curry…
    yes mint. try it
    youll come back everyday..

  • We- my son and I loved Ruwaqngi’s Place! It had a fantastic atmoshphere and was a good place to take Fin as the whole family mucked in! We met some great people there, and we look forward to catching up with them all next year. Ace curries too….
    Nicci and Fin Moores

  • Dinuka-Tangalle

    Very nice place and we had great hospitality from Saman and his wife.kids too..
    We have stayed twice,both was nice trip to arugambay.
    Sure they have such a best Rice and Curry in abay…
    Keep up your good works.

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