#20 Aloha Cabanas

Road Signs

Road Signs

#20 Aloha Cabanas are situated in the middle of the Bay at Arugam.
Apart from a strong surfing connection, his reclusive development might better be described as #20 Amish Cabanas. You will find no grass skirted Hawaii beauties or all night parties here, and of course no loud music, but a romantic resort, well constructed and maintained, of conservative, all natural materials.
Men might be sporting straw hats and ladies are seen in a long and modest dress.
#20 Aloha is highly popular with Christian surfers, Surfing the Nation groups and others seeking a quiet, traditional vacation, be it  in a kind of time warp setting.
Formerly owned by popular Alwin of Austria, the large piece of land was sold to reclusive Swiss surfer Thomas and managed by local counterpart Johnson until the latter married and moved to Switzerland. Many guests might be speaking with a German kind of accent, shunning technology and progress by upholding traditional values.

Entrance into #20 Aloha Cabanas

Entrance into #20 Aloha Cabanas

Low lighting, brilliant and well constructed cabanas, lockable chests, lookout balconies, a huge crater-type well, a quality surf shop and the odd camp fire are to be found within the walled compound to the extend that guests feel they are in Arugam Bay all alone, in a setting before the Bay was hit by progress such as mains power and other high tech. innovations.

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful, romantic holiday with a feeling of times gone by, Aloha is ideal for you.

There is a direct access to the beach and a good view towards distant surf point.

Contact : Johnson
Email : arugamaloha@gmail.com
Website :
Telephone : 077-616 89 29

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  • Please contact the hotel directly with your request.
    All known links are shown on the left side panel.

  • Please contact the hotel directly with your request.
    All known links are shown on the left side panel.

  • Please contact the hotel directly with your request.
    All known links are shown on the left side panel.

  • Hi..please the rates: 21 May-13 Jun 2012…2 peoples !! Thanks !!

  • it good for your enjoy mooooooooooooooood!
    im about this hotel owner & work party so pls trust me & go to enjoy this beuti ………place
    bye guys

  • Shame that Johnsons gone to Switzerland, I take it he go’s back to A-Bay on a pretty regular basis?

  • Appreciate that. Thanks

  • That’s absoloutley great, thanks Fred!

  • #20 Aloha Cabana’s main land line telephone number is:
    0094 63 22 483 79
    We understand that is also their fax line!
    If you still have problems (often the lines are down lately), please feel free to write an email with your request to:
    and we will print it out, fold it up and have your message hand-delivered to Aloha.
    In full confidence.
    The same service applies to anyone wishing to contact anyone in or around the Bay.
    At any time – we are here to promote tourism!

  • Tell me about it… I even tried sending them a letter, and no reply.

  • I need a current email contact for this place please if someone has it. I tried the supplied email and it bounced back and I’m also having trouble using the email facility on the basic website they have.

    thanks for the help.


  • Charlie Tokeley

    Aloha is the best place to stay in A Bay. The people are the best around – so friendly and helpful. The atmosphere in the Aloha is so chilled aswell. The manager, Johnson, is a surfer at Arugam and rent out boards and does surf lessons too, really nice bloke and the food there is great too. One of the greatest places in Abay for the fact that it isn’t touristy or a guest house but just a chilled, family run type place with the best cabanas and you can sleep upstairs on the balcony thing.

    Trust me, It’s the best place in Abay!

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