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#43 Home Needs (sign)

Digoxin annual sales #43 Home Needs is a well run, clean food and small needs shop.
Something a bit like a Sri Lankan 7/11 corner shop.
Situated right in the middle of the Bay, open until 21:00 hrs. it is perhaps the best run little shop Arugam Bay has to offer.
There are plenty of fridges and freezers and quite a few more items are stocked than in PottuVille. Many may appeal to visitors: Corn Flakes, imported sweets, sun lotions, tampons, diapers.
The hard working owner is Mr. V-Jay.
The shop was wiped off Dec/2004, but with determination and generous immediate financial assistance from the Siam View VJ managed to be the first place to re=open after the Big waves receded.
Common practice has it, that many goods are supplied on credit; a ‘tab’ is kept to ensure customer loyalty.

#43 Home Needs (establishment)

AbHa recommends, however, that visitors pay for all goods as they receive them.
This would help the cash flow of such small shops.
And avoid bad debts.

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  • Had a interesting experience at this market, found the owner to be an extremely rude and unpleasant person. He should stick to managing the shop and leave the serving to the rest of his family as his customer relations skill are disgusting!

  • ` the best shop in town for sure ` remember the time 1999 before the ceasefire ` we got all our supplies the service was excellent and the vegeterian home made food specially for us “ fond memories “ v- jay`s the best “ well and we sure have manny next door “ peace n love people “

  • haha awesome shop….annoyingly allowed everyone who stayed in abay to keep a tab tho so wen it came to time to leave it was a bit of a blow to the old pocket!! owner had an awesome kid too…so cute!

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