#37 Hideaway Hotel

Over the counter tretinoin topical #37 Hideaway Hotel (sign)#37 Hideaway is located about in the middle of the Bay, opposite Hillton Hotel.
Set in its own, very large tropical gardens you can truly hide away here.

Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Tissera for many years you will experience a type of true colonial setting. Sitting in the open restaurant of the main building, surrounded by attentive staff, impeccable table settings and traditional food you might have similar impressions the British loved Ceylon for years ago.
The well stocked, licensed bar and the odd Gin & Tonic (to keep a few mossies away of course..) will greatly assist this kind of experience.

Accommodation at Hideaway consists of upstairs rooms in the main building as well as separate stone build cabanas in the front garden. A new development is being completed near the main road, a nice looking 2 story private bungalow.

Do you have any nice photo of Hideaway?

#37 Hideaway Hotel (establishment)

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  • how much are the room charges and how does one make a booking. single and double and triple with breakfast

  • Hello,

    I have a request if u have a double room available and for how much from 20th of august till 6th of september.
    Best regards
    Agata Buga

  • We stayed for 11 nights at the Hideaway and just loved it! The staff is very friendly and helpful, the garden is nice and gives you a real feeling of hideaway. It has a calm atmosphere, very different from the resorts and hotels at the beach side.

    They have a homepage: http://www.hideawayarugambay.com.

    The pics of the cabanas are probably a bit outdated, as the garden has grown a lot, so that the cabanas are surrounded of plants and nature.

    *** Reservation is absolutely recommended ***

  • Hello

    please would you give me your geographics point I want to see to google earth your position in the bay.

    we will be in this place 17 /21 september.

    Tell me if we need make a reservation for this period




    Pouvez vous me donner vos coordonnées géographiques que je puisse
    voir sur Google earth votre position dans la baie.
    Nous serons du 17 sept au 21 sept dans la région, pensez vous qu’ il faille réserver
    à l’ avance chez vous pour cette période??

    Mr et Mme Castelli andré

  • Hideaway is now under a new, dynamic management.
    I just spoke to Ms. Sharon and she has given the following contact details:

    Phone: 063 22 48 259
    Personal E-Mail: spiceontherock@yahoo.com

    I can highly recommend this fine establishment!

  • Can someone please give the email address or a contact number of this property.

  • niranjan bandaranayake

    I visited this hotel on 14 January and stayed overnight in a cabana. I was disturbed till 1.00a.m by some people who were ocupying the next cabana. I had to go and tell them to stop making a noise. It seems that the manager is not aware of what is going on at night because his sleeping quarters are situated some distance away. The other problem is that the Manager cannot be contacted in the night because his phone is outside his room. You have to personally go and knock at his door.
    Other than that the food is good and the cabanas are OK.

  • Tried to help. But Hideaway does not seem to share their number with us.
    Also, Google produced only agencies and tour Companies as a result of searches.
    Maybe the Tisseras wish to be contacted only through agencies and not directly?

  • Wasantha Wahalatantri

    Please let me know the Telephone No. of Hideaway Hotel in Arugambay
    and the owners Telephone No.

  • Its a fantastic place. filled with lots of exiting things to do. i disagree with Famus’s comment. to my knowledge there is a group of musicians playing throughout the night with nice music and i don’t see how one could dislike such entertainment. The manager is a very pleasing personality too. would love to come back to this place.

  • I went to this place in 2007. They treated me very well want to come back again but worried about the country situation here . Wil be back soon with my wife and kids. T0he food is delicious as well.

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