#24 (Fantasy) Way of the Bay Hotel

#24 Way of the Bay Hotel

This is a new hotel development in Arugam Bay.
Way of the Bay did not feature in last year’s walk or listing.
It now appears in place of “Nina Hotel”, for which we no longer found a sign board, in mid 2010.


Mr. Sahabdeen is a native of Arugam Bay.
His father – we think his name was Nagorthambi? – once had an old tractor ‘David Brown’ plying up and down the old dirt road of AbaY.

In the 1980’s and maybe early 90’s Sahabdeen was a waiter cum manager of popular #o1 Stardust Hotel.
He learned his excellent skills there, under the direction of Danish perfectionist Per Goodman.

For reasons unknown to this reseacher, Sahabdeen decided to move on, and abroad.

We believe he made good income in kuwait, where he formed a family and saved some money to set up this new Hotel.

Now he is back agin in the middle east, completing his contract.

The hotel itself is run by relatives, but we are informed that it can be rented or given on a long lease for anyone interested.
End 2011 update:

We believe that this estblishment has now been leased / rented out A?and is run by others.

They have renamed the place “FantasyA?Way of the Bay Hotel” .
We are not at all sure what that implies:
It’s up to you to come, find out and let us know in YOUR feed – back!

Please contact Sahabdeen on his personal e-mail as below:

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Sahabdeen's Way of Arugam Bay

2 Responses to “#24 (Fantasy) Way of the Bay Hotel”

  • To whom it may concern:

    im really very happy about your corporation with me.
    About hotel, have 6 VIP rooms, 6 NON VIP rooms & a restaurant in Thai style,
    i lI hope to rent it from …end … 2010 with hotel equipments.
    hotel rent per month 1300 USD , have to pay electricity, water &
    telephone bills. Key money ( Advance ) 15000 USD. mostly i like to
    rent that for foreigners.

    mail id – altaf14345@gmail.com / phone # – +96599787716 / +94634925925
    / +94775395705

    also i need a help from you, can u send me the photos which you take
    their, if have any mistakes plz do it as you likes..

    thanking you agan,


  • AbHa wishes Sahabdeen all the very best and much success with his new Hotel!

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