#61 Fishing Net

#61 Fishing Net (sign)#61 Fishing Net has for many years been known as “Chuttie’s”.

Situated on the main road leading to Panama, this is a very remarkable and striking development just outside the ‘City’ Centre of AbaY.
Remarkable not only because of the impressive first floor restaurant surrounded by a huge fishing net draped with beautiful passion flower creepers, but also because of the full size lifeboat parked on its second floor.
#61 Fishing Net (boat)The floods of 2004 nearly reached that high, but Chuttie’s premises were spared destruction due to its location.
Another very notable and rare fact is that with semi resident Aussie Sammy as well as mainly Israel guests and surfers #61 Fishing Net has proven to everyone that both groups can live together in perfect harmony.
We wish that similar peace would prevail out in the surf as well as the rest of the Island as it is practiced at Chuttie’s for many, many years.
Since 2006 #61 Fishing Net has embarked on a large expansion and work is in progress to construct new and better accommodation.

#61 Fishing Net (establshment)

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  • The number I have is:
    0094 632 248 187

  • hey can i pls get chutis number? if anyone has his new number i would apreciate if they gave it to me.

  • At first,during my surf trip i called it “my second home” but after i returned to my so called “first home” i realized that my first and true home is ABAY-“FISHING-NET”(Chutties place),it is just a perfect environment to be in on your surf trip and i am definitely coming back in the next season.

  • Chuttie’s place is the best place ever!
    I’ve been to sri lanka twice, and “chuttie’s” is my seconed home.
    It is very cheap, the food is great, the family is amazing, and you feel like you are in paradise.
    chuttie and jee’a i miss you!

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