#32 Tri Star Hotel

Order himcocid espanol Sign atop the hotel

Sign atop the hotel

#32 Tri Star Hotel (http://tristar3hotels.com/) areA?fact of two Hotels:
The old, original Tri Star with its large landscaped gardens has been around a long time.
It was managed by the family of the #16 Midbay Hotel for many years, on behalf of the Tamil owner, a doctor from Colombo.
Around 2002/3 the arrangement was terminated, the hotel refurbished and a small, oblong swimming pool placed in the garden. This was -and still is – the only pool in the Bay. A Jaccuzzi was place in a tiny room, under some stairs – a position in the open air would have been more popular maybe.

The first floor seen an a/c restaurant, a conference/cinema room and all the cabanas received a full face lift and furniture, imported from Indonesia.

The position of the old TriStar, however, remained land side, away from the popular beach.

Entrance into #32 Tri Star Beach Hotel

Entrance into #32 Tri Star Beach Hotel

It seems that the original owners entered into a partnership with a Muslim business man, Mr. Razak in 2004 or 2005 and a brand newA?A? “New” Tristar was constructed after the Tsunami. Opposite, on the beach front, in the (then) 50- 200 meter exclusion zone.
The new building has around 20 air con rooms, which many feel are somewhat too small in size. The hot air is blown into the hotel itself – which is a little unfortunate, maybe.
There is a good satellite TV system, a large flat roof top and a very small front, ocean facing garden.

Due to Muslim ownership it appears that there is no alcohol permitted inside the premises. This part of the Tristar is popular with NGO’s, government officials and other visiting dignitaries
Foreign visitors and tourists from abroad often feel that their preferences have not been fully addressed, but local visitors from Colombo and Kandy are said to be happy in the Himalaya tulasi price New Tristar Hotel.

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  • Well guys , I stayed at the tri star hotel, The hotel is good and for your information the nearby hotels make fake comments on this page just to put the hotel name down. Just ignore the fake commentaries by the jealous people commented.

    IP :
    Country : Sri Lanka

  • Assalamualaikum guys . Im really dissapointed in whats u guys re saying coz i enjoyed my stay at tri star beach hotel . The food was great . The manager Mr Afzal was really freindly. the rooms were small but cosy . I recomend tis place and hope to go nxt time ia . tc

  • Bad hotel. No clean sheets, no clean towels. Bad breakfast and dinner. The hotel doesn’t even have a cook. When we told the management our complaints, the only reaction was: we didn’t ask you to come here.

  • I’m surprised to the comment made by Anderson. Even we were in the hotel and never did we find a single cockroach and mouse.. seems to be exaggerating.. we rather had a wonderful time. the service and the food was excellent. the rooms are clean and nice though they are a bit smaller.
    I.P: (Sri Lanka)

  • The most uncleaned horrible place ever stayed in my life. Rooms were not cleaned stained bed sheets and towels not changed for weeks and reported and reminded to the beard grown manager but neglected. Mouse and cockroaches are common sight in the rooms. Food was horrible. No sea food, fresh fruits items were available. Our holiday was totally spoilt. Is that the condition of Sri Lankan hotels? Disgrace for the sri lankan hotel trade
    IP: (Maldives)

  • Please contact the establishment directly.
    Links are shown on the left side of this very page


  • Bloody shit hotel. Ruined our whole holiday planning. no proper food and service. After 9.30 nobody is available for information and doesn’t proper english or any other foreign languages. cheating the guests from checking in to checked out. Beware
    IP: (Maldives)

  • “Hard beds and infected pool”
    Reviewed August 23, 2011
    Stayed here for a while at the end of the trip because we were fed up of all the frogs in other accommodation. The room was nicer on first inspection than when we looked a bit more. It does have more storage than other rooms in the area which is a huge help. No air con but the ceilings are high so the rooms are cooler than others. If you hand the key in to the hotel owner they will clean the room for you – but their cleaning does not include cleaning the bathroom floor, or chaning sheets, or bringing you new towels. So a little useless really. The pool was a flourescent green by the time we left and god knows what infections you would have picked up, the poolside shower had broken. So all in all not the best poolside. Rather weird hotel manager who is paperwork crazy – putting something in the safe is quite a chore! The beds were also extremely hard – you could barely sleep on them. And the mosi net was way too small for the bed so was useless.

    Stayed August 2011, traveled with friends
    Value 1
    Sleep Quality 1
    Cleanliness 1
    Service 1

  • “Could be very nice with a new staff”
    Reviewed March 21, 2011
    With two young children, I looked for an hotel with pool because of the famous waves of Arugam Bay. It was the only one. This place would have every thing to be fantastic, but the staff was leasy, hanging on, the place war not clean, no buffet, no menu, no fruits for breakfast. Our driver didn’t get food, if we didn’t eat there. Just terrible. If you ask to change the bed sheets, they only change the top one ! Everybody went away to an other place after 1, 2 or 3 nights. Look at Star Dust Hotel !

    Stayed August 2010, traveled with family
    Sleep Quality


  • “Overpriced with hard beds”
    Reviewed February 3, 2011
    We stayed some days in this hotel in Arugam Bay. While the staff were friendly and the service was good the rooms were very simply and small. The biggest feature were very hard beds that made it very difficult to sleep. The location is right next to the beach and the view from the upstairs rooms is nice. The rooms are overpriced compared with other accommodation in Sri Lanka.

    Stayed January 2011, traveled with family
    Sleep Quality


  • We stayed at Tri star beach side for a couple of days and enjoyed except food. We were cared very well by the staff specialy by the manager Perera. He did his best to make our stay pleasant. Beds were too hard to sleep for us. No fruits were available. I will suggest you to add More green to the meals.

    CHEERS Perera we will see you next time when we come there.

  • Himashi gamage

    29th of August 2010 , came to Tri Star at 12.45pm .I made a reservation one month ago.They gave the room at 4.00pm. We wasted 4 hours unnecessaraliy. we reserved a triple room,they converted double room to triple by adding additional bed, Room was really packed.Couldnt close the bathroom ,lock is broken.HORRIBLE PLACE TO STAY.Garden was full of stray dogs and cattles.The sadest and the worst experience was the way the hotel managers reacted towards my sudden accident . I couldnt stay a single night after my accident I was taken to Potuvil hospital, transfered to Colombo National hospital.Informed the hotel mangers,we paid the full amount. After discharging the hospital, I came home and spoke to the hotel.Colombo office people spoke to me nicely,tried to do something. but hotel manger said even we stay one hour we have to pay full amount. We stayed only 4 hours , Dont know whether they treat the foreigners like the same manner.they never come to Sri Lanka. TRI STAR IS HORRIBLE PLACE TO STAY AND HORRIBLE MANAGERS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE IT MORE UNPLEASANT!!!!

  • Read the reviews for Tristar and New Tristar and thought nowhere can be that bad…..please believe the reviews….they are awful! The beds were rock hard ( my back is still trying to recover two weeks later). The rooms in the New Tristar have air con but the outlet is in the corridor outside your room and becomes a hothouse.
    The cleanliness was ok but bathrooms could be cleaner.
    We asked to be transferred to the old Tristar and although the rooms are bigger, its mosquito heaven due to poor pool maintenance.

  • do you have an email for tristar hotel?

  • HI,
    First of all, this is not a recommendation, but posting to avoid any disappointment for anyone who may try to go there in future. Everything from architecture of the hotel, food, service, rooms, and facilities here are negative except the beach. Being on the beach is the only advantage. Tri Star Hotel, which is on the opposite side of the road, is also managed by the same people and the situation there is also same. This has a swimming pool, but you really don’t feel like getting in there.

    Only thing that this hotel has to offer you is the large number of rooms they have. If you are travelling with a large group, this may be the only place. But remember their rates are very very high and not worth at all. When we were there last December, their double A/C room rate was Rs.7700 without food.
    Contact details are as follows.

    New Tri Star Beach Hotel : Tel – 063 2248454
    Tri Star Beach Hotel : Tel – 063 248404
    Head office in Colombo 04 : Tel – 011 2595359

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  • pls, send me your a/c room rates ,how to make bookings , contact no. and food .we have 6 adults and 2 kids.

  • plzzz send me ur 4ne number

  • Dear Mr. Hewawasam,

    Please contact me regarding payment for your hotel from 24th to 26th December as i agreed to pay 50% advance. several times i trying to contact you but your phone just ringing its not answered.

    Thanks to contact me on my mobile 0773 631107.

    Kind Regards,
    Mafaz Azeez
    Manager Tours & Excursions
    Gemini Tours & Travels

  • The Manager
    Tri Star Beach Hotel

    Dear Sir,

    I need two A/c Rooms from 24th to 26th Dec 09.

    Please let me know the availlability and the Travel Agent rates, its TOP URGENT.

    My telephone # 011 2591470

    Kind Regards,
    Manager Tours & Excursions
    Gemini Tours & Travels

  • Roo Jayasinghe

    Please guys don’t ever step in to this piece of shit. Food was sooooo bad,we canceled our dinner and breakfast.They had arranged some noisy shitty party for some company people at the same day,so we couldn’t sleep until midnight. The so called manager is a jerk, & rest of the staff can’t understand either Sinhala or English. We hadn’t had continuous water supply for bathrooms. The swimming pool is so dirty and it stinks. Nothing but the beach is good.

  • You need good management.

  • We stay at Tristart and food and service was very bad..Food is so bad we even havent had dinner.Pool was green in colour.I would not recomend this hotel to anyone.


    TEL .2554874,
    FAX 2584483

  • So sad to hear you didn’t enjoy the Tri Star. Let me tell you we had the most fabulous week there and would highly recommend it to anyone. If you think they only cater for Sri Lankans why not have a go at joining in with them. We were treated with utmost kindness and respect, they were friendly and very interested in finding out about Australia. We enjoyed fantastic Sri Lankan breakfasts – curry and roti Yum Yum. If you only go for the pool what a shame the ocean is warm, clean and pretty small. We will return one day and make our way back to the Tri Star.

  • There are plenty of child friendly places in Arugam Bay.
    The 3 Star Hotel certainly isn‘t one of them. It caters mainly for Sri Lankan groups and has not addressed the preferences of Foreign Tourists.

    You can always stay at any other more interesting and better managed places and use the pool at the Tri Star on a day – to day basis.

    Aloha is great for kids, so is the Siam View because there are so many animals and the beach is right in front.

  • So, if the pool at Tristar is overated, where would you recommend staying with kids?

    Is it do-able having a hotel without hot water?

  • The Goodwin Family

    We stayed at TRI STAR because the kids insisted on a swimming pool.
    Apart from a bland rectangular hole in the ground there is nothing I can recommend about the place.
    I doubt that the New Tri Star ‘Halal‘ Beach hotel opposite is any better.

    I spent my time socialising in the usual hangouts or sampled the best draft beer I ever tasted in Asia at a nearby hotel.

    Hillton was OK at first but slipped badly during our stay for whatever reason.

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