#49 Perera’s Restaurant


# 49 Perera’s Restaurant & Bakehouse is located right next to #50 Siam View Hotel.
The small family run enterprise is somewhat special in this region because it represents a rare mixed and successful marriage between late Singhala Mr. Perera, and the now single, Tamil mum Mrs. Perera. Price of cystone in india
The small family has been specially hard hit ever since hardworking Mr. Perera died on his way to Colombo. He was the only fatally injured passenger in a bus accident. What makes matters even more tragic is the fact that he was on a humanitarian mission to visit his next door neighbor, Mr. Upali, who was in hospital at the time.
Mr. Perera evolved from a mere fish vendor into a small shop owner, tried his hand in politics and he constructed the first ever pupose build Pizza Oven on this location.
Following this tragedy other family members were lost shortly after in the waves of December, 2004.
The shop, bakery and restaurant were also lost of course at the time.
Mrs. Perera tries hard to offer excellent local food, but new and stiff competition as well as few visitors make it hard for her to compete and make ends meet.

On your visit to Arugam Bay Binge eating disorder topamax or neurontin it would be a great support if you book at least one meal with brave Mrs. Perera at #49 Pereras Restaurant.

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