Surfing season begins in Arugam Bay

Text and Pic: I.L.M. Rizan, Addalaichenai central Correspondent)

Arugam Bay in Pottuvil in the Ampara district, is now preparing to attract tourists from all over the world for the tourist season.

The surfing season in Arugam Bay starts in April and ends in October as the wind is predominantly offshore making it a paradise for surfers.

Two kilometers inland from Arugam Bay is the scenic Pottuvil lagoon and this too opens up from April.

Dolphin viewing at the Arugam Bay beach also starts in April and ends in October. Migrant birds also fly to nearby Panama during this time adding another attraction in the area and 20 km south of Panama is the village of Okanda that has a popular surfing spot. The health resorts in the area too are are getting ready to welcome the foreign tourists during the upcoming season my refurbishing their properties. The resort owners are hopeful they would get more foreign tourists this year than in previous years. Another attraction that drives to tourists to the area is the fresh seafood which is also found in abundance during the season.

Nearby ancient cultural sites and wildlife parks also bring in many local and foreign tourist to the area.

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