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  • Sadly nowhere 🙁
    The Sri Lanka Excise Dept., in their great wisdom, decided to charge a few Hundred Million Rupees for a so-called Brewing License. And that basically kills off any decent brewpub or microbrewery (Which are now most popular the world over).
    In the long, terrible wartime AbaY was left alone:
    As a result, there was a small mini production of award-winning beers. The ONLY one on this island.

  • Hi,
    Where can we buy Arugam Bay Natural Beer in Colombo?

  • Good morning, coming to Arugam Bay today. I take the 9:30 – train from Nuwara Eliya to Badulla. Looking for a taxi from Badulla to Arugam Bay. Is there a possibility to go from there with a taxi?
    Thank you!


  • It is with sadness that I must report a recent event of attempted rape by a local school teacher on a western girl to you.

    In August this year the young, 27 year old teacher and imam from the Aragum Bay school attempted to rape an Australian girl.

    He took her from the town in his own tuk-tuk to site see along the coast and then for over five hours sexually harassed her by stopping at remote places and trying to kiss her and to feel her body. She was in shock from this and was sobbing and crying to go home so he would then stop and drive on saying her was taking her back to Aragum Bay and would then stop again and try to molest her.

    She was very lucky that his attempts failed. When they finally came back to the town he put on his imam clothes over his normal clothes and told her to say nothing and anyway he was an imam and no-one would believe her story because she was just a western girl.

    When he was trying to rape her he asked “Do you like kissing” “Do you like sex”.

    He said “you should have sex – it is nothing – I have sex all the time with my students and it is something nothing”

    She ran from the town as soon as she returned. She said nothing to anyone until she was safe back in Australia. Now she has given her story and we are very worried for her as she is still in shock. The men in my town wish to come to Aragum Bay and smash this teacher. They are now organizing flights. She has given them photos of the man and he will be found and smashed. This they promise.

    The man tried to rape a western girl and he admitted to her that her has sex with his students. Maybe that sex is forced on those students also.

    I write to warn the good families and parents of the school that their male teacher 27 who is also their imam is a very bad person and should not be allowed to be a representative of Islam or be a teacher of children.

    I hope that he is found and stopped from all contact with children and women and that he is flogged with a cane 50 times because he brings evil to your homes and your good names.

    thank you for reading this.
    May you care for your children and you community

    Peter Sanders

  • Hi – anybody arriving in Colombo on Tuesday Aug 23 wanting to go to A-bay and share a cab? I am getting in at 18:30pm.

    Thanks Kat

  • Visa extension.
    Any way to extend a visa without going to Colombo?

  • Sorry Maureen,

    So far there is no recognized kite surfing school, rental place or indeed instructor in the Bay of Arugam.

  • Maureen McNeill

    Is there any where in aragum bay where I can get kite surfing lessons with an IKO instructor? I am a beginner and plan to be there in August?

  • # Hannes:
    Just look at

    All rates – island wide are displayed at once.

  • Do you offer transfers from Kandy to Abay as well? Cost?


  • HI DEAR ,


  • Good on you.
    But why – we wonder – don’t You connect properly.
    With this long established Community page?

    has been around for ages, is well established and as far as we know: Open to all.
    Frankly, we see little point to start up yet another one.
    Good luck to You!

  • hey guys,

    Need a pick up from colombo to Abay for the 2nd of june at around 5 am…the reservation won’t let me book that date.

    Please let me know if it is still possible to book from here.

    Thanks !

    Quick answer:
    Short notice bookings for transfers are only possible by direct contact with our trusted taxi sub-contractors.
    Please write a mail to:
    or call Mr. Sanju on
    +94 777 21 26 30

    We can then arrange it and let you know how to book and confirm

  • Thank you, Herr Oliver,

    For your comment and observation.
    Please be so kind and write a proper mail with some more information to our web mistress:

    She will do the needful – if your links etc. are approved.

  • Hello, nice site, best collection about this site on the web!
    Could you please change the link for the Tsunami Hotel #15 to the new sites, please, (ENG)
    OR ((German))

    and please delete the link to the unofficial site


    Thank you very much!

  • Hi,

    There are 3 of us heading to A-bay round 25th July. Flight arrives from Delhi in Colombo at 10:15pm. If we pre-book the taxi shuttle can we drive straight from airport after we land overnight to A-bay?

    Same question for return flight to Delhi. Flight leaves 2:10pm, can we arrange shuttle from A-bay back to airport for our specific flight times?

    Feedback appreciated.

    Thanks, Oliver

  • Actually, Vic,
    As from March and certainly April there will be DAILY transfers from the airport to AbaY and back.
    Judging by experience from last year,that continues to october or so.
    The 100% NON profit Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative has been set up to bring people together and encourage sharing the rides and costs.
    We do not have the cash to maintain an expensive counter at the airport.
    And we don’t send any vehicles all the way unless they are pre-ordered, using the online link on this page.

    Because too often our poor drivers went all that way.Only to find out that there was no flight,no passengers: A wild Goose chase.
    By default,any order placed invites other passengers. And that system usually works fine.
    But someone has to take the initiative.
    Our passengers are all very Happy with this safe,secure and economical arrangement.
    Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative
    Arugam Bay

  • vic macdonald

    me and 2 friends want to get to abay 13 th april and we want to share the costs with other person in mini van taxi is there a desk at the airport or drivers there with signs saying arugam bay shareing i guess thereis not a lot of people going to abay in april regards vic email

  • Rohitha Jayawardhana 0765793211

    Hi. I need to move 4 people and luggage from Dambulla to Arugam Bay. I want to leave Dambulla on the 10th January (9am). Can you please provide a price for me

  • Hi- we are 2 people travelling to Srilanka for 10 days. We need to go from Airport- Beruwala- Galle-Yalle-Ella-Kandy-Columbo. Need to inquire about rates of booking your cab service with driver. We are open to cab sharing as well.

  • Hi guys,

    We want to travel vom Galle to arugam. I also read about your plans to set up a everyday bus connection from columbo to arugam bay. Is it already in use? Is there maybe a bus stop in galle where we can hop on?

    I would really appreciate a quick response.


  • Hi everyone

    I am traveling to Arugam Bay with another person on 20th of Septebmer in 5 days.

    Is there anyone who would wish to share a taxi from Colombo Airport?

    Thank you


  • Without doubt,
    The East Coast (i.e. “Arugam Bay”) is by far the best surf spot on this island.
    Right up to the end of October.
    When the tides turn.

  • Florian Pistone


    I would like to come surfing to Sri Lanka from the 15th of September until the the 10th of October.

    I have heard that you could surf in the south and in the east sides of Sri Lanka. What would be the best place for the concerned period ?

    Thanks a lot 🙂
    Florian Pistone

  • Hi marty thinking of coming over 14th sept for a couple of weeks. o/night in Colombo at hotel J do you have any suggestions who to get for the transfer to your place.

  • Surf is still somewhat small.
    Sandy Beach has so far not shared any information with us.
    We are a 100% FREE Community Service – open to anyone.
    But we simply don’t have the resources to run behind guys who chose not to work with us.

  • hi Guys

    How’s the surf looking? We will be arriving on 6 june for a week. I see the list of hotels on the side of the page but I don’t see the Sandy Beach Hotel, where we will be staying. is there any reason for that?



  • Dear all
    If you are coming to arugambay be carefully for taxi maffia .
    Our service are now on line. Use the direct booking and reservation link provided here on this page.
    Other island wide destinations are also served.


  • Thank you,Dear Mr. Kaushali!

    Students and children, specially, are always Happy and most impressed when they visit our remote area.

    Lahugala is not really as sanctuary as as such.
    It is a open, non-fenced small National Park.
    A tiny, but beautiful one!
    Still there is NO entrance hut, not any fee to pay, No silly Jeep to rent or whatever.
    In fact, the only road leading to Arugam Bay (via PottuVille) from the West transits right through the park itself. This is the A4 (known as, and starting as: “High Level Road” in Colombo).
    The unique experience already starts when you try to reach our little resort!
    If you come at night, chances are that totally FREE and WILD elephants will block you path.
    They often hang around the middle of our only main road (A4)
    But there is NO DANGER at all!
    Give them some respect.
    Back up a yard or two.
    After a few tense minutes they will ALWAYS -slowly- majestically- move back into to jungle and you are safe to proceed.

    Ask the Wild Life Dept. for additional info.:
    It’s their job! – Not really ours 😉

  • I am a teacher and we are planing to take the students of our school on a trip to arugam bay and to lahugala national park. Can we visit lahugala sanctuary any time or do we have to take permission? If so how to take? Please help me in this.

    Thank you

  • Chère Famille Duffourd,

    Nous sommes heureux d’apprendre que vous prévoyez de visiter la baie de Arugam!

    Transferts ne posent aucun problème à tous ces jours.
    Tout le véhicule que nous utilisons sont exploités par des sous-traitants de taxi de confiance.
    Tous leurs véhicules sont entièrement assurés, climatisation et bien sûr peuvent transporter des planches de surf.
    Le taux pour le voyage de 355 km à travers la belle île est

    $ 160 (tout compris).

    Pour réserver, s’il vous plaît utilisez le lien sur cette page.
    Il ya aussi un onglet “Taxi” au milieu de notre page d’accueil populaire

    Et ayez un beau voyage à travers

    Initiative Taxi Arugam Bay
    Arugam Bay
    un service 100% communautaire à but non lucratif

  • Dear Family Duffourd,

    We are Happy to learn that you are planning to visit the bay of Arugam!

    Transfers are no problem at all these days.
    All the vehicle we use are operated by trusted taxi sub-contractors.
    All their vehicles are fully insured, air-conditioned and of course can carry surf boards.
    The rate for the nice 355km trip across the island is

    $160 (all incl.)

    To book, please use the link on this page.
    There also is a “Taxi” tab in the middle of our popular home page

    Thank you
    & Have a nice trip across

    Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative
    Arugam Bay
    a 100% non-profit Community service

  • Duffourd laurent

    We will arrive at Colombo the 05th of july 2014, and we will stay at the hotel Green View for one night:
    N0.119/5 Rahulamawatha, Andiambalama
    Katunayake, 11450, Sri Lanka

    We are 2 Adults and 2 Children With 4 luggages and one surfboard (size: 7.2).
    Is it possible to pick up us at this hotel the 06th of july 2014, at 9:30 AM and to bing us at Arugam Bay.
    I would to know how much is it to bring us at this place.

    I let you my personnal number :

    Thank you very much

    Laurent Duffourd

  • Dffourd laurent

    Bonjour, nous arrivons à Colombo le 05 juillet 2014 et passons une nuit à l’hotel green view: 119/5 Rahulamawatha,
    Andiambalama Katunayake, 11450, Sri Lanka
    Nous sommes 2 adultes et 2 enfants, avec 4 bagages et un surf 7.2. Serait il possible de venir nous chercher à cette hotel le 06 juillet 2014 pour 9H30 du matin, pour nous amener à Arugam bay, et à quel prix?
    Dans l’attente de votres réponses, je vous remercies et vous souhaite mes s’insères salutations.
    Laurent Duffourd: +33662366888 .

  • We never seen Arugam Bay and all it’s 10 other breaks go completely “Flat”.
    There is always a place to surf.

    Just don’t listen to others. Come along and form your own opinion.

  • Hi guys.
    I am on my way to Arugam at the moment. I actually want to spend the next 3 days in the highlands and the move on to Arugam. Unfortunately it seems like there won’t be much swell next week. Do you think there will be any surf at all next week? Do you think it would be worth skipping the highlands to at least catch some surf on Saturday and Sunday before Arugam goes flat.
    I hope to hear from you soon!!
    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Best regards.

  • And may we also know:
    “Why” ?

  • pls ring me on 0777761566

  • Thanks, Nigel.
    We will try to clarify the position with the relevant authorities. And post their answer here for all to see.
    In the past, during all those war years, Arugam Bay was totally left alone. As a result, anything was possible and nobody interfered.
    Now, as the long civil war is thankfully over, all sorts of laws, rules and regulations are imposed on our remote Bay.
    Many of which we never knew about.
    That is why we cannot give you a proper answer right now.

  • Nigel Spencer

    Dear Info
    Please can you advise if spearfishing is legal in SL and is there any charter operating in ABay?
    I will be kitesurfing and spearfishing if possible this coming may is the wind expected to pick up in May?
    Look forward to your reply

  • Danke, Herr Stettler!
    Das Siam View hat Ihnen bereits persoenlich geantwortet.
    Bitte sehen sie in Ihren Post Eingang.
    Bis bald – in Arugam Bay.
    SVH Team

  • Wali Stettler

    1. do your cabanas have private bathroom with shower and toilet. hot water available
    3. is there a fre cabana for 1 or 2 guests between july 17 and 25 (8 nights)
    best thanks for your quick response

  • Hi Simon,

    No. Sorry, Simon!
    So far there is no proper diving centre here at AbaY.
    The best place for a great adventure, incl. dive trips to the WW2 sunken aircraft carrier “HMS Hermes” is located North oif Arugam Bay, near Kalmunai and Batticaola.

    SVH bAbHa Team

  • Simon Thummel

    I’m planning to go to Arugam Bay in April. But I’m more the diver than the surfer. Is there any Scuba Dive Center that offers guided Dive Tours and provide equipment?


  • Michael,
    March is the month when surf conditions change.
    From the South Coast to the East Coast. Early March might be better waves in thye South.
    But even now, as we write, Arugam bay has perfect, dry, mild and not too hot weather and perhaps ideal small waves for beginners.
    Plus: Now, and up to end March there will be no crowds in the surf.
    It’s up to you:
    Try both resorts!
    They are only a few hours from each other.

  • Hello

    I’m planing to visit Sri Lanka in March. I’m a beginner surfer and I’m interested in surfing. What spot do you recommend for me to visit with you. Do you think it will be better to go south or east coast to Arugam Bay.


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