#48 Sano Hotel

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#48 Sano Hotel Cheap eldepryl manufacturer is very new and we don’t have any recent, reliable infomation as yet.

It is however, directly opposite, in every way, of #50 SVH, and we recall that once upon a time there was a nice Australian, who fully trusted a local business partnership.
Some say that Mr. David paid for the land, as well as construction of some tourist related businesses.
We are unaware of reasons, but something seem to have gone wrong and good old Dave packed his bags, converted to Islam and returned home to run a Thai restaurant in Australia.

Maybe #46 & #47 Hawky’s surf Shop were also affected by this sad dispute, and this may have been one reason for relocation opposite.
We are happy to publish any better information; or indeed a full correction should we recall events wrongly.

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  • Hi

    I am interested in the availability 2 x Double Rooms (for 4 persons)
    with attached bathroom/ensuite

    Arriving Tuesday 22/6 Departing Friday 25/6

    Could you please advise me on availability and rates

    Thank you

    Jeff Mackinnon

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