#47 Hawky’s

#47 Hawky's (sign)

Cheap indocin dosage #47 Hawky’s Atarax shipping is not quite the same as #46 AbaY Surf shop.
But the two are connected, one is a shop, the other owns a piece of land where you may find accommodation; under construction during 2006.

#47 Hawky's (establishment)

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  • Joe Holzer Fleming

    Hi Hawkys
    I’m planning on heading out to sri lanka for july and august however I’m hesitating to take a board out as all the cheaper flights that are now left are with airlines that are pretty mean about boards.
    I was just wondering if you were willing, or knew anywhere else, who could sell me a cheapish (preferably less than £100/150 ish), not to bad shortboard or fish??
    I would be very happy to take home with me it but would be willing to return it back to you.
    Your help in all this will be hugely appreciated 🙂
    Thanks very much

  • Geoff Ginnivan

    Can I hire a “goat-boat”/surf ski from your shop during October 2011.If so what are the costs? Thanks,

  • Hedley Gerhardt


    Myself and my brother are coming to do some surfing in Aragum Bay in a few days time and would like to find out about renting surfboards? Have you any (6ft5’s) available and how much do you rent for?


  • Sunetha Parana Herathge

    Best surf shop on the planet with Hawk’s extensive knowledge of the surf requirements in A-Bay!

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