#46 AbaY Surf Shop

#46 ABay Surf Shop (sign)#46 AbaY Surf Shop has been moved in 2005 to its present location.
Previously, and for many years, Hawky’ Surf Shop was located directly opposite #50 Siam View, and next door to #40 Hello Madam, Mark 2.

Hawky, real name is Mr. Hawkings, is a model of your clichee veteran Aussie surfer: From Victoria, long blond hair, has only one focus in life: That is called “Surf”.
His passion brought him to Arugam Bay many years ago; he certainly is an AbaY original.
Hawky married locally, they have an active little son called ….”Surfing” (..what did you expect..?…)
If his Tamil wife had not persisted, for years,A?A? the family would without doubt still be here, at AbaY.

Shipping hyzaar Cheap diltiazem dosage the inside of #46 Abay Surf Shop

the inside of #46 Abay Surf Shop

The lack of any decent school, where all kids can learn together and respect each other’s cultures and backgrounds was one great chance all the NGO’s have missed out on. None was ever constructed.
Sadly, the Hawk family decided toA?A? relocate to Australia, a stable Country with a much better approach to recial harmony. And a proper, non-seperatist school to sent a son to.
Although the Hawks missed all the Tsunami exitement and watched it only on Aussie TV, nearly all boards were saved andA?A? the shop reopened in a new location during 2006.
It is now run by distant relatives, but the services offered are still a direct, goodA?A? result of Hawkies expertise and detailled knowledge concerning all surf related issues.
Board repairs, rentals, local info, and maybe some budget accommodation:
This is what you can expect and find at #46 AbaY Surf Shop!

#46 Abay Surf Shop (establishment)

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  • Hi there, I am coming to visit in 3 weeks . I will bring my shortboard but was wondering if you have fishes or little wider boards as it is not that big all the time. I would like to buy one and it can cost also a little. thanks for letting me know if I would rather look here instead of there. aloha, Jess

  • Quick answer on behalf of the Surf Shop(s):
    1.) Boards are available
    2.) To rent and sometimes to buy, too
    3.) Rent is about $5/ day
    Other equipment on demand, but with limited choice so far i.e. No kite rent as yet, also wind surf not widely available

    Now there are quite a few surf shops in Arugam Bay.
    But this one, Hawky’s remains the earliest and most original one of them all.

  • do you have large surf boards for beginners that i can rent for 4 days? if so how much is it for a day?

  • hey,
    i am coming do arugam bay around 20 september till 10 october, you got any boards on sale for good price?
    i am looking for arround 5.8 and 6.0, more or less 19 width and 2 5/8 tick, got any thing similiar to that?
    if you have send me the information please.
    Thank you

  • It truly is difficult to get skillful people with this topic, however you be understood as you are aware of exactly what you are referring to! Thank you.

  • Joe Holzer Fleming

    Hi Abay surf shop
    I’m planning on heading out to sri lanka for june, july and maybe august however I’m hesitating to take a board out as all the cheaper flights that are now left are with airlines that are pretty mean about boards.
    I was just wondering if you were willing, or knew anywhere else, who could sell me a cheapish (preferably less than £100/150 ish), not to bad shortboard or fish??
    I would be very happy to take home with me it but would be willing to return it back to you.
    Your help in all this will be hugely appreciated 🙂
    Thanks very much
    ps I know I just posted on Hawky’s too but sounds like you’re the same lot and sorry in advance if this causes any offence 🙂

  • Hey, I am heading to AbaY in early september, just wondering if I will be able to rent boots, wetsuit if you think I will need one and a board for about 4 day?

    If you have any adive on where to stay that would also be good, somewhere on the beach or very close, near to a beer in the evening, and secure during the day while away


  • That’s a native surf shop. how nice.

    “There is no wisdom like frankness.”

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