#45 Sooriya’s Hotel

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#45 Sooriya’s Hotel is an AbaY Original.
Together with the very popular “Beach Hut” and “Rupas Cabanas” “Sooriya” is without any doubt Arugam Bay at its best.

#45 Sooriya Hotel (sign)

#45 Sooriya's Hotel sign

Leaving fairly new establishments aside, such as modern hotels and others who may have copied the old traditional style of hospitality at Sooriya’s you will experience Arugam Bay in a way it has always been:

Good fresh, local food prepared by a brilliant and most interesting world traveled chef (Ram), romantic setting in a simple restaurant and a good crowd of regular guests, who seem to visit every year and remain loyal to their second home in the Bay.

Sooriya’s is of such international importance that in 2006 a book was published by Claudia Ackerman “Der Krokodilfelsen”. Set in the early 1980’s she recounts her experiences with Ram, at Sooriya’s and life at the Bay at this time.
As soon as a translation is released we will post details here.
You can view this gallery by clicking [here]

entrance into #45 Sooriya's Hotel

entrance into #45 Sooriya's Hotel

009463 567 09 58 (Sooriya’s Hotel)
0094 776 75 17 82 (mobile phone)

14 Responses to “#45 Sooriya’s Hotel”

  • The Original Soorya’s Hotel ceased to exist years ago when Brother RAM died.
    It was then completely “renovated” and all references to earlier glory were sadly lost.
    Under a new and dynamic, very pleasant management by Mr. Joe this historical place was renamed
    “Way Point”.

    Now it seems that new innovations are on the horizon.
    But so far the place seems closed, dark and locked up.

  • Sooriyas hotel has re open now under mew management.

  • Hi
    Do you have room for one couple with two kids (10 and 12) august 18 to 23, 5 nights?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Ram
    I used to be your Neighbour ( Namal Gardens)till an year ago. Things have changed since then. As i write this I do not if you have already sold you Sooriyas. But Just to let you know that My family has known your family and your happy memories will remains.

    Cheers and Hope to meet some days if possible


  • Hi Ram and Sooriya. Last season I spoek to the van tdriver who always parks at the gurst house. I would like to have him pick me up from the airport to bring me to A Bay this year. Do you have his contact number?

    I think hus name was Jayaweera but I could be wrong.

    Thanks and see you soon for curry heaven.


  • Tim from Maui

    Ram…This is Tim. How are you my old friend? I truly hope that you’re still there. One day I’ll see you again…there I hope.

  • ram,
    i satyed with you a long time ago. beadie was in best form. i left for 3 days and came back 3 months later.you gave me a cup of tea and saied ‘hello chris’
    you relly selling? you live in paradise
    thanks for everything
    chris m

  • Ey Ram,

    Hold on man! i’ll be back next year !
    i can’t forget those ‘lady fingers’ and the rest of the great food.
    September’06 is way too long ago

  • No need to reserve. Just walk in.
    Not busy at this time of year.

  • need resavation for 8 peoples

  • Harry Courtenay-Bishop

    I stayed here in the summer of 2005 and had the best time of my life. Nothing beats the hospitality of Ram and his family. I have to say the food at Sorriya’s is exellent, as is the company.

    One day I will return.

  • Tim Hendricks

    Was there in September of 07 and had the greatest time with Ram at his restaurant. Incredible food every night we we’re there to go along with the aloha. Ram and his family do a great job. I miss them now.

  • With great regret Ram Sooriya has decided to sell his Arugam Bay hotel.
    The land is actual and clean DEED land, in the family possession for many years.
    Sooriya is also featured in Claudia Ackermann’s book ” Der Krokodilfelsen” and the place is very well known.
    Anybody who may be interested can get further details, a copy of the deeds and land survey and an idea of the asking price.
    There are also many other hotels, land and places for sale right now:

    Upali Restaurant
    Land near Stardust,
    A Bay Rip Tide Restaurant,
    Mid Bay Hotel,
    Land all around PottuVille Point
    Land at Crocodile Rock

    and many, many moire nice places.

    Inspection can be arranged at any time
    NOW is the Time to buy – cheap!
    Please send an email to:

    And we will respond as soon as possible to any of your requests
    Note: Mr. Rifai is not connected with this matter at present.

  • Great interesting, tasty and cheap food.Good friendly, helpful staff and good variety of clean accom.

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