Good on you Mates!

Estrace for sale Trazodone treatment What a surprise!

After last weeks unprecedented incidents we really thought we lost our brilliant reputation as a very peaceful, remote Bay.

Little wonder that our friends from Israel, including some attractive,young ladies packed their bags last week to escape yet another confrontation with angry Muslims. Many feel they have enough of it at home and don’t deserve similar impressions on a well earned holiday.
(Note the two girls on the left; they are also shown in our: “Surfers leaving the Bay” article). They returned to the Bay in less than ONE week! Respect!!!!
We are honoured that all of a sudden most guys (and specially the two girls mentioned) have come back to us to show solidarity, representing a very strong support and full confidence in the little Bay at Arugam.

Just as distant Governments warn of East Coast travels:
Here are our REAL travelers, rather than illinformed pen pushers – who voted with their presence.
And they show up all this nonsense and overreacting hype.
Being no expert at the complex Internet, and also a tiny bit drunk due to the ongoing celebrations, I don’t know right now how to copy and paste more and better photos into this space here (as yet..old man still learning…and so on…)
But here is a link for you to take a glimpse of some up to date, tonights, events at Arugam Bay:

3 Responses to “Good on you Mates!”

  • Hi Simon, I hear rumors that you will return to UK in a week or so, is that true? Are you going back to Abay or is it UK for good now?

    I am thinking about coming back to Abay in feb/mar (nothing is for sure though), and I would love to see you again if I do come back.

    Hope you are ok, looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best wishes from the cold north

    P.s. And to everybody else I met at svh and Abay hope you all are well, and hope to see you in Abay in the future

  • Remarkable!
    With the return of brave girls and Simonites all the Bay now seems to need is a bit of support, also from official sources.

  • looks like a recovery of Simonesque proportions

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