2006 Winners

Arugam.info had one last, but very difficult choice to make before the end of this year.
During our 2006 (party) season we started our “Most Romantic Photo” competition.
Inspired by more happy and pretty couples visiting the Bay than ever before, we published many nice shots in our gallery:

However, the winning photo has come as a surprise; here are our winners:

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Many young, pretty, active couples came to Arugam Bay this year. And without doubt they had a great memorable holiday.
Only one single couple, however, left a legacy behind; this is why they are our Winners:
Not all reasons for our panel’s decision are public, but this Happy Couple managed to achieve much more than just enjoy a nice holiday in Sri Lanka.
Their East Coast visit inspired and supported many, including folks further North like in troubled Batticaloa and Kalkudah.
More so, their generous actions gave us hope and provided some long overdue self-recovery and breathing space to a few of the most hard working people in Buy endep drug Arugambay itself.
The winner is in this case not just the actual photo itself, taken at a beautiful BBQ evening in the Bay, nor is it the unusual cremation of hundreds of insects on top of the spotlight seen on the left.
Why did this photo win the competition?
It was mainly the thoughts, our memories, as well as the hope and support received at that very moment coupled with our heartfelt thanks which led us to vote for this shot to mark the end of this very difficult year.

Thanks to all of you for visiting Arugam Bay! Spread the word, how nice & peaceful our Bay actually is. And please help us to promote neglected Arugam Bay:
YOU, the HAPPY visitors are our only chance for Self – Recovery.
Who needs an NGO – if You are coming?

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  • Thanks very much for this surprise.
    As everybody can see in the gallery there are a lot of very nice couples, very romantic pictures as well. We are overwhelmed with emotion …
    We never thought that some “alti Guetzli” as we are will have a chance…

    Now we have some more reason never to forget

    THANKS – and we see you…


    P.S. “Alti Guetzli” is Swissgerman. It means quite old sweets and it’s a nice description of not so young and attractive people…

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