Eratic Rascal Erasmus

Update on this ‘old’ story:
A Video has been recorded for Australian TV.
Submitted by Joyce, one of C-J Asimus’ victims:
Ice Cool Carl: He’s swindled millions of dollars in dirty deeds over 28 years

Ice Cool Carl

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Here are the original articles on

CARL-JAMES ASIMUS (also known as CARL ASIMUS or JAMES ASIMUS) is currently using the assumed name of “JAKE ERASMUS”. His last known location was in Blackpool, England in MAY 2006. reported here:

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His last known location is
Arugam Bay, Eastern Sri Lanka ( reported at the time. See flamboyant Aussie Boat buying venture etc, on this site)

ASIMUS had set up “business” in Blackpool with a small computer/internet shop. He was also renting garage/storage spaces. This was a “front” for his fraudulent businesses.

ASIMUS was in the process of setting up Eucalyptus
Tree plantations on the property of Aristocrats and/or people with property in Britain. He then intended to sell “shares” in these plantations to other people. ASIMUS would keep the money and the people who “invested” would wind up with nothing. This is the same scam ASIMUS pulled on myself and several other people who “invested” in Eucalyptus Trees in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia in 2003-2004. ASIMUS has probably been involved in many other nefarious activities in Britain.

CARL-JAMES ASIMUS is an Australian citizen. Date of Birth: 18 MAY 1953. Place of Birth: Gundagai, NSW, Australia. Height: 6’1″. Weight: about 250 pounds. Dark Brown Hair. Dark Brown Eyes. ASIMUS is very charming when first encountered. Spend time around him and he will unleash a nasty temper. This usually happens after he gets your money or whatever else he wants from you. He is usually seen in the company of one or more young men whom he uses as “gophers” and for other mischief. ASIMUS likes to party and hangs out at “Gentlemen’s” Clubs, where he often cons wealthy people. He likes to live in small/medium size towns near larger cities.

When this BLOG hits the internet, ASIMUS will probably change his name again and move on to another town, city or country.

If anybody knows ASIMUS’ current location, or any future name changes, or if you have been a victims of ASIMUS, please contact me.


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  • Well!
    Great news indeed. Please post or send us this recent photo!

  • He also apparently had returned a positive bowel cancer screening. Please note my email address is fake in order to protect my privacy, however I do have a recent picture of the man.

  • His last known address is in Northern Beaches of Sydney in September 2023. He was learning to fly light aircraft.

  • I remember you, Roger!
    You were / are a landscape gardener?
    What happened to Rock View & you though?
    Mrs. Mary has long gone – no idea what happened to her.
    Some reports claim he died somewhere, somehow.

  • did this low life ever be bought to justice. Was in Arugam Bay when poor Mary got rip off big time. Sad bit about it she never would see it. I much would like to contact Mary as we shared some good times. roger Rockview Hotel. Hopefully ur ok Mary. xx

  • thorsten hansen

    I met him in Tonga 1984, i was 18, working for a tongan shipping company “warner pacific line”
    He invited me to join him in a café.
    He invited me to dinner and told me he was a economic advisor to the King. He was very interesed in hearing about what Business i was in, money wise.
    I also visited him in a Nice govt owned residence the King was to have provided.
    After leaving Tonga we kept in touch by letter, but lost touch around 86.

  • Thanks Steve!
    That is an amazing update.
    If you can, please send us some confidential details:

  • He was always visiting the cafe I was working in Sydney Dee Why, I know all the bad stories about him. So I warned a young boy for him, they sued me. if you wanna know more information, conact me.


  • I met Carl Asimus in Andorra in the late 1980s. He was selling his scams there. I heard the government finally asked him to leave. Carl is a very nice person face-to-face. He invited me to his home for dinner. He is very slick. BEWARE.

  • There was a story on this man last night on national television in Australia. He frequents a golf club and does all his business there.

  • British backpacker

    I met ‘james’ (as he now goes by) via gumtree. He asked to meet in his “office” in palm beach. His office is a café and we had a brief talk where he said he could get me work on a farm. I accepted his offer in exchange for 500 dollars and am currently working in tibooburra, nsw. Every backpacker I’ve met here was sent by James. All the employers here all know James and do business with him but have never met him. His business appears legitimate but somewhat unusual. All backpackers were interviewed in a cafe or on the street. He prefers cash transactions but accepts payment to an account called ‘aussie outback worker’s’. He only hires through gumtree and claim’s to know the employers personally. He also claims he’s visited and stayed at each location but he hasn’t. In all fairness, he offered an opportunity to myself and he’s delivered. He just seems rather strange.

  • I lived in One of his Sharehouses in Sydney from march to July this year.
    James had a Café in Palm Beach, a Sharehouse in Dee Why which is now closed
    and another Sharehouse in Narrabeen. He promised us to find us a Job if we move
    Into One of his Sharehouses, which never happened. He surrounds himself with male backpackers
    from Germany, France and Sweden and promises them a great income so they
    take Part in his illegal stuff. This was when I livedin the house. I don’t know about the
    current Situation.

  • Thank You!
    That is a very useful comment.
    Let’s see if after all those long years -10 or so in fact- it’s still relevant.

  • Hi, I also got conned by James in Sydney this year. I know where he lives and also his personal mobile number. I have spoken to him less than 5 minutes ago and he is willung to meet me. If this is any use to anyone?

  • German backpacker

    I met a guy called James in Sydney a few months ago. He dropped me in a sharehouse where I had to pay $200 / week. He said he couled give me jobs like in a farm or somewhere else but I had to pay him $300-$500.
    I met many backpackers and most of them were complaining about him. He probably uses those young men to run the Cafe in Whale aBeach. There is two Germans and one Swedish. They are between 20 and 23 years old.

  • Dear Anne,
    Thank you for your comment and observation.
    We here in Arugam bay have not heard anything at all from the elusive Mr. Asimus, for many years.
    So we are unable to assist.
    There is, however, a lady in the USA who is also keen to get level with this gentleman.
    Maybe you should get in touch with here?

  • Hi,

    I owned a cafe in Whale Beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I was forced by the landlord to vacate the premises in March this year. They gave no explanation as to why they illegally broke my lease. The only reason I could think of was that someone who wanted the premisses was offering more money.

    I have since heard there is some strange behaviour going on there, and there is a man matching Asimus’ description running the place, with a group of other men. (German perhaps?). Several people in the community have been approached about business steal overseas.

    Since reading your articles, it appears there may be some links. I can give your eh address if you would like to follow it up?

    Thank you.

  • Carl James Asimus live in Sydney, he has an office in Newport Beach : at the North of Sydney.
    You can see him here or a lot in Kings Cross in Sydney.

    He is always with young travelers (only male between 18 & 25 years old).

  • Carl—face your accusers—-or do you have something to hide????

  • I hate Carl Asimus

    Here is a quick link that can lead you to other info about this man

  • Youtube video is fixed:

    Merry X-mas

  • Coalition of US and Canadian Victims

    It is great to keep the pressure up on Carl. Even without charges—the more people are made aware of his behavior and the type of person he is, the fewer “investors” he will have. Let the whole world know to “NOT INVEST WITH CARL JAMES ASIMUS”. When he runs out of investors he may actually have to get a real job and work—-just like everybody else………….

  • I allready tried to put the Asimus vid on youtube, but for technical and copyright reasons, it would be better if you would ask the people at “ACA” to release the vid to you since you have had dealings with them.

  • Dear Joyce,
    Mr/Ms. Ghost & Others!
    Yes! We do know how to post a YOUTube clip – but our connections are far too slow.
    Here in remote Eastern Silly Lanka that is.
    You should find somebody out there to assist!
    Keep the pressure up!
    You know you got our full support!

    Is there really a case with a realistic chance of prosecution / conviction?
    And in which part of the world / juristriction would that be??
    Whatever we have seen , over the years here in Sri Lanka involved nothing more than a few (greedy?) but certainly gullible so-called “Investors”.;
    Everyone was a Volunteer, there was no undue pressure to part with cash and trust someone like our good old ‘Friend” CJ -A; or Not?
    Immoral: Yeah, for sure!
    I am not a lawyer – and certainly not one who understands all the loop holes of
    International Law.
    Good Luck – we are behind YOU!
    Fred & Co.

  • Kudos and thanks to the “FarceBook Team” who put ASIMUS on the Net.

    Does anybody out there have enough computer expertise to put the “A Current Affair” story on ASIMUS “Icy Cool Carl” on YOUTUBE??? This would get world-wide dissemination.

    Many thanks, “ghost”.

    Joyce F. Evans

  • Kudos and thanks to the “FarceBook Team” who put ASIMUS on the Net.

    Is there anybody out there with enough computer expertise to put the “A Current Affair” story on ASIMUS, “Icy Cool Carl” on YOUTUBE??? This should get world-wide dissemination.

    Many thanks “ghost”.

    Joyce F. Evans

  • Of course he facebook profile is a hoax, intended to spread awarness of his doings..
    The profile contains links to the new video featured in “A current affair” and also links to this blog and others. And also, the gmail adress is a hoax, does Carl really know how to use a computer nowdays?

  • Please be advised that Mr. C.J. Asimus appears to have his ‘own’ Facebook profile:
    Also there a link to a group looking for his whereabouts.
    There are quite a few people who tend to believe that the entire issue on Facebook is nothing else but a hoax!
    Note, however the given contact address:
    to get in touch with ……Whom….?
    Farcebook Team

  • Hello Shantha –
    Contact me at my personal Email:
    if you wish to tell me your story. I would like to hear from you. Thank you. Joyce F. Evans

  • from Shantha
    I m in Hikkaduwa and I also know the two foreigners, Chis and James.
    They done some work here, too.
    contact me if you need details.

  • Hi –
    TKS for new info. I do not think this guy “Chris” is in cahoots with
    ASIMUS. ASIMUS acts alone. He just uses these young, naive men as the
    “fall guys”. ASIMUS promises them “businesses” of their own and leaves them
    holding the bag, all the debt, etc. Also, I don’t think ASIMUS will return
    to Sri Lanka. He made a big enough haul with Mary, that he doesn’t have to
    Can you tell me how old Mary is?? Also, do you mind if I share your
    information with a Detective of the Lancashire Constabulary in Blackpool??
    Maybe he can do something to help Mary.
    Later, Joyce

  • Asimus is working together with an American Surfer dude called Chris XXXX.
    Chris arrived at Arugam Bay claiming to work for Mercy Corps or Peace Corps.
    He is now running the “Surfer’s Break” restaurant, next to “Tri Star Beach Hotel” at Arugam Bay for Mr. Asimus; representing him in is absence from the island.
    I don’t know if he is involved in any other dealings or indeed, frauds.
    Peter Drake

  • For all Sri Lankan citizens. If you have been a victim of Carl-James ASIMUS, aka Jake ERASMUS, aka Mr. JAMES, etc., please contact me. I am still collecting evidence to take to the FBI and Police Agencies in various other countries. Your information will remain private and will only be revealed to Police agencies on an “as needed” basis.
    I am making a complete data base of ASIMUS victims worldwide and currently know of at least 80 victims and a known dollar amount (US dollars) of about $1,500,000. This is a lot of money and ASIMUS has never been brought to justice for any of his thefts or numerous other felony crimes.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you. Joyce F. Evans, U.S. Navy (retired), Military Police Investigator

  • Proud to Be in Germany

    As an Australian who owns a house in Germany, I have always found the majority of Germans to be hospitable and of the utmost integrity. I am proud to be in Germany as a foreigner and believe that recent occurrences of racism do not reflect the views, activities or attitudes of the vast majority of Germans. It saddens me that Germany is being given a name it does not deserve.


    Weissenstadt, Germany.

    Published: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1992
    in Herald Tribune

  • I live in Arugam Bay and heard that a nice English lady called Mary has provided the money which has been spent on various projects by Mr. James in Sri Lanka
    PottuVille/ Arugam Bay

  • Mr. James. as he is known locally, has “invested” 300,000Euro or so in a number of small ventures in Arugam Bay as well as Hickkackaduwa, Sri Lanka.
    There is plenty of speculation where the cash came from – it certaily is not his own.
    Known, however, is the fact that a hotelier has filed a police and Court complaint against this man.
    The ‘Royal Garden” hotel in Arugam Bay has lost about 250,000 Rs./ to this ‘Gentleman’, it seems.
    A report about his Boat buying business appeared on

    at the time.

  • He is selling on Ebay under the user name of:


  • Here is his email as of 8/2005

    Jake Erasmus

  • This man was trying to sell a very rare ring on ebay aobut 3 years ago. The problem was, he did not own the ring in question. I found this out after doing some simple research on my part. A very nice scam if you can find a person who would send that kind of money to a stranger. The email address posted about is correct as of 8/05 and his user ebay name is correct as of 8/05.
    Hope this helps put an end to this deceiver!


  • Last I heard this scumbag was in Morrocco somewhere looking for a cup of kaffee. Hope you find him. My friend got ripped off by ASIMUS a few years ago. DO NOT invest any money with Carl asimus.

  • Will the “Anonymous” who lost $3000 to ASIMUS and “Matthias” who lost 85,000 E, in the messages above, please contact me at my Email address. Your information is very important for my investigation. Thank you.

  • Ein Weissenstaedter

    Are you still interested to know his whereabouts? Could exchange our experiences.
    Weissenstadt, Northern Bavaria, Germany

  • Hallo from Bonn, Germany!

    I first met Carl-James in Sydney in Dec.1979. In those days he was very kind and he supported me and my friends a lot. Later, in the 90´th I met him again, again he was very friendly and appaered to be very rich (in those days he owned a little castle near Bayreuth). He became the godfather of my daughter and I was blind enough to confide him about 85.000,– €. Never saw my money, neither my former friend since then…

  • To my own misfortune, I met Carl a couple of years ago. He convinced me to invest in one of false ventures and then he ran taking about $3000 of my money. He is a sociopath and is very, very manipulative. Do not trust or do business with this man.
    Do not do business with this Man!

  • this guy sounds like a creep—anybody know where he is now?

  • I met jake in scotland this time last year. he was trying to convince the farmers there to buy in to his eucalyptus plantation scheme. he was friendly enough but there was definatley something sus about him and i couldn’t trust him and felt uneasy around him. i didn’t realise his conning was so widespread. he reckoned he had buisnesses all over the world. weird.

  • Submitted by Joyce Evans (not verified) on Sat, 05/08/2006 – 11:32.

    Stacy – I am 50 years old and basically computer illiterate, so I’m sorry if I can’t provide the “evidence” you seem to want. GOOGLE “Carl Asimus” and read the original BLOG by MIchael Prescott in Canada. You may be able to talk to some of the victims in that BLOG. I am retired United States Navy, Military Police, and I have been investigating ASIMUS since he ripped me off in 2003. I have over 40 victims and a known dollar amount of about $900,000 (US) that ASIMUS has stolen from people. If you want more info, contact me at my Email address:

  • evidence???
    Submitted by stacy on Sat, 05/08/2006 – 07:40.

    Hi Joyce,

    Thanks for the effort, but without evidence or at least a link to your blog, this sort of thing could easily be an effort to slander some poor, unsuspecting, innocent person. I’ve seen this stuff around a lot on indymedia, but there is never any evidence associated. People will take you much more seriously, and be less likely to hide your stories if you put as much evidence as possible to support your claims.

  • James asimus
    Submitted by Luko (not verified) on Sat, 05/08/2006 – 03:30.


    iam am from germany. I met James last year in Sydney. He was very strange. He told me to help me to start up a new business, but i dont confide in him!

    If you want to i can sent you a picture of him?

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