Arugam Bay (the Movie)

The international premiere of the inspiring film Arugam Bay, which explores the unbreakable bond among a group of IDF veterans healing through the sport of surfing.
Takes place in Miami / USA.
The Movie was filmed in Arugam Bay.
(before the current crisis & war!)

The major event will take place at The Miami Jewish Film Festival (MJFF) proudly presents the program for its upcoming 27th edition, a dynamic hybrid of virtual and live events featuring 120 films. Running from January 11-25, 2024, the festival will showcase 94 feature films and 26 shorts from 25 countries, including 10 world premieres, 10 international premieres, 12 North American premieres, and 7 US premieres.

Notably, 41 films (34% of the total program) are directed by women, with 40 first-time feature filmmakers.


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