#69 East Surf Cabanas

69 East Surf Cabanas

Photo above supplied by #69 East Surf management.
Photo below is an old file photo by arugam.info


#69 East Surf Cabanas Is the last resort as you pass AbaY center and walk out towards the end of the village towards Panama.
This introduction below has been submitted by Ms. Raffaellla, Jauary, 2013:

Where can i buy imuran About 300m from Buddha Junction, direction Panama, you will find the peacefulA?East Surf Cabanas. A clean, friendly and quiet guest house, owned and run by Sudu and his dutch/italian wife. It is out of the way from the hustle and bustle of Abay, thus making it uniquely peaceful. About 7 min walk to the beach and central Abay, East Surf has an organic restaurant serving fresh seasonal local produce. The restaurant doesn’t have a specific menu as they prefer to keep it simple & fresh and on a day to day basis. East Surf is an extremely veggie friendly place and has a separate raw vegan kitchen 🙂 A?The accommodation offers 5 wooden double bed cabanas, with bathroom, and new 2 large family cabanas with bathroom and views amidst a luscious garden. Buy zebeta medication

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  • Beatifull place ! Love it : )

  • Great Idea, Andy!
    I will go and take a photo and write a brief introduction.
    It should be posted soon.
    Sorry that we haven’t done it before!

  • How about number 70 the point cafe?

  • We stayed at East Surf for a few weeks back in August 2006 and were reminiscing about what a fantastic time we had staying there (we arrived at the same time as Lucy and Mike, who posted above)). Just got to say that in country of fantastic hosts Ranga was the best, for the weeks that we stayed he made East Surf feel like our home and was an incredibly kind, thoughtful and entertaining host.

    Stuck at work in the UK I often think about Arugam bay and the fantastic time we had there (mainly dream about going back)…..does anyone have a recent update? Has Ranga managed to set-up a new place?

  • ranga,
    whats up man, this is malla. im very sorry to hear about your new place man, nuwan told me about it when i went to arugam in january. im glad i got to see you in december time but i did not know about your place then and what had happened. i hope there is something i can do to help you – if so send me an email at virasinghe@gmail.com.

    take care man, hope you can get back on your feet alright. i hope to see you guys in december 07 again. maybe sooner if i can help it!


  • Dear Ranga

    We were just looking at the Arugam Website thinking about our amazing trip and were so shocked to hear of the fire. you were an excellent host and the work you did to build East Surf was so impressive, it must be terrible to lose it.

    We hope you will be able to rebuild it as before and create the chilled out atmosphere you had. You were so lucky no one was hurt and we will be checking the website more often to find out when you’ll rebuild again.

    Good luck Ranga, you can do it!!
    Lucy and Mike, UK (the girl who got the black eye at Peanut Farm)

  • Ich lese regelmäßig mit, was mit dem abgebrannten Guesthouse geschieht. Die jetzige Entwicklung mit der Moschee finde ich erschreckend. Könnt ihr nichts dagegen unternehmen? Das ist doch direkt neben der Schule und scheint absichtliche Provokation zu sein! Die kesseln euch ein! Da vermißt man ja schon fast wieder die frühen 90er, als Stacheldraht verboten war und Soldaten klar definierte Grenzen zogen. Jeder blieb auf seiner Seite. Und nur weil jetzt 99% der Bewohner von Pottuvil Moslems sind und regional alle Minister und Politiker stellen, können die machen was sie wollen, ohne Rücksicht auf andere Kulturen zu nehmen.

    An eurer Stelle würde ich Unterschriften aller singhalesischen und tamilischen Anwohner und Touristen sammeln und eine Pressemitteilung an alle Zeitungen und Ministerien schicken, mit der Forderung, dass die Moschee nicht im überwiegend tamilisch/singhalesischen Wohngebiet gebaut werden darf, weil sonst der Tourismus nachhaltig gestört wird. Denn das sage ich Dir, wenn eine Moschee morgens meinen Schlaf stört, suche ich mir einen ruhigeren Strand. Adressen von diversen Online-Zeitungen findet ihr in meiner Haputale Homepage.

    Zeigt mal ein bischen Initiative, wenn ihr nicht die Gäste verlieren wollt!

  • This new Super Mosque is an outrage and a provocation.
    Obviously some oil rich guys want to spoil the beautiful resort and East Surf’s location.
    OK, we can’t do anything.
    Too late, we have been too slow and stupid.
    But why does nobody learn from this sort of experience?
    We still see Christian Organizations, like ADRA & Mercy Corpse falling over themselves to assist even totally intolerant groups who would NEVER dream to help anyone else but their own kind.
    Respect is a two way thing – but not with Muslims it seems?
    By the way:
    I would also object to the construction of a church, or temple with loud bells or all night prayers at 04:30 am – so it is NOT a racist or religious matter, but my true concern for peace, love and mutural understanding and respect for each other’s cultures.

  • Dear Sarah,
    How wonderful to hear from you. I know you have been there, and seen what it looks like, after the incident, it must have been a huge chock. I still can’t believe what people are doing to each other.
    And the first sign of them building the mosque… Lets just say I have no comment, but for East Surfs future, I hope it never happens.
    Sarah, if you feel like sending me an email, please do, it would be great. Would love to talk some more with you!
    Love Line

  • Dear Fred,

    Thank you for your reply, i am very sad to hear of the development taking place with the mosque. Is there no tourism council or any potician that could be signed as a protest towards the development, or is it to late?

  • Dear Sarah,
    We are happy to hear that you find our new look info site useful.
    We will continue to promote the Bay and we will not stop to help people from every part of the Community.
    At times, it’s a very fine line to promote tourism whilst still reporting the truth.

    Here is an update on #69 East Surf Cabanas:
    I went to tell Ranga about your post, but he has gone to Hikkaduwa.
    You might recall that I voiced my concern at the opening party that the location is not ideal; and indeed it looks as if #69 East Surf is already facing another problem:
    The large, swampy ground in front has been earmarked for the construction of a mosk; some say a Super Mosque.
    There are rumours that Saudi or another Arab Nation has provided ample cash for this already.
    Indeed, within days after the fire many tractor loads of building materials arrived at the site, and, would you believe, almost as a provocation, were dropped right in front of the view of #69 East Surf cabanas.
    Right in the corner of the property, as if there would be no other place…..
    Yesterday contractors arrived and foundations are being laid already.
    They have the cash…Ranga and many other don’t.
    The Islamic help is fine model of solidarity, maybe we all should learn how others stick together and support each other?
    Personally, I am sad (but I did predicted it) that in future the open view across the field towards the Panama Road will be no more.
    Hopefully some visitors will enjoy to look at a huge, green Mosque wall, specially at times of early morning prayers…when we normally fall asleep, on a well earned vacation?
    But maybe they will lend us their loudspeakers for our Full Moon Party…… as a gesture of good will?

  • Dear Line (Ms Ranga!!) and Ranga,

    I was so pleased when i was looking on the net and i found this site showing the awful incident that took place at East Surf. I am so angry at what has happened seeing Chaminda and Ranga so upset after all the hard work they put into making the resort a peacful beautiful place. It is very important to have this site so people can be made aware of how such an evil action with no thourght can cause so much hurt and disapointment. If their is anything i can do to help i would be more than willing.

    Lots of love Sarah (Ms Chaminda!!) xx

  • Hi Ranga! It’s sad to hear that your business and home were destroyed in the recent troubles. It’s good to know that noone was hurt though. I wish you lots of luck for the future. There are a lot of kind people in the Bay so hopefully you will have lots of support. See you sometime in 2007! Big hugs from the UK.

  • i.m mr ranga.
    so i has bean in bay since 2002.
    was work in mambos place as mannager.
    i know lots people here.and lots of ppeople know me2.
    never has bean truble with eny one here.then i reaaly suprice why they are burn in my place?[east surf]
    when was happene it is big big problem in here.

    Our life was not in danger, thats is most important.
    so i.m glad we are surivel.but has bean all ready this incident.no one reali look whats happene for me or for the place.for surf n sun.
    Any way i like to see my place will builld agan.
    thats my idea.i wish i will do it.
    I specially wish tothenak all kind people who are standing by me in this very difficult time.

    I would love to hear from you personally; perhaps you can call me on:
    0094 776 160 798
    Even an email would be most welcome:

    Of course a post or reply here is also great!

  • Dear Line,
    We are so sorry to have brought you such bad news.
    Because we know how close you and Ranga are, what a great couple.
    Don’t worry too much – from such a distance it must feel worse than being here, where we can actually do something to improve matters.
    Look at it this way: Nobody was killed, nobody injured. And this morning all is quiet and it looks peaceful again at Arugam Bay.
    All is lost are a few sticks, a roof and other items we can replace. We learned a lot.
    We’ll make it even better and we never give up!
    We now know who our friends are and who is not.
    Isn’t that a good step in the right direction?

  • Taking it I have just stayed 3months at East Surf, I can’t believe what I’m hearing nor seeing. Fred, or anyone else, if you have more news about whats happening -also about Surf n Sun- (and maybe some pictures…?) then please send me an email. Whats happening, I cant believe it.It must be horrible for all off you. I hope you take care of each other and stick together!
    All the Best, Line (-also known as Ms Ranga 😉

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