#38 Cafe del Mar

#38 Cafe del Mar How much does propecia cost in nz

Zovirax treatment #38 Cafe DelMaer (establishment)An AbHa introduction will follow soon
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  • The person who own the place is negligent. The infrastructure of the hôtel is poor and dangerous.
    We had a serious accident because of it. One of us injured and two broken surfboards. Then we had two fight for four days with the police to get something repaid.
    I completely agree with Robillo for the terrible food.
    Prices are high for accommodation compared to other places and the quality is low so you should go only if you don’t find any other place.

  • Calling all females, I stayed at this place for one night in Sept 09. I woke at 1.30 in the morning with a man sitting at the end of my bed. He had let himself in and closed the door behind him. He got no further as I screamed very loudly and attracted a lot of attention. The owner insisted there was only one key for the room – on my arrival elsewhere i found my key in my ruck sack! Take what you will from this but please beware if you are travelling alone.

  • I never had such bad food.. like over there… the place is nice and relaxing.. but the food is horrible

  • hai guys go & enjoy this hotel every body expact to your arrivals

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