Jet Ski trials at Arugam Bay

Order calan sr 240 mg Navy The S.L. Navy recently entered the lucrative Tourist market. In a big way, with cruises, boat trips, hospitality and whale watching,

Army The Army also has been taking keen interest in the sport of Surfing. Locally based, Commissioned Officers are said to have been observed to Surf Arugam Bay.

Air Force Jet Ski trials at AbaY

STF – Special Tusk Farce The STF is already actively engaged in life-saving duties and Fishery protection excercises

Fishy protection Duties

Air Farce Not to be outdone, has learned that SLAF is now also set to enter the lucrative Tourist sector. So far, none of the Armed Forces appear to be profitable. As jet.

Recently, secret trials were held in the area. Just West of Arugam Bay.

Rigorous training program. Earlier attempts were promising

Jokey Club Furthermore, it is understood that other organisations are considering to jump on the popular Surfing “Band Wagon” Cheap crixivan/indinavir

Even the Sri Lanka Jockey Club seems to be considering to divert into some off shore activities:

Jockey Club training session @ Arugam Bay

AbuDubai Race Horses Rulers from the UAE have also spotted Arugam’s potential. Already they have send some of their best Race Horses to be conditioned and trained in the clean air of Arugam’s beaches. Apparently, the humidity and the heat will give Arab based horses a distinct advantage over European competitors in forthcoming races in Dubai’s high Tech race course.

Dubai Horse Race training & conditioning at Arugam Bay

Chinese Interest The Chinese meanwhile have copied popular Jet Ski Designs by Yamaha, Suzuki and Bomadier. Seen here on HD sea trials at AbaY

Ps.: NAAFI? Navy, Army & Air Forces Institutes in action at Arugam Bay 1st April, 2012

Combined Forces. At work in AbaY

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  • For the few who may not know:
    It is a Tradition in Western Media.
    To run some sort of plausible post or article.
    Every Year, on the 1st of April.
    It is known throughout the world as:
    “April Fools Day”

    arugam,info originated from the Netherlands, ever since 1999.
    Therefore, we tend to keep Traditions up.

    A few uneducated people in Sri Lanka at times don’t see the joke!

    And, for example, keep on complaining about last year’s story.
    Which was about Ganja Smoking Moneys in the nearby jungle.
    To this day, we are “Investigated” by some weird characters, claiming that we support Illegal substances, that we try to run authorities down, that we bring our honored defense services into “disrepute”….

    Our answer is:
    get yourself EDUCATED !
    Before you make a complaint, Dudes!

    Happy April 1st!

    Whilst some morons in Sri Lanka complained:
    The rest of the world seems to LOVE our coverage. And our Facebook pages
    “Arugam Surf” shot into world wide stardom within a week of last year’s story.
    It is all good.
    And serves our purpose well:
    TO promote Arugam Bay & the beauty of ex-Ceylon.
    Sad that some too serious dudes on this island don’t seem to possess one little ingredient:

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