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Great Beach(es) for awesome Winter Sun

Arugam Bay Beach

Sri Lanka

November through March is a great time to visit Sri Lanka, but it can get crowded.

Arugam Bay, on the southeast coast, is a far cry from the busier resorts on this teardrop-shaped island’s west side, which are packed at this time of year.

With its chilled, hammock-swinging vibe, excellent beachfront restaurants (don’t pass up the fish curries at Ranga’s Beach Hut), and superb surf, Arugam Bay is a wonderful place to escape the crowds and get a taste of Indian Ocean life.


Tripping. On a small road to Arugam

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A Royal Visit


A Royal Visit

The Royal Enfield Club of Sri Lanka
Had a brief stop – over at Arugam Bay
This Sunday lunchtime.
On their way back to Colombo from Batticaloa.

Two British Icons

Two British Icons

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You never ride alone

The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative Cheap eulexin
(A100% Non-profit Service to our visitors)
Now has a brand new Notice Board

AbaY Terminal "Share My Ride" Board

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The New daily updated board is located opposite the “Hang Loose Hotel”
next to the Siam View Brew Pub.
It’s in
In addition to the New, secure online reservation system
(see booking links on our “Taxi” Tab above

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Germany -to- Australia by “Boat”

What a remarkable Australian Lady!
She retracts a historical journey
Done in the 1930’s by a Germany adventurer
(Oskar Speck)
All the way from Germany -to- Australia
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Great! That she stopped by at Arugam Bay !


Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

Kite Surfer returns from the Bondives

Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

World Exclusive News

Kite Surf Legend Dill Sill recovering at nearby KaputtoVille hospital.
He wasA?Blown off course and badly crash landed at AbaY today.
He is dilsirious, but he has indicated a possible explanation to what may have happened to the missing Malay flight MH 370

Crashed at AbaY beach - blown way off course

Drifted in from the distant Bondives

Attempted Kite Surfing in the Bondives

World class Kite Surfing legend Mr. Dill Sill seems to have been blown across from the previously unknown island of The Bondives to all the way toA?Arugam Bay.

His somewhat incoherent account is being questioned.
He claims that The Bondives IslandersA?reported a ‘low level flight’
However, his helmet camera has captured this amazing photo.
Which is the last known image of the missing Boeing 777:

Due to the isolation of the Island Nation of The Bondives this has only just now been reported. A group of Natives as well as the one only Police man on the island have seen a large aircraft a few weeks ago.

Did MH370 BonDive nr. AbaY ?A?

(artist’s impression)

Why does this news only come in NOW?


It happened in the uncharted Islands of The Bondives

You have never heard of them?

No wonder! Here is why:
(Extract from Wikipedia)

The Bondives

Are an island nation in the Southern Indo-Pacific Ocean.

The Bondives are almost unknown. And they not even shown on any maps. The reason has just come to light: Those islands are shifting. Continuously.

The most singular feature of The Bondives geography is its mobility. Similar to the annual shifting of the famous ARUGAM BAY sand bank, The BONDIVES have a constant process of erosion that removes sand from the east coast and deposit it on the west coast, the islands were moving westward at the rate of 1400 meters a year. It is anticipated that the islands would collide with Sri Lanka in 2020. To slow down this movement, boats constantly ferry sand from the east coast back to the west.

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First known mention of the Bondive Islands

:San Serriffe (02).png
Quick Facts
Capital Feemal
Government undemocratic republic
Currency dimes Roman (dR)
Area 692.7 sq km
Population 1,782,724 (1973 census)
Language English (official),Portuguese (official), Gowdy (Flong), Malay,Arabic
Religion Asterism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism
Electricity 190V/42Hz (South African plug)
Internet TLD .ss
Time Zone UTC +6:45

Other destinations


Map of The Bondives

Long unfairly neglected by travelers, and surprisingly never even mentioned in the backpack bible ‘Loony Planet”, the islands of The Bondives truly offer something for everyone: a rich culture full of fascinating customs, an informative case study for environmentalists and economists, and a treasure trove of unusual tubers for botanists. Now under nominally democratic government, now is the time to discover The Bondives distinctive cuisine, tropical climate and quaint transportation, before the next volcanic eruption occurs.


The Bondives have been unkindly characterized as a banana republic, although Bondivians themselves have been known to take offense at this suggestion and physically remind the commentator that pineapples are also an important export crop. (Critics must also concede that it’s not really much of a republic, either.) Continue reading ‘Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery’


A fishing they go in Vakarai

By Jayantha Jayewardene


Those of my vintage and earlier remember Vakarai with nostalgia. This was in an era now long gone. Many, including planters, used to go to places like Arugam Bay, Naltrexone buy usa Passikudah, Panichankerni, Vakarai and Verugal, all of which are on the East coast, for rest and relaxation and to also indulge in shooting, fishing and sea bathing. Wild and undeveloped, these places offered a totally different environment and atmosphere in which to relax. Shooting pig and jungle fowl was for fun and the spoils were for the pot. Excess wild boar flesh was given to the trackers and the villagers who lived in those areas.

To reach Vakarai you had to cross a ferry at Panichankerni. Now there is a brand new bridge that was opened recently. On the other side of the ferry was a two bed-roomed Rest House and visitors generally booked the entire Rest House. The Rest House Keeper at Vakarai was, in the manner of many of his kind all over the island, a great cook and good at general hospitality. Some Rest House keepers were great raconteurs sometimes drawing the long bow. This Rest House is now no more having gone in the tsunami.
I have a small beach house in Panditivu, North Vakarai and these observations on the fishing in the sea in front of my place and along the beach were made from many visits to Vakarai. Continue reading ‘A fishing they go in Vakarai’

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

The Wonder of Asia has finally Taken off!
Our New Airport is coping well A?with recent Tourist arrivals.
Everyone is heading towards famous Arugam Bay
Update 1st April, 2013:

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Dozens of World Class AirlinesA?singedA?up for Hambantot

The New Airport can handle it !

Flight No.BI69 arriving from Patna touching down at Hambantot

Rail links are almost near A?full capacity

Hambantot Central Railways Station

Continue reading ‘Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot’


“On Your Bike” – Arugam

Arugam Bay to Mirissa Beach:

Elephant encounters and a couple of beaches
Friday September 28, 2012, 289 km (180 miles) – Total so far: 14,427 km (8,965 miles) 28-29th Sept 2012

Dawn. Arugam Bay Beach

Majic Flowers at the SVH

Friendly cat at Dinner time
Watch out. Mum & Kids
Road through the Jungle 20 km out of Aurgam… We just walked up and down the beach watching all the Surfies, and enjoying a swim for the first time since we started this trip. The white sands and crystal clear waters of the bay making it a great place to recharge the legsa??. Among things to do we also got to watch the Black Caps lose just about any chance of making the T20 semia??s, first with a nail bitter against Sri Lanka, and then a dismal performance against a mediocre English teama??a?? Continue reading ‘“On Your Bike” – Arugam’

This weekend’s last supper

Gasex online dating Another beautiful, mild & sunny weekend comes to a close
At Arugam Bay
Below are a few impressions how some enjoyed their last supper.
The Eastern Coastal road still ends at A?Arugam Bay & beyond,.
A real Dead End, at the the wide river at Kumana.
No modern catering A?facilities there. So far.

A rare leopard at Kumana. He had his dinner ...

Waiting. For his second supper....

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Arugam Bay. a??The Health Resorta??

The Automobile Association Handbook (1935 !) advises:

AAC's Travelers guide to Ceylon. 76 Years ago.

Arugam Bay: EP (=’Eastern Province’) . 68 miles from Batticaloa on the east coast road. This is a health resort for residents in the malarious inland areas, (such as the Moneragala planting district), with its fine sea front and facilities for sea-bathing; while there is good sport to be had in the vicinity.”

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. I dedicate this article to the memory of my maternal grandfather Arumugam Thiyagarajah (1910-1982)

Rest Houses and Shooting Tips (circa 1935)

Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay. a??The Health Resorta??’

Smoker’s Research Trip to AbaY

Tripped ‘Outstation’

“Abyss” – A Smoker’s Research Trip

Since the 9th of November Ia??ve been out of my mind so much ita??s insane. From one intoxication to another, bouncing around different locations, I still cana??t believe it. Smoking pretty much every strain of grass available in this country, from KG to Manali hash to Ukraine skunk, ita??s nuts.

The other day we headed off to Mirissa and stopped by at Hikka on the way. We never thought the grass we bought would be so good till we smoked it and found it hard to get off the bed. Mirissa was just mindblowing, just like the first time. This time was better since we got boogie boards and pretty good treatment from the guys at the Surf Bar. Ia??ve even got myself a Continue reading ‘Smoker’s Research Trip to AbaY’


And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

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We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf
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Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay

Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay

…..we enjoyed our stop at Arugam Bay more than any other….(quote)

Getting to know the country, people and culture, all in a tuk-tuk
By Dhananjani Silva, Pix by Nilan Maligaspe
Tuk-ish Delight followed by Trinco and Back, Orbis, The Third Wheel, Shake and Bake, Mothertukkers, the Wolf Pack, The Dragon Wagon, Wherea??s Ali and Jar of Vegemitea?? in they came, a line of decorated tuk tuks carrying a bunch of excited, comically dressed foreigners.

Some 30 tuk tuks wrapped up this yeara??s Lanka Challenge which brought about 80 adventurous foreigners to the island to explore its scenic beauty and culture on board a tuk-tuk. As they went from point to point each day, they had to face many challenges involving culture and community in unfamiliar terraina??manoeuvring a trishaw being the biggest of them all.

Lianne Dawes and Karen Tonner from UK, the two a??Happy Hippiesa?? as they introduced themselves got down from the a??Muthertukkersa?? in multicoloured outfits. The fun-loving duo who profess a fondness for wine, photography and dancing said they wanted to do something fun and different which is why they decided to hit the Lankan roads navigating the tuk tuk.

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a??Driving this was challenging and initially I was terrified. But later I really started enjoying it. When we had a couple of breakdowns, the locals came and helped us and that is something unheard of in our countries,a?? said Lianne.

Their 10-day long journey took them right round the country from Katunayake through Negombo to Sigiriya, Trincomalee, Dambana, Arugambay, Buttala, Weerawila, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy and Colombo. The participants were judged by their tour timing from one point to another and the performance of tasks. The tour included two camping nights; one with the wanniyala-aetto in Dambana and another in Botakadan camp in Weerawila which is designed using Land Rover spare parts. Continue reading ‘Lanka Challenge at Arugam Bay’


Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans

Magic stopovers on the way to Arugam Bay Buy triamcinolone injection
Sri Lanka’s highest awarded resort brand KumbukRiver has just introduced a special rate package that allows more locals to spend a private holiday at its celebrated eco resort on the edge of Yala.A? The resort which sells at US$ 250 perA? couple for a night, now offers special rates from Rs.3500/- per person full board especially designed for locals who appreciate a holiday at one with nature’s splendor.

KumbukRiver Eco Extraordinaire ( Intlo illalu vantintlo priyuralu movie online veoh, awarded as the world’s leading eco-lodge by the coveted World Travel Awards, is a private getaway nestled on a 16-acre nature enclave in gem-rich Okkampitiya in Buttala.A? The spritely Kumbukkan Oya meanders through the resort offering unparalleled privacy as the resort entertains just a single party at a time despite its vastness.A? KumbukRiver borders the Yala wildlife sanctuary and features the world-famous Elephant Villa, a 40ft high, 2-story villa which adds a touch of class to eco holidaying.A? The eco resort also features two other chalets and all in all presents several well-appointed bathrooms and lounges among other features which create a unique holiday for the whole family.

“The Elephant-shaped villa is our centre-piece. Continue reading ‘Magical KumbukRiver unveils a special package for Sri Lankans’

The Young hoteliers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Arugam Bay is located 220 km due East of Colombo. It is a popular surfing and tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Ia??ve been to Arugam Bay before in its tourist season and ita??s an absolute beauty. The waves the wind and everything was so perfect. However in the raining season ita??s not the case; you cannot even go out because of the rain. In the raining season ita??s very hard to find a day without any rain. Thanks to a weather forecasting website I was able to find a day without any rain. It was June 2009 nearly four and a half years after Sri Lanka was hit by the Tsunami in 2004, and surprisingly Arugam Bay is one of the very first coasts to get hit by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka.This time I visited the place to see how it progress after Tsunami.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in the 2004 tsunami. The post Tsunami recovery has by and large been very quick despite the remoteness of the area. Many NGO’s and private organisations have help rebuild the area and some of the guest houses are now much better than before the wave. Both north and south of Arugam Bay there are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Sri Lanka.Due to its popularity among tourists they are managed a slow recovery by private initiatives only.

The main beach is Clean now, it was bit dirty as it is used as a garbage dump by some Continue reading ‘The Young hoteliers.’