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Traditional AbaY Walk 2013 prt.2 – Seaside Places

And here are the photos of all signs & establishments
Situated on the Eastern Side of the Main Road
i.e. Sea Side places

This is justA?our attemptA?to document constant changes in the Bay.
This year there are many changes & fine improvements.
So far….
The Prilosec no prescription Bay of Arugam Buy tegretol online uk does not seem to have lost it’s unique character …


Common Travel Scams

Watch out for some of those Common scams While youa??re often safer overseas than you are in your hometown, a few scams seem to pop up all over the world. Repeat the mantra: if it looks too good to be true, it must be too good to be truea??

Most points below we spotted on Lonely Planet web page – Some are relevant (for a change;-)

1. Fake police

Delivery erexin-v Sometimes also the real police, theya??ll demand to see your passport and find something wrong with your visa, but then suggest your troubles will all be over if you pay a fine. To them. In cash. Right now. Standing your ground and offering to accompany them to the station will usually see the error a??excuseda??.

2. Gem or carpet deals

On entry into a store, often prompted by an enthusiastic taxi or rickshaw driver, you will be offered a deal so preposterously lucrative that refusing it seems unthinkable. Think again a?? those gems are going to be worthless and the carpet you buy may not make it home at all. There are legitimate traders selling both jewels and rugs, and they dona??t act like this.

3. Airport taxis

Drivers taking you into town might try every trick in the book, from asking you for an inflated fare to driving around the streets to raise the price higher. This is usually harmless, but you should only travel with licensed taxis and, if you cana??t pay in advance, agree on a fee before starting out and dona??t pay until you get where you want to be.

4. a??This is closeda??

In some countries everyone from touts to taxi drivers will try to tell you that your chosen hotel, restaurant or shop is closeda??but therea??s another, even better one you should visit, where they can pick up a commission. This is more annoying than harmful, but always insist on having a look for yourself.

5. Surf Board rental scam

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This may be gummed together again. To rent ?

You shop around for the ‘best’ deal. The cheapest shop often turns out to be the most expensive. This how the scam works: A tourist breaks his board. The local mini mafia buys it. To make a ‘sign’ or so. Instead they patch it up again, gloss the joint over so that the repair can’t be spotted. First wave you catch snaps the board in half. Again. The rental guys come on heavy and demand huge sums for the previously ‘perfect” board. Rent from reputable shops only. And inspect the board carefully before accepting it. Look for lumps , chips, loose fins or other damage.

6. Motorbike scam #1

Living out your dream of riding a scooter for a day around the countryside quickly turns into a nightmare when the bike youa??re riding breaks down or you have an accident. The owner of the motorbike is quick to escort you and your damaged bike (which doesna??t look in that bad a state) to the repair joint of their choice, Continue reading ‘Common Travel Scams’


No Need!

To bring you own board !
Arugam Bay Purchase diakofukboy has plenty of Surf Shops
And low daily rentals
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c/c “Arugam Surf”

Image & caption taken from “Arugam Surf” on Facebook.
A popular page with 144,000 ‘Likes’
and more than 60 Million friends-of-friends


Cool Idea!

“……No more plastic bottles would be littering the beautifulA?Bay…”
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This article was first published on on 14th March, 2007
We re-publishA?it today, in response to Purchase ethionamide nad “The Island” article above.

Fresh drinking water at Arugam Bay still presents a major problem, to this very day.
None of the educated (?) NGO’s, who claim to be “experts” in their chosen fields ever managed to came up with a true, ‘sustainable’ idea which actually worked.
In more than two years (after our Tsunami) .
Instead, they managed to waste millions of donor’s hard earned cash. sees no real problem.
Forward thinking Thais, A?just 2,000 km due East of Arugam Bay, have long embraced popular reverse osmosis water dispensers.
Even in the USA some, unlike “Mercy Corpse” A?may have heard of it….:

Indeed, on every street corner in the Kingdom of Siam you will see residents refilling their PVC bottles and containers with fresh, clean, and fully trusted water.
A good contribution to the environment:
Every sane person should be concerned about PVC waste piling up and spoiling the environment! And this A?for ages, maybe even 500 years ahead. Continue reading ‘Cool Idea!’

“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong

Fashion News

A start up Sri Lankan a??beach branda?? aspires to challenge Billabong and Quicksilver

Arugambay Beach T-Shirt

Sri Lankaa??s emerging apparel brands inspired by a stray dog and an East coast beach

Arugambay T-Shirts and Shorts

Developing local brands is challenging because the market is flooded with cheap knockoffs of international brands

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Bubble gum coloured flip-flops are the rave among teenagers in Colombo since the Arugambay brand launched its multi hued slippers in 2009. In a simple but crucial way Arugambay improved and made flip- flops in to something surprisingly flattering and fashionable.

Arugambay Flop-Flips

Ajay Virr Sing an Indian living in Sri Lanka and once a fulltime ad-man, launched the Arugambay beachwear brand in 2009, a??a??We started with flip-flops Continue reading ‘“Arugambay” challenges Quicksilver & Billabong’


Protected: Surfing Mag (June2011) on Abay

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


And we are back! On Facebook!

Done! Super Happy ARUGAM !

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We managed to resurrect our popular Facebook page “Arugam Surf”.
Which was knocked off the net exactly 2 months ago.

Arugam Surf
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Please join, participate, submit YOUR photos, videos. Let’s make this page even more popular.
Please understand that we had to add additional security features to avoid access to our hacker ‘friends’ in future.


“Best Pub in Sri Lanka” Award goes to Arugam Bay

The Siam View Hotel (SVH) as been voted to be The Best Pub / Bar in Sri Lanka
By the Daily Telegraph, London, UK

Best Pub / Bar Award

The Siam View Hotel is now not only classed as the best Pub / Bar in Sri Lanka, but is now in with a chance of becoming the Best in the World.

continue to read the background of this nomination… Continue reading ‘“Best Pub in Sri Lanka” Award goes to Arugam Bay’


A Business in Beach Shorts in Arugam Bay

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spotted on YouTube today.
This business is not functioning now, March, 2010


PottuVille Post Election

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PottuVille/Arugam Bay
A Dialog is needed

PottuVille is Very relaxed. Residents are more ‘laid back’ than ever.

Business is 'brisk' in PottuVille (Only sleeping)

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Busy Market town of PottuVille

All is quiet in the East.
Residents ponder what the future may bring.


Abay Walk 2009

Arugam Bay’s traditional Mid-Year walk from end-to-end of AbaY:

#0001 Seasands

#0001 Seasands Buy finax muesli

Do you like to try your luck and spot any “progress”:
Here are links to the same-same walk of previous years:
Purchase lotrisone cream

There are changes and various improvements 2009.
Now we show not only the road/street sign.But also at least one impression of the establishment as well.
This years walk was conducted by Mr. Tavis Fu, a volunteer from Taiwan.HKG FUi
Links and introductions on this page (, shown right below will be updated asap. Please allow 1 week.

Arugam Bay now in Bangalore

To add a splash of colour this summer, Bangalore city this weekend witnessed the launch of a flip flops from Purchase depakote er Arugam Bay. Diclofenac price in india

From the magical shores of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay enters India with its new range of fashionable and colourful rubber flip flops. Arugam Bay, a beachwear brand will start marketing its colourful flip flops in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. The colourful flip flops were unveiled with a fashion show by none other than Bangalorea?? fashion guru- Prasad Bidapa.

The brand has its name derived and inspired by the magical beach on the east coast of Sri Lanka called Arugam Bay. This beach is considered Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay now in Bangalore’

AbaY Walk 2008

In the middle of the year, we supposed to have “High Season” at Arugam Bay.
Every July, Arugam. info walks from bridge to bridge, simply armed with a little camera.

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From bridge end to the other end of AbaY
This year we have a new USAIDs bridge to the North of our hamlet.
The Southern, Panama end bridge remains in poor shape.
Over the years every single sign and sign post has been documented in that way.
You are welcome to compare each year and study the ‘progress’ – or the opposite thereof…!?
Since 2005 the files are in ‘s our Inderal shards of order Picasa Album, see link below.

AbaY Walk

In July, every year, at Arugam’s ‘high’ season, we walk all the way through Where to buy brahmi amla hair oil our Bay.
From the Northern end
Cheap ayurslim testimonial star-rest.JPGat the bridge
right through to the Panama, Southern end at theA?A?6-km.JPG 6km sign
For the past few years, every single sign,A?A?telephone-box.JPG notice board or advert was filmed and preserved, a kind of digital piece of local history.
It also allows all local establishments to advertise what facilities they offer.
Since 2005 it allowed all passing NGO’s to say what they claim they would do. (sorry, nasty! editor!)
See the 2007 walk below and maybe compare it with last year’s walking impressions published in the same Gallery.

State Bank defaults a hotel owner in Arugambay

Colombo, 24 May, ( Owner of the Siam View Hotel [SVH] of Arugambay , Dr. Fred Miller complains the Buspar for anxiety and mood disorder Arugambay branch office of a state owned bank terminated their services and defaulted rent payments one month after the tsunami.The Bank was located at the premises of the Siam Hotel , Arugambay and provided ample service for the area businessmen and the tourists .

Dr.Miller, served as an Engineer and the Hotel Owner who loves surfing in the Potuvil area said the BankA?a??a??s Management has still not answered his official letters regarding the monthly rent.

A?a??A?The SVH, itself the hardest hit hotel for miles around, has been politely asking for the rent due ever since. Nothing at all was paid until a letter arrived a week ago informing them that the Bank has A?a??A?No intention to re-open the Arugambay Extention office, said Dr. Miller.

For the few visitors of the Bay the handful of hard working, hard hit survivors managed to attract in such difficult times as there are no more financial services at Arugam Bay.

Indeed, the nearest cash machine is 2-3 hrs. away. A poor show – but it perhaps represents the kind of A?a??A?assistance and concernA?a??A? our East Coast location receives from faceless and very distant Colombo officers.

Since temporarily peace settled in 2002 a concerned and forward looking, branch manager of the Arugambay bank, thought to provide a better service to the influx of tourists to the Bay.

Scantly dressed females somehow looked out of place in the nearby, conservative Pottuvil at this office. Impatient surfers found waiting for currency transactions and Visa Card advances troublesome and the local staff was overworked with such transactions.

In consultation with the SVH management it was decided to rent the premises at Arugam Bay to provide a better, most welcome and valuable service to visitors to this remote region.

There are no private Banks permitted and Central BankA?a??a??s permission was granted in 2003 to open the new Extention Office at Arugambay.

For an initial period of 3 Years the ground floor offices on the main road, in the very middle of the Bay were given to the Bank at a preferential rate of just 50$/month including air condition and power. The Siam View Hotel refurbished the office at a cost of around Rs. 300,000, to include an attached shower & bathroom.

On 26th December, 2004 giant floods swept the Bay and wiped off near all of the Siam View Hotel. The bank premises however remained intact and stood up to the waves.

The interior however was devastated and washed away. All which remained was the strong safe and the sign boards.

The State Bank never, ever came back to assess the situation, never even cleaned their own premises, but had the new safe removed in mid 2006.

The SVH itself has been credited on CNN & ITN with being the only functioning place open on the entire East Coast. Indeed, the SVH reopened on Tsunami Day itself providing valuable services to the (then) united Community. This is well documented elsewhere, mainly abroad.

More than a dozen letters were sent to the totally unconcerned bankA?a??a??s Head Office. More followed to the Ampara regional office, asking to re-open the office as a matter of urgency to pay Tsunami relief locally. Unfortunately according to a source, A?a??A?Not even one single letter was ever answered,A?a??A? he said.

– Asian Tribune –

source: Order tadacip

Mercy Corps departs


Mercy Corps received 1 Mill. US$ from the Oprah Winfrey Show, to be spent on “Changing Lives” in Arugam Bay.
The idealistic and well motivated Ms. Lyn Robinson implemented various “lively hood programs”, until her departure last autumn.
Nombre generico de arcoxia AbHa and has always been cold shouldered by Mercy Corps, and there has been an uneasy relationship, which resulted in a a lack of information flow and some misunderstandings.
However, Purchase lasunana is happy to admit that M/c was perhaps the best of any NGO ‘active’ in the Bay.
However, can we now ask “How wise was the 1 Mill.$ actually invested?”

1.) Concrete Block factory: No longer in operation
2.) Bicycle rentals: Never worked,all bikes sold for cash
3.) Kali Motorbike rentals: All 5 motorbikes sold for cash – at a fraction of the value
4.) Garment factory: Bankrupt – No orders!
5.) Garbage Tractor: Parked up, never goes out, no money for Diesel
6.) Chicken Farm: No Chickens
7.) Donated Fridges: Compressors burned out due to mains power fluctuation’s
8.) 100,000 ‘Las Vegas’ lights of Hope: All broke, see above, + rain
9.) Street Trees: OK, growing. But many will be uprooted when the road is done
10.) Street lights: Never on. House owners can’t pay the electricity bills anymore
11.) Boats, nets, engines: All sold for minimal cash
12.) Small side Roads: Substandard, unprofessional.A?A? All will be redone by UNOPS
12.) Small restaurants: All closed. No business, too much competition all round
13.) Internet: No more Internet in the entire Bay. Cut off by SLT (bill arrears)
AbHa advised Ms. Lyn that the American Dream might simply not work in Sri Lanka.
Here not everyone is cut out to be a successful business man.
It hurts to see that this seems to be the sad result of the best funded, most involved and most successful organization the Bay has had the pleasure of welcoming after Dec/2004.
As mentioned, Mercy Corps ignores us, our advice and this web site – so maybe there are many more successful investments we don’t know about.
The Bay’s own Tsunami warning system will also be switched off as soon as the Inmarsat prepaid credit is run out – Mercy Corpse had no funds available for this Community project, run by proven survivors, in every way.