AbaY Walk

In July, every year, at Arugam’s ‘high’ season, we walk all the way through Where to buy brahmi amla hair oil our Bay.
From the Northern end
Cheap ayurslim testimonial star-rest.JPGat the bridge
right through to the Panama, Southern end at theA?A?6-km.JPG 6km sign
For the past few years, every single sign,A?A?telephone-box.JPG notice board or advert was filmed and preserved, a kind of digital piece of local history.
It also allows all local establishments to advertise what facilities they offer.
Since 2005 it allowed all passing NGO’s to say what they claim they would do. (sorry, nasty! editor!)
See the 2007 walk below and maybe compare it with last year’s walking impressions published in the same Gallery.

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