State Bank defaults a hotel owner in Arugambay

Colombo, 24 May, ( Owner of the Siam View Hotel [SVH] of Arugambay , Dr. Fred Miller complains the Buspar for anxiety and mood disorder Arugambay branch office of a state owned bank terminated their services and defaulted rent payments one month after the tsunami.The Bank was located at the premises of the Siam Hotel , Arugambay and provided ample service for the area businessmen and the tourists .

Dr.Miller, served as an Engineer and the Hotel Owner who loves surfing in the Potuvil area said the BankA?a??a??s Management has still not answered his official letters regarding the monthly rent.

A?a??A?The SVH, itself the hardest hit hotel for miles around, has been politely asking for the rent due ever since. Nothing at all was paid until a letter arrived a week ago informing them that the Bank has A?a??A?No intention to re-open the Arugambay Extention office, said Dr. Miller.

For the few visitors of the Bay the handful of hard working, hard hit survivors managed to attract in such difficult times as there are no more financial services at Arugam Bay.

Indeed, the nearest cash machine is 2-3 hrs. away. A poor show – but it perhaps represents the kind of A?a??A?assistance and concernA?a??A? our East Coast location receives from faceless and very distant Colombo officers.

Since temporarily peace settled in 2002 a concerned and forward looking, branch manager of the Arugambay bank, thought to provide a better service to the influx of tourists to the Bay.

Scantly dressed females somehow looked out of place in the nearby, conservative Pottuvil at this office. Impatient surfers found waiting for currency transactions and Visa Card advances troublesome and the local staff was overworked with such transactions.

In consultation with the SVH management it was decided to rent the premises at Arugam Bay to provide a better, most welcome and valuable service to visitors to this remote region.

There are no private Banks permitted and Central BankA?a??a??s permission was granted in 2003 to open the new Extention Office at Arugambay.

For an initial period of 3 Years the ground floor offices on the main road, in the very middle of the Bay were given to the Bank at a preferential rate of just 50$/month including air condition and power. The Siam View Hotel refurbished the office at a cost of around Rs. 300,000, to include an attached shower & bathroom.

On 26th December, 2004 giant floods swept the Bay and wiped off near all of the Siam View Hotel. The bank premises however remained intact and stood up to the waves.

The interior however was devastated and washed away. All which remained was the strong safe and the sign boards.

The State Bank never, ever came back to assess the situation, never even cleaned their own premises, but had the new safe removed in mid 2006.

The SVH itself has been credited on CNN & ITN with being the only functioning place open on the entire East Coast. Indeed, the SVH reopened on Tsunami Day itself providing valuable services to the (then) united Community. This is well documented elsewhere, mainly abroad.

More than a dozen letters were sent to the totally unconcerned bankA?a??a??s Head Office. More followed to the Ampara regional office, asking to re-open the office as a matter of urgency to pay Tsunami relief locally. Unfortunately according to a source, A?a??A?Not even one single letter was ever answered,A?a??A? he said.

– Asian Tribune –

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  • You’ve gotta be kidding!

    Hard to believe.

    They work together with DB (Deutsche Bank). Do they do the same?
    No reaction from DB?

    If my partner do the same as the BoC do, i’ll quit all partnerships immediately!!!

  • This is how our banking
    Submitted by trinco on Thu, 2007-05-24 08:27.

    This is how our banking officials help tourism in the country, treating the industry with contempt… Officials cannot even communicate with the hotel owners and these banking idiots should be thrown out immediately.

    Question is what is the tourist ministry doing about this?

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