Mercy Crops

The perhaps only successful ‘project’ US giant Mercy Corps Inc. undertook at Arugam Bay was the plantation of fast growing trees along the main road. objected to such trees being planted in front of the AbHa office, pointing out that they would soon touch the overhead main East Coast 33,000 Volt power lines directly overhead.
Of course idealistic Ms. Robinson did not listen to a simple peasant’s advice and continued “Changing Lifes” in the Bay.

Indeed, she was very successful in that undertaking – splitting the entire Community- and further more, even quicker than expected:
In living memory there has not been a single day without a power cut.
Mercyful trees grew so fast that they are now touching the lines at a dizzy height of 7 Meters.
Who on earth could be so short sighted?
The resulting el. shorts are even more spectacular than Mercy Corps’ earlier PR stunt “Lights of Hope”. Here we have a very dangerous situation!
For you who can’t recall the earlier huge fund raising exercise:

Mercy Corps dispensed a few hundred (very) low quality light chains to gullible AbaY residents.
Everyone was told not to switch them on until the paid(?) US media Buy betapace online arrived – to make sure they last long enough we suppose.
Dangerous Mercy Corpse planting at AbaYdsc09971.JPGdsc09974.JPGMercy Corpse trees at Hello Madam, AbaY
Our own banner: “No lights – No hope” was of course ignored and never shown on the Oprah Whimpy show – although much more appropriate.
No matter what – these two successful US businesses managed to collect huge sums.
In the name of Arugam Bay. Ms. Whinfrey actually “Reached out”. To her ball pen and signed a cheque for a million US Dollars – where the rest Millions have gone we can only guess (Harpo Inc. still owes the people of AbaY $300 dating from an agreement Jan. 2005 for exclusive video footage transmitted to them by us)
So much for the advertised 5 year plan Ditropan xl generic cost of Mercy Corpse – it started in 2005 and finishedA?A? sometime in 2006.


For the somewhat …technical minded:
Every school boy might understand the above illustration. It shows a tree near a fairly low power line, maybe 440V, in New Zealand.
In the clever NGO case of educated US Mercy Corps all sea side trees at Arugam Bay were planted DIRECTLY UNDER our much higher, 33,000V Main East Coast power line.
The simple natives of AbaY wish to thank the US for sending such ‘experts’ to our island!
Crops have Mercy on our uneducated Souls….

It is very sad to report that Mercy Corps has totally failed in just about every task they undertook in our area.
It is however also realized and accepted, that Ms. Robinson acted in good faith, she really tried to do her level best for the Community. She simply chose to support the wrong people, and listed to the wrong local advice – that’s all.

In a week or so, we hope to publish a totally differed story.
This will demonstrate how a huge Organization did NOT at all act in good faith, they did NOT try to do the best to their abilities:
These guys actually refused to help the injured, actually stole from the Community, caused willful criminal damage and are locally known as ‘Die Rote Kotze’ (‘The Red Vomit’); for good and later explained reasons.
These weird people still have a police report pending against them and tried to silence us after attempts to sue us in Genevre failed miserably.
Wait for our report and evidence! It is all well documented!
We gave them a last chance to respond and live up to their given promises to make amends. But of course they feel they are soooo well known and they simply don’t care about us – the stupid Tsunami victims.

2 Responses to “Mercy Crops”

  • Kapila Amarasinghe

    I worked for ERU (French Red Cross) in 2005 and I have resigned in disgust.
    My complaint was filed with local and Negombo Police at the time.
    I am submitting my (bad) expeirences herewith to and have no hesitation to permit its publication.
    Mr. K. Amarasinghe
    Justice of the Peace
    (All Island)

  • This kind of expert help is bad enough, but I look forward to the next report.
    If you are short of material – please send me your mail address:
    I was at Arugam in 2005 and I am happy to contribute my observations.
    Specially the Red Cross and als ADRA seem to have gained a lousey reputation.

    Don’t concentrate to the past too much – and report the bright side of the Bay:
    Surf, wild life and your parties – try to forget the trauma some NGO’s installed in all of you there.
    Leo, Italy

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