Arugam does not exist!

After two and a half year residents of Arugam Bay finally know why they received not a single cent of help!
According to the huge, ultra expensive, 2 year UNHCR study, resulting in the precise maps below:
We don’t even exist!




Can you spot how many suffered here, on the South East Coast?

Good job at least the world media reported, at the time, that the epic centre was DIRECTLY opposite your favourite Surfing Bay – well known for years to have the highest waves in Sri Lanka; even in non- Cost isoptin Tsunami conditions.
It also escaped the highly paid experts that in our hamlet more people died in percentage of the population than anywhere else – and we measured huge 46ft – 15 Meter+ swell that day.

Can anyone –OUT THERE!! Order amitriptyline – please explain why Arugam Bay has been totally left out of any donation bonanza?
We have proof and firm evidence that some of the hardest hit people have, to this very day Not received a single Cent from any official source.
Please come and take a look at Arugam Bay now, two years+ thereafter and you will see no improvement worth reporting.
Indeed, the infrastructure, the roads, the water supply, the medical care:
All are far worse now than two years back; that means: After the waves!
And: The hundreds of ENJOY’s in distant Colombo or, very daring in Ampara have no excuse here, for a change, that they can’t (or are too scared!) to ‘operate’ because of the “War”:
Because there simply isn’t one, and never has been a hint of one, here or anywhere near our peaceful, but neglected Bay.
Special Thanks to “Deutschland Hilft” – for having at at least a few beers with us!
We never, ever seen any “Help” from good old Deutschland! Or Britain. Or anybody.
But private, small help: YES! Thanks a Million folks!
For not trusting NGO’s!

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  • What we are now waiting for is an equally impressive map showing where all the great donations have gone to!
    Has it been used in the hardest hit areas?
    Of course not!
    All I know is that south of PottuVille (that means badly hit Arugam Bay) towards Yala and Hambantota there will be a BIG ZERO.
    Anything else we – the most affected residents will never believe.

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