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“……No more plastic bottles would be littering the beautifulA?Bay…”
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This article was first published on on 14th March, 2007
We re-publishA?it today, in response to Purchase ethionamide nad “The Island” article above.

Fresh drinking water at Arugam Bay still presents a major problem, to this very day.
None of the educated (?) NGO’s, who claim to be “experts” in their chosen fields ever managed to came up with a true, ‘sustainable’ idea which actually worked.
In more than two years (after our Tsunami) .
Instead, they managed to waste millions of donor’s hard earned cash. sees no real problem.
Forward thinking Thais, A?just 2,000 km due East of Arugam Bay, have long embraced popular reverse osmosis water dispensers.
Even in the USA some, unlike “Mercy Corpse” A?may have heard of it….:

Indeed, on every street corner in the Kingdom of Siam you will see residents refilling their PVC bottles and containers with fresh, clean, and fully trusted water.
A good contribution to the environment:
Every sane person should be concerned about PVC waste piling up and spoiling the environment! And this A?for ages, maybe even 500 years ahead.
What made it really popular across the Indian Ocean is the fact that there are huge savings to the consumer.
Further more, this homegrown AbaY mini project is actually dead simple.
Once set up it is a brilliant, self-sustaining little business venture, open 24hrs/day all year round.
The machines are available off the shelf, from many suppliers, at reasonable cost.
example supplier:

A 5Rs./ coin would dispense one or one and a half liter of cooled, pressurized drinking water, potentially making huge profits.

If AbHa or would have a fraction of all the cash wasted on totally useless and also dangerous (potentially poison could be added to street containers in front of local enemies. Not far fetched in a war zone) water supply projects what would we do?

Nothing could be more easy!
We would simply pick up the phone, order, say 5 or six coin operated dispenser machines and place them throughout the Bay.
In just a month or so residents, businesses and visitors would all enjoy clean water, and no more plastic bottles would be littering the beautiful Bay.

For all the super clever self-sustaining ENJOY’s THIS cool idea is of course A?far too simple and effective?

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  • I noticed you shared an article from when you talked about reverse osmosis here:

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  • Ironic really.
    That many years after lots of cash was pumped into pretty silly projects, NGO money was wasted supporting hopeless locals – now a new visionary comes up with this ling known “No PVC bottle” idea. Like it wasn’t obvious to anyone in the first place.
    However. Well done Hideaway!
    You seem to do what others should have done.
    Like last Century. When bottle water and its plastic rubbish hit Aragum.

  • I published this,and other little thoughts & contributions.
    Hoping that someone would see the sense in protecting the environment.

    You know what?
    Nothing at all has happened, and it seems that nobody cares about such obvious improvements.

    Fed up. Fred

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