AbaY Walk 2008

In the middle of the year, we supposed to have “High Season” at Arugam Bay.
Every July, Arugam. info walks from bridge to bridge, simply armed with a little camera.

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From bridge end to the other end of AbaY
This year we have a new USAIDs bridge to the North of our hamlet.
The Southern, Panama end bridge remains in poor shape.
Over the years every single sign and sign post has been documented in that way.
You are welcome to compare each year and study the ‘progress’ – or the opposite thereof…!?
Since 2005 the files are in Arugam.info ‘s our Inderal shards of order Picasa Album, see link below.

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  • hey man
    looks like a ghost town. thinking of comming but the photo is really not encourging

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