Abay Walk 2009

Arugam Bay’s traditional Mid-Year walk from end-to-end of AbaY:

#0001 Seasands

#0001 Seasands

http://picasaweb.google.com/arugamsurf/ArugamBayWalk2009# Buy finax muesli

Do you like to try your luck and spot any “progress”:
Here are links to the same-same walk of previous years:

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There are changes and various improvements 2009.
Now we show not only the road/street sign.But also at least one impression of the establishment as well.
This years walk was conducted by Mr. Tavis Fu, a volunteer from Taiwan.HKG FUi
Links and introductions on this page (arugam.info), shown right below will be updated asap. Please allow 1 week.

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