Smoker’s Research Trip to AbaY

Tripped ‘Outstation’

“Abyss” – A Smoker’s Research Trip

Since the 9th of November Ia??ve been out of my mind so much ita??s insane. From one intoxication to another, bouncing around different locations, I still cana??t believe it. Smoking pretty much every strain of grass available in this country, from KG to Manali hash to Ukraine skunk, ita??s nuts.

The other day we headed off to Mirissa and stopped by at Hikka on the way. We never thought the grass we bought would be so good till we smoked it and found it hard to get off the bed. Mirissa was just mindblowing, just like the first time. This time was better since we got boogie boards and pretty good treatment from the guys at the Surf Bar. Ia??ve even got myself a job there playing my solo stuff to foreigners during season. So Ia??m pretty pleased with that.

Delivery bonnispaz

After Mirissa we headed down to Matara to take a bus straight to Colombo a??cause I absolutely had to go for the Manzer gig. And holy fucking ganja it was insane. Every single band was at their tightest Ia??ve ever seen them. With a few mishaps here and there, technical glitches and whatnot, the show still turned out to be amazing for those who were there. It was also the first time I tried tequila, and man, I like it. Afterwards we started on the first joyride to Negombo at 1AM, reaching the beach within an hour.

We had the entire stretch of beach to ourselves, with aeroplanes flying over us from time to time, and us high as fucking kites. I think it was at this point that we decided to do a proper trip, or in the morning. A friend of mine wanted to go to Rathnapura, and I suggested Ella since ita??s in the same direction. This turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, period. Ella was mindblowing Order lioresal intrathecal mindblasting!

We tried to find more people to tag along since we had a vehicle and there were just the three of us, and eventually ended up with A?me walking into a friends placeA?unannouncedA?and opening his door and going a??Dude, pack your stuff, wea??re going to Ella!a??, followed by him taking a long drag from his J and replying a??What the fuck is Ella!?a??

After convincing them to join us, it was their 3rd anniversary as well so it made sense, we headed off at 1PM in the hot sun all the way to Ella. We travelled for 8 hours since we had never driven that route and due to the rain as well. But we had a stock of KG that lasted us the entire day. We could barely move when we reached the guest house!

One of the best parts of the trip was the food, starting off with a KFC urge to proper rice and curry, rotti and pol sambol, paan and parippu, man we were spoilt in terms of food!

Ella was cold, slightly windy, and overall just awesome. It was so cold that when we drank that night (note to self: never let anyone get me drunk in cold climates, ever) it was so fucking cold that none of us could throw up. Which meant we all drank over our usual capacity. Ia??m not much of a drinker, Ia??m usually good with about 3 good shots or arrack, or white rum, or even 3 strong cans of beer. But they wanted to finish the bottle, and there was half of it left, the horror.

After taking a sip of the 5th, which was byfar the strongest shot since by then my hands were too sloppy to pour a tiny bit of arrack which I woulda??ve preferred. Ia??ll admit, Ia??m a pussy when it comes to alcohol, but fuck, the room just kept spinning. And spinning, and spinninga?? until eventually the others had enough and went off, and a few minutes later I could pass out. The ironic part is that the guy who kept making me drink was the only one of us who actually did puke. Hah.

In the morning we took the vehicle down to a waterfall where we bought some pretty cool stones for quite cheap since we were their first customers. Then we found a rock under the waterfall and decided to jam there. We could hardly hear the guitars over the sound of the water, but it just felt so fucking amazing to be there at that moment.

Afterwards we went off looking for another waterfall, and eventually finding ourselves in Thanamanvila, and you know what was going through our heads when we realized this. Sure enough we wound up finding someone to buy pot from, and got a pretty sweet deal for proper Sri Lankan bud. And dude, ita??s unlike any pot youa??ll ever smoke thata??s been grown here, unless youa??re growing buds at home. Smooth, so fucking smooth, and we were stoned off our asses for hours. This was like the tenth cherry on top of our cake.

Through Thanamanvila we headed down through Pottuvil, witnessing the weirdest wildlife phenomena of just herds ofA?buffaloa??s, follows by herds of cows, peacocks, and a flock of birds in the distant sky just flapping away in union making the trippiest trails in the distance.
We kept driving down upto Arugam Bay, which was pretty mucha?? dead. No one. Not a single tourist, not a single guest at the guest houses. It was pretty much a ghost town.

After a short dip in the sea, which practically had no waves whatsover, we all returned to our rooms and mellowed out till we eventually passed out. We planned to stay up and watch the sunrise and smoke a cocktail J of KG, SL bud and the other grass we had, but by the time I woke up the sun had risen. Man, I was pissed.

But yeah, all in all we did pretty much everything we wanted to do, and then some. Ia??m really surprised by how well we managed our time and the decisions we made on instinct, or rather impulse. Everything went smooth, even with the rain and the hardly visible road. Ia??m back now and just too tired to really do anything. I think I just spent every last bit of energy typing this post. I think Ia??ll go pass out now.


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