Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

Record Breaking Tourist Arrivals @ H’tot

The Wonder of Asia has finally Taken off!
Our New Airport is coping well A?with recent Tourist arrivals.
Everyone is heading towards famous Arugam Bay
Update 1st April, 2013:

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Dozens of World Class AirlinesA?singedA?up for Hambantot

The New Airport can handle it !

Flight No.BI69 arriving from Patna touching down at Hambantot

Rail links are almost near A?full capacity

Hambantot Central Railways Station

Reserve your a/c seat early

For online reservations (do not-) call 0112 123456

Meanwhile, the traditional VW Surf Bus has also been stretchedA?to the limit

VW Surf Shuttle Bus to Arugam Bay

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Prototype for the new fast rail link
Connecting Hambantot International -to- Arugam Bay

A Test run with the New Design of rapid VW Rail mobiles

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