You never ride alone

The Arugam Bay Taxi Initiative Cheap eulexin
(A100% Non-profit Service to our visitors)
Now has a brand new Notice Board

AbaY Terminal "Share My Ride" Board

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The New daily updated board is located opposite the “Hang Loose Hotel”
next to the Siam View Brew Pub.
It’s in
In addition to the New, secure online reservation system
(see booking links on our “Taxi” Tab above

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2 Responses to “You never ride alone”

  • It is up to the establishment itself.
    To share their own information with us, a totally free Community page.
    We know Mr. Badurgan, and have invited him on many occasions to submit some details of “Sandy Beach” to us.

    What can we do – if we are ignored?

  • hi Guys

    How’s the surf looking? We will be arriving on 6 june for a week. I see the list of hotels on the side of the page but I don’t see the Sandy Beach Hotel, where we will be staying. is there any reason for that?



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