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Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

Kite Surfer returns from the Bondives

Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery

World Exclusive News

Kite Surf Legend Dill Sill recovering at nearby KaputtoVille hospital.
He wasA?Blown off course and badly crash landed at AbaY today.
He is dilsirious, but he has indicated a possible explanation to what may have happened to the missing Malay flight MH 370

Crashed at AbaY beach - blown way off course

Drifted in from the distant Bondives

Attempted Kite Surfing in the Bondives

World class Kite Surfing legend Mr. Dill Sill seems to have been blown across from the previously unknown island of The Bondives to all the way toA?Arugam Bay.

His somewhat incoherent account is being questioned.
He claims that The Bondives IslandersA?reported a ‘low level flight’
However, his helmet camera has captured this amazing photo.
Which is the last known image of the missing Boeing 777:

Due to the isolation of the Island Nation of The Bondives this has only just now been reported. A group of Natives as well as the one only Police man on the island have seen a large aircraft a few weeks ago.

Did MH370 BonDive nr. AbaY ?A?

(artist’s impression)

Why does this news only come in NOW?


It happened in the uncharted Islands of The Bondives

You have never heard of them?

No wonder! Here is why:
(Extract from Wikipedia)

The Bondives

Are an island nation in the Southern Indo-Pacific Ocean.

The Bondives are almost unknown. And they not even shown on any maps. The reason has just come to light: Those islands are shifting. Continuously.

The most singular feature of The Bondives geography is its mobility. Similar to the annual shifting of the famous ARUGAM BAY sand bank, The BONDIVES have a constant process of erosion that removes sand from the east coast and deposit it on the west coast, the islands were moving westward at the rate of 1400 meters a year. It is anticipated that the islands would collide with Sri Lanka in 2020. To slow down this movement, boats constantly ferry sand from the east coast back to the west.

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First known mention of the Bondive Islands

:San Serriffe (02).png
Quick Facts
Capital Feemal
Government undemocratic republic
Currency dimes Roman (dR)
Area 692.7 sq km
Population 1,782,724 (1973 census)
Language English (official),Portuguese (official), Gowdy (Flong), Malay,Arabic
Religion Asterism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism
Electricity 190V/42Hz (South African plug)
Internet TLD .ss
Time Zone UTC +6:45

Other destinations


Map of The Bondives

Long unfairly neglected by travelers, and surprisingly never even mentioned in the backpack bible ‘Loony Planet”, the islands of The Bondives truly offer something for everyone: a rich culture full of fascinating customs, an informative case study for environmentalists and economists, and a treasure trove of unusual tubers for botanists. Now under nominally democratic government, now is the time to discover The Bondives distinctive cuisine, tropical climate and quaint transportation, before the next volcanic eruption occurs.


The Bondives have been unkindly characterized as a banana republic, although Bondivians themselves have been known to take offense at this suggestion and physically remind the commentator that pineapples are also an important export crop. (Critics must also concede that it’s not really much of a republic, either.) Continue reading ‘Kite Surfer and the MH370 Mystery’


Arugam Bay: A Surfing Adventure

Sri Lanka is still one of the surfing world’s secret gems, discovered by a few lucky ones who return year after year to enjoy the tropical waters, fun waves and diverse cultural experiences the country has to offer.

arugam.info reporting directly from the Bay. Since 1997

Yet to the majority of the worlds’ travel addicted surfing community it has been overlooked as a surf travel destination. The local surfing community and exposure of Sri Lanka as a surfing holiday destination are in their infancy, but this trend is rapidly changing as more and more surfing travellers experience the beauty and adventure Sri Lanka has to offer and share their stories about this once forgotten paradise with the world.

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Arugam Bay: A Surfer’s heaven

Every year between April and October, storms from below South Africa, whip the ocean into a frenzy and send large, consistent swells up the length of the Indian Ocean and into the coastline of Sri Lanka. The storms are usually located thousands of kilometres away, so that by the time the swells reach Sri Lanka, they are perfectly groomed ground swells that wrap their way around the southern and eastern sides of the island. During the surf season it is not unusual to encounter at least one solid ground swell every single week and with the prevailing wind coming from the west, the majority of the southeast and eastern coasts of Sri Lanka are protected from the wind offering hundreds of uncrowded and sometimes even undiscovered locations to surf. Breaks range from gentle beach breaks, reef breaks and sandy bottomed point breaks, catering for every type of surfer from the complete novice, up to the experienced professional.

Pro Training Session 😉

Arugam Bay or A-Bay as it is predominantly known is the hub of the Sri Lankan Surfing community, with the entire village set up to handle surfing tourists, with a huge range of accommodation and eating options. Unlike many surfing destinations which cater for only the hard core surfer and his or her desire to spend 10 hours a day catching waves over sharp shallow reefs, Arugam Bay and all of the Sri Lankan surfing destinations are the perfect place to take your girlfriend or the family. While they enjoy swimming in the protected turquoise waters of the bay, you can slip out to the point to surf perfect uncrowded waves for the morning. Once surfing is over there are so many adventures and places to explore only a short tuk tuk ride away.

Surfing: A sport for all, young, old and any gender

Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay: A Surfing Adventure’


Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge

Daily News. by Philip Fernando

…… Places like Kalpitiya, Pasikudah, Kuchchaweli, and Arugam Bay-the surfing haven, Yala, Wilpattu, Koneswaran temple in Trincomalee or Unawatuna beach-just to name a few- are entering the tourist lexicon like Banda Aceh or Pattaya Beach….. Himalaya speman purchase online

Underpinning the tourist revival is the fact that Sri Lanka is emerging a popular destination for many seeking to fill their leisure amidst the countrya??s idyllic setting. The laid-back and the debonair are being increasingly lured to our shores as an assured place for respite or revelry.

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Golden beaches and tropical climate, main tourist attractions. File photo

More importantly, the countrya??s stunning diversity embodying cultural sites, historical treasures, the sun-drenched beaches and trendy urbane hotels promises it to be a captivating destination.

It is also a fact that professionalism inherently linked to tourism, the new tier in social networking had been well-articulated by Sri Lankans practising this trade. Its vexing demands are met quite competently by thousands who are in it for good.

Sri Lankans seemed quite adept at it now. The long drought brought on by the terror war did not dim their hopes. Continue reading ‘Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge’

the road to Arugam Bay


Final wildcards announced as surfers head for the SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay

Periactin buy australia A large assembly of dedicated Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) athletes are now making their way to the exotic south east coastline of Sri Lanka for the inaugural ASP six star rated SriLankan Airlines Pro which is set to begin on Friday at Arugam Bay.


Arugam Bay after the Tsunami?

http://www.globalsurfers.com/Surfing/sri-lanka/arugam-bay-after-the-tsunami/msg21701/?PHPSESSID=cj640r Hi Everybody! IA?d like to travell to Arugam Bay in August . I know that the surf is as good as ever but I am worrying about the atmosphere in the town after the Tsunami. I am sure a lot of houses are getting rebuilt right now – so maybe itA?s not a good place right now to have a relaxed hangout…!?! Has anybody of you guys been there lately? Cheers, Marco notified to arugam.info only today, 7th June, Purchase deltasone taper

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2010 by: http://www.globalsurfers.com/Surfing/sri-lanka/arugam-bay-after-the-tsunami/msg21701/?PHPSESSID=cj640r


Billabong joins the ASP 6 Star SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay

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Jadson Andre : photo ASP Australasia

– The fast approaching SriLankan Airlines Pro at Arugam Bay today announced the inclusion of Billabong as a support sponsor to this exciting new addition to the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Six-Star World Tour. With just two weeks remaining until the event begins, Billabonga??s involvement adds to the events prestige and its overall activation. Billabong Asia Brand Manager Peter Thew is excited to enter into this partnership in a region that boasts a myriad of incredible surf locations. “We

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are constantly having new places and new pockets of surfing communities brought to our attention all through the Asia region” said Thew. “It’s a huge honour to be teaming up with SriLankan Airlines and ASP Australasia to further help highlight another one of these truly amazing parts of the world.” The event begins on June 18 and the field line-up is super high quality and international with surfers travelling from all key ASP regions throughout the world. Wild card surfers into the event are to be announced shortly. The SriLankan Airlines Pro will be live webcast and will include a quality produced and globally distributed television show along with television newsfeeds distributed internationally throughout the event as well as highest quality digital images focusing on the event, the environment, wildlife and of course the abundance of surf from the region. http://www.globalsurfnews.com/news.asp?Id_news=46988


Arugam Bay on a surf & a Prayer

Aruagmbay Surf (and nonA?surf-) times for A?Muslim Surfers

Muslim lady surfer

The official A?schedule of A?Prayer times is appended below.
Valid for the competition month of June, A?2010.
(Abay & PottuVille)
Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay on a surf & a Prayer’

Wind & Waves, Kiting in Paradise: Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

This Vesak, the kiting gang would split, half on the West and half taking a chance on the East. Duphalac cat costa
Arugam Bay,
Buy glycomet 1gm with its legendary waves also brings about great kitesurfing when the conditions are right. We hope this would be the case this Vesak Weekend!A? Also see,


Arugambay’s Surf Club’s 1st Press release

Sri Lankan Airlines Pro

ASP 6 Star WQS Men’s event,
Arugam Bay Sri Lanka,
16 – 24 June 2010.

Sri Lankan surfers to get wildcards into

arugam.info's webmistress has been asked to publish this press release. Next time the boys will supply their own photo material, to make any new post more attractive.....;-)

The Surfing Sri Lanka movement recently created by the new Surfing Federation of Sri Lanka received a major boost today when it was confirmed by the ASP that 2 local Sri Lankan surfers will benefit from wildcard entries into the first major Association of Surfing Professionals international tour event to ever be staged in the country’s history.

The 6 Star WQS Sri Lankan Airlines Pro to be held on Sri Lanka’s east coast at the world famous Arugam Bay between 16 – 24 June will now see some local surfers strutting their stuff amongst the world’s best contenders on the WQS circuit. Two Sri Lankan surfers will gain entry to the elite event as part of the ASP’s strategy to assist and promote local surfing at a variety of surfing locations worldwide.

It is proposed that the Surfing Sri Lanka Trials event will be conducted the day prior to the main ASP event start in order to select 8 local surfers who will then surf-off in two x 4 man elimination heats. The first and second place-getters of each elimination heat will then advance to Continue reading ‘Arugambay’s Surf Club’s 1st Press release’


Oh! How I long to head to Arugam Bay!

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Kite Surf Sri Lanka writes, in his blog and on his web site:

Master Dilsiri in action

Been on this island for 28 years and have travelled a lot but Arugam Bay still remains the best and most exciting place on this island paradise. Jungle beaches with amazing breaks, winds in the afternoon for some kitesurfing amongst the surfers, the

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crocodiles and ruines, nights under the stars and food….oh, how I long to head to Arugam Bay again. Buy elimite permethrin

Arugam Bay, That’s where I want to be Arugam Bay. That’s where I want to stay

Kite Surfing. A great sport and play with elements and nature




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Generic names for amoxil ARUGAM BAY – Weekend BASH!

The last long weekend for the year! MAKE the most of it. Welcome to join us to Arugam Bay.
  • Leave Colombo on Thursday 2 AM
  • Back in Colombo on Sunday by 6 PM
We’ve got a van and have 3-4 seats left. Might be Rs. 2500 for whole trip in terms of transport.
  • Surfing in Pottuvil Point
  • Panama
  • Okanda
  • See the ancient ruines
  • Wild Life
  • Hopefully a Seafood BBQ and Chillout part courtesy of Siam View (Fingers Crossed)
Let me know. Just head up with us.