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Tourism at Arugam Bay should be sustainable


The surfing season in Arugam Bay starts in May and the thousands of people who are dependant on the tourism industry in this Eastern coastal village in Sri Lanka eagerly await the arrival of the highest number of tourists this year. The tourism industry in the country is booming after the end of terrorism in 2009 and Arugam Bay is now ready to regain its full potential.

Arugam Bay i How much unisom to overdose s one of the world’s top 10 surf locations, known for its fantastic waves, which attract surfers from all over the world. The best time for surfing here is between May and November when strong winds are offshore for at least the first half of the day.

There are only a few tourists at Arugam Bay

However, some small scale hoteliers, tour guides and shop owners are disappointed because still there are only a few tourists at Arugam Bay. Continue reading ‘Tourism at Arugam Bay should be sustainable’

Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge

Daily News. by Philip Fernando

…… Places like Kalpitiya, Pasikudah, Kuchchaweli, and Arugam Bay-the surfing haven, Yala, Wilpattu, Koneswaran temple in Trincomalee or Unawatuna beach-just to name a few- are entering the tourist lexicon like Banda Aceh or Pattaya Beach….. Himalaya speman purchase online

Underpinning the tourist revival is the fact that Sri Lanka is emerging a popular destination for many seeking to fill their leisure amidst the countrya??s idyllic setting. The laid-back and the debonair are being increasingly lured to our shores as an assured place for respite or revelry.

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Golden beaches and tropical climate, main tourist attractions. File photo

More importantly, the countrya??s stunning diversity embodying cultural sites, historical treasures, the sun-drenched beaches and trendy urbane hotels promises it to be a captivating destination.

It is also a fact that professionalism inherently linked to tourism, the new tier in social networking had been well-articulated by Sri Lankans practising this trade. Its vexing demands are met quite competently by thousands who are in it for good.

Sri Lankans seemed quite adept at it now. The long drought brought on by the terror war did not dim their hopes. Continue reading ‘Travel industry poised for a spirited upsurge’

Beach Bar Quotes Arugam Bay

Quotes from anA?Arugam Bay Beach Bar

“We are perceivers. The world that we perceive, though, is an illusion.a??

a??Cast aside all clinging and the essence will at once emerge.a??

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A menu with a difference @ The SVH, Arugam Bay

a??Even if only in your imagination, it is still good to escape the sadness of everyday life and spend some time in another world.a??

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a??What the caterpillar calls the end of the world. One should see as a new butterfly.a??

Shalita, New Mexico



700 rooms in Arugam Bay, Trinco & Pasikudah

More hotels to be built in NE:

Tourism targets highest forex by a??16

Daily News

Daily News

Sri Lanka Tourism (SLT) hopes to elevate its position by 2016 as the highest foreign exchanger earner to the country from the current fourth place.

Chairman, SLT, Bernard Goonethilake said that they hope to attract 1.5 million tourist arrivals by 2016 to achieve this target. Outlining the tourism promotion plan for the next four years, yesterday, he said that they also hope to attract high spending tourists. a??We want to increase the spending power of tourists from the current average of US $ 80 per day to US $ 130,a?? he said.

Sri Lanka Tourism hopes to add 7,000 additional rooms to bring the total strength to over 14,000 rooms to meet the projected demand. He said that with the dawn of peace in the eastern province more hotel rooms will be built in these areas.

The Board of Investment has already signed up with several local and foreign investors. a??Within the next two years there would be 700 rooms in Pasikudah, Trincomalee and Arugam Bay,a?? he said.

Director, Sri Lanka Tourism, S. Kaleselvam said that the industry generated over US $ 350 million last year and there were 389,550 tourist arrivals until last November.

This is a 10 per cent drop compared to 432,892 in the corresponding period last year.

The National Strategy for Sri Lanka Tourism has ventured to place the profile of the country as an Asian tourism icon. a??We want to make Sri Lanka Asiaa??s most treasured destination,a?? he said.

Eight objectives addressing the immediate and long-term needs, also cover the operational aspects as well as the four divisions that formulate Sri Lanka Tourism.

An 11-part strategic framework which addresses the areas of action has been defined and this Strategic Plan provides a blueprint on how traditional and the not so conventional aspects of tourism will be incorporated to grow into sectors such as nature, culture and adventure tourism.

A Tourism Strategic Action Group (TSAG) was set up recently based on the advice of the Minister of Tourism, Milinda Moragoda, to address the challenges ahead of the local tourism sector. It brings together key stakeholders in the tourism industry, enabling them to take quick decisions.

Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Purchase suprax cefixime George Michael said that the global economic crisis has been illustrated by the drastic drop of prices in key luxury hotels and the significant reduction of tourist arrivals in key locations throughout the world.

He said that they would use the Tourism Cess Fund to implement the four-year promotions.

a??This would be around Rs. one billion each year and government funds would not be used,a?? he said.