Oh! How I long to head to Arugam Bay!

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Kite Surf Sri Lanka writes, in his blog and on his web site:

Master Dilsiri in action

Been on this island for 28 years and have travelled a lot but Arugam Bay still remains the best and most exciting place on this island paradise. Jungle beaches with amazing breaks, winds in the afternoon for some kitesurfing amongst the surfers, the

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crocodiles and ruines, nights under the stars and food….oh, how I long to head to Arugam Bay again. Buy elimite permethrin

Arugam Bay, That’s where I want to be Arugam Bay. That’s where I want to stay

Kite Surfing. A great sport and play with elements and nature


8 Responses to “Oh! How I long to head to Arugam Bay!”

  • High Friends of the Bay!
    Train to Ella, all the way downhill to Welawaya and onwards to the East Coast on the A4 sounds an excellent idea.
    Fit guys like you will master the 100km or so on your bikes.
    No need to carry; we have some I’ sure.
    For Surfers (CS) there always is a Couch at the SVH, for free.
    I gave you a downward reference, after all 😉
    In March we will have some unused staff rooms, too.
    Back to Colombia?
    That will be uphill most of the way – so I suggest to coordinate the return dates with our own trip to the capital and we’ll stick you and your bikes on the top of our old 4×4 Jeep.
    Man, oh man, I look forward to have a relaxed beer or two with you….

  • Hi Fred,

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I am actually contemplating another trip in March (a bit off season) but what the hell – its only off season for surfing.

    Kiri, what do you say we take a train as far as we can and cycle to Arugam Bay and venture all over the place on the mountain bikes. Aurore and I are up for it.

    We can carry our own tents as well – actually we dont even need a tent! The clear skies are marvelous to sleep under!

    Man, oh man, I cant wait to go there…


  • Kiri & Dil:
    Just wanted both of you to know:
    That guys like you are our little island’s BEST ambassadors.
    You are doing a good job; keep the momentum goin’ and continue to incorporate the upcoming East in your activities.
    That is my vision of a united Sri Lanka.
    Cheers, nice to know you,
    Fred, AbHa & SVH Team

  • Dil,
    Weldone mate! Yep it is a ‘super route’!

  • true. one day one day fred.

  • he kiri,

    i climbed via adevikanda! i love that route!


  • Right now he is in the middle of nowhere finding the way up sri pada via adevikanda..Surely he will be surfing in ABay soon 🙂

  • Arugam said…
    There is nothing stopping you!
    Come and reside here!
    On this side of our island!
    You are most welcome!

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