In Panama, just 10 miles south of Arugam Bay

“A walk through a magical island”

Has been to Panama, just 10 miles south of Arugam Bay

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The above photo and a few moreA?here were taken towards the lagoon side of Panama Beach. This place is unique as you will seethe sea from the East,A?lagoon from the North,A?sand dunes from the South and theA? Purchase finax village from the West.

2 Responses to “In Panama, just 10 miles south of Arugam Bay”

  • Took these photos exactly an year ago! Must come again!

    (on Kirigalpoththa’s own web blog site):

    Diane AZ said…
    Lovely views in every direction, looks like a great place to visit!

    22 FEBRUARY, 2010 21:50
    Kirigalpoththa said…
    Diane AZ,
    Thanks for dropping by and for your comments! 😀

    22 FEBRUARY, 2010 21:56
    Mahasen Bandara said…
    Wonderful place and a great set of photos! Thanks for sharing..

    22 FEBRUARY, 2010 23:09
    Loshini said…
    The strip of sand in the background looks like a land bridge?

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 00:14
    Amaris in Wonderland said…
    Nice shot! Looks like a great place to explore.

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 01:00
    rainfield61 said…

    I would like to ride on the boat.

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 04:55
    Rajesh said…
    Spectacular view of the place.

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 06:36
    George said…
    What a beautiful scene!! Thanks for sharing itwith us.

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 09:54
    NicoleB said…
    That’s a true Beauty!
    I bet you can see lots of birds in that area!

    23 FEBRUARY, 2010 10:21
    Kirigalpoththa said…
    Thanks and you are welcome!

    Yes. That thin land strip divide the sea and the lagoon!

    Yes it is one of the best I’ve hiked and camped in Sri Lanka!

    Ah..yes that will be an experience! 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks and you are welcome!

    Yes there are plenty of birds here. A few miles away there is a place called Kumana, which is a well known bird sanctuary.

    Thanks all for your comments!!

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