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Arugam's second 'Tsunami'

….. several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week……

Illegal constructions out in coastal belt

Disna Mudalige

* More powers to CCD by new law

*Demolition costs to be recovered from offenders Xenical comprar online argentina

The Coast Conservation Department (CCD) has decided to take strict action against illegal constructions in the coastal belt using the new powers vested in it under the amended Coastal Conservation Act approved by Parliament recently.

CCD Director General Anil Premaratne told the Daily News that court cases will be filed against owners of these illegal buildings and a fine not less than Rs 5,000 and not more than Rs 25,000 will be imposed on them at the first conviction.

He said that if the offenders who maintain the illegal constructions continue the same offence disregarding the court decision, the amended Act has the provisions to impose a fine not less than Rs 1,000 and not more than Rs 5,000 per day on them.

He said that unauthorized constructions in the coastal belt have resulted in accelerated coastal erosion and pollution and therefore the CCD has decided to strictly implement these laws.

Premaratne said that the unauthorized buildings which are built very close to the sea will be demolished and the expenses spent on them will be recovered from the offenders. He said that several illegal constructions in Arugam Bay were demolished last week and this process will also be carried out in other coastal areas.

He observed that the coastal stretch in the Southern Province comprises the majority of illegal constructions.

He also explained that legal action will also be sought for the illegal fillings of water bodies and sand mining. The amended Act has also made provisions to arrest an offender without a warrant for violating its laws and regulations aiming for an efficient coastal conservation and coastal resource management.



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3 Responses to “Daily News”

  • Sunethra Parana Herathge

    Well! does this also mean that the road that will replace these so called 40yr old illegal structures & be in the same position as these buildings will also be deemed to be illegal because it is inside the exclusion zone? No I guess not because the right of might is always right!Government, Community, collective decision making at its finest!

  • chasselon vince

    Totally agreed with you Dave! it is like everywhere else in the world: nice coastal places are dead. We just have (surfers) to find new ones, to help people again, as we did in Sri Lanka during the civil war.But be sure once tourism starts, it is over.

  • Funny how I was told this law came into force in 1981, now they say there is a new law.
    The CCD loaned money to these people for them to rebuild after the tsunami, many have been there 40 years or more(in exactly the same place) now they are illegal structures. Seems to have taken a long time to get around to demolishing them and destroying the livelihoods of many locals. Also is it a coincedence that this is now happening after the civil war has finished and rebuilding after the tsunami has taken place.
    Unfortunately many locals were better off while the war was still going as no-one wanted to go there. Now greed and affluence is trying to take over.Good luck to those affected.

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