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Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20

Producer Marijke van der Meer was holidaying in Sri Lanka when disaster struck in December 2004. Her personal report from one of the country’s devastated towns told of the harrowing situation there and the desperate need for aid.

Award winning (Re-) Broadcast on 1st March, 2010 How to order allopurinol online
In the southeastern Sri Lankan coastal town of Pottovil – a town with an ethnic mix of Singhalese and Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists – a golden statue of Buddha stares serenely over Arugam Bay. The bay was a Mecca for surfers, who stayed in guesthouses with names such as Chill Space Surf, Hideaway, Aloha and even the Tsunami Beach Hotel. The statue of Buddha is one of the few fully intact constructions in this demolished town where a thick layer of muddy dirt covers the ground.

Destruction and death

Arugam Bay after Tsunami 2004

Soldiers look on as bulldozers shove aside trees and bricks from destroyed dwellings. The bodies of some 1,000 people – killed within a few seconds of the tsunami – have been recovered. But there are many others missing and many families who have no roofs over their heads and are in so-called ‘collection centres’.

The medical situation is critical in this isolated district, where several people are saying that they feel neglected by the authorities because Continue reading ‘Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20’


Kumana National (nr. Arugambay) opens for tourists

Chamikara WEERASINGHE The Kumana National Park, Sri Lanka’s best santuary for bird watching, was re-opened last week after a prolonged closure.

Kumana villu - natural swamp lake

The Park was closed due to LTTE terrorist problems from 1985. Located in the the country’s southern east corner, the Kumana park came to have been affected by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. It was closed for public view again from 2006 with the government launching its humanitarian operations in the country’s North and East to liberate the country from clutches of terrorism. With the Government liberating the country last year, the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry is rapidly establishing its control in the country’s game parks. The Ministry opened Yala National Park in the last year.

In search of migratory access and grazing rights

Minister Champika Ranawaka said, they will have opened all the 20

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national parks in the country by the first half of this year. He said, clearing of Continue reading ‘Kumana National (nr. Arugambay) opens for tourists’

6A? 50′ 60 n of Panama: And on a Parallel with Arugam

We’ve found it! Here it is!

Found it! The M.P. "Holy Grail"

A Green and Happy place on Earth. A true, unspoiled ecological sanctuary. Just North of famous PANAMA!

A place where Green issues still count A place with zero Carbon emissions A place of unique Biological diversity A place for tolerance of social divisions A place with strong social networks of friends, families and neighbours

“A place where people say they have a simpler, less materialistic life, more in tune with nature.”

Could this paradise be Arugam Bay? Too good to be true…. Because this place also is: Purchase roxithromycin uses

  1. A place where Money is poured into books and education. Not Bullets
  2. A place with Fair and peaceful Presidential Elections
  3. A place with no Army at all. Ever since 1949
  4. And, perhaps best of all: A forgiving place where….
  5. ….A popular piece of philosophy… says:
  6. “No argument or quarrel should last more than three days”

Here the 6th Parallel seems to end ;-( What is the BBC talking about, if not Sri Lanka and the peaceful East?

Here is the answer, and perhaps also a model for all of us: Continue reading ‘6A? 50′ 60 n of Panama: And on a Parallel with Arugam’

Lankaa??s National Wildlife Sanctuaries Opening Again

Lahugala National Park

On January 30 the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) held a ceremony near Arugambay in south-east Sri Lanka to mark the reopening of the Kumana Buy motilium in us and Lahugala National Parks. Closed since 2005 due to the war, the reopening of the wildlife sanctuaries symbolises a return to normalcy for the countrya??s parks system. With nearby Yala National Park already open and the rest of the countrya??s 20 national parks scheduled to open by April, it wona??t be long before locals and foreigners can again visit some of the countrya??s most beautiful areas and see its most astonishing animals in their natural habitats.

Because of their location in the formerly LTTE-controlled east, Kumana and Lahugala have been inaccessible since 1985 except for a brief period in 2002-2003 during the ceasefire a?? too short a time for any construction to take place. Before retreating from the park in 2008, Tamil Tiger cadres destroyed what was left of Kumanaa??s infrastructure, including its bungalows and office buildings.

Then, last July, the DWC that comes under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, finally received approval to begin renovating the park. This required rebuilding the parka??s neglected infrastructure, especially the access roads. The Lahugala sanctuary was devastated by the 2004 tsunami but has almost fully recovered and is now, according to a press release from the DWC, a??open to an influx of both local and foreign visitors.a??

Although the DWC had hoped to open Kumana (formerly known as Yala East National Park) in November last year, a severe drought that began in September delayed construction. Working with government and non-government organisations, the Ministry concentrated on providing water to animals in the park to keep them alive. The heavy November rains that followed the drought brought problems of their own: all the rainwater washed away much of the recent road construction, forcing the Ministry to spend another four weeks repairing the damage. Although more roads are scheduled to open in February and March, the main road through the park is now open for traffic.

Director General of Wild Life Conservation Ananda Wijesooriya said that the next few months is the best time to visit the parks.
a??The birds will start nesting in Kumana in March and April a?? these parks are very famous for local and migratory birds,a?? Wijesooriya said. a??At any time of the day and any time of the year you can see elephants in Lahugala.a??

Wijesooriya admitted that he didna??t know how many people would visit the newly-opened sanctuaries. Because of their remote location, Kumana and Lahugala were never as popular as Continue reading ‘Lankaa??s National Wildlife Sanctuaries Opening Again’

Sand Dunes around Arugambay

(unconnected) file photo: A sand dune arch

P. Sivarajah and M. Anas

The eastern coast of Sri Lanka contains the longest stretch of sand dunes in the country. The Pottuvil sand dunes are a part of the sand dune series which extends from Reglan prices walgreens Colchicine pills for sale Pottuvil to Panama seashore. Sand dunes were excessively mined for commercial purposes in Pottuvil, both for sand and turtle egg poaching. The main purpose of this study was to determine the economic dependency of the community on the sand dunes.

Through a survey using structured questionnaires for personal interviews, Continue reading ‘Sand Dunes around Arugambay’

Lahugala, Kumana are News in China

Sri Lanka’s wildlife sanctuary sites (near Arugambay) reopened for tourism

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Chinese News Agency

Two of Sri Lanka’s renowned wildlife sanctuary sites were reopened on Saturday after years of closure because of the conflict between the government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels, a government official said. Ananda Wijesuriya, director of the Wildlife Conservation Department said the two sites were opened to the public on Saturday were located at southeastern and eastern parts of the island.

Lahugala sign on the main A4 road

Kumana, a bird sanctuary and a main eco-tourism attraction, is 312 km southeast of the Colombo while Lahugala, a wildlife park/ sanctuary reserve, is 318 km east of the capital. They have been shut for tourists since 2005 when the fighting between the two sides escalated.

Wild elephant about to cross main road

The parks around Arugam Bay are not fenced in so far

Both areas were under security clouds due to clashes until May last year when the rebels were defeated.

Wild birds AT Kumana. 38Km south of Arugam Bay

“After the end of the war we received security clearance,” Wijesuriya said. The end to the civil conflict has made Sri Lanka

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a major tourism attraction, the tourism authority said editor: Mr. Xiong Tong source:

Arugam Bay Beach Litter signs!

During long weekends, Arugam Bay attracts many local tourists. Day Trippers, who have never been on the East Coast before.

Paddle4Relief update, published 19thJanuary, 2010:

UK Fund Raising Group

The surfers of Arugam Bay, Inderal generic names members of the Where can i buy accutane uk Arugam Bay Surf Club, have managed to fund a project where they took the initiative and made and erected signs for their beach. Since the end of the civil war, back in May 2009, the beach in Arugam Bay has seen countless more visitors, and with it, rubbish!

AbaY Surf Club members & Paddle4Relief erected four signs on Arugam Bay beach

The young surfers are very much aware of the importance of protecting their natural playground. The sea and beach is not just a playground though, its a way of life, its where they fish to earn the money to support their families.
So with the help of travelling surfers and Paddle4Relief, the boys raised enough money to purchase materials to make four signs. The local surfers were concerned Continue reading ‘Arugam Bay Beach Litter signs!’

AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award

Nominated for the Best of British Award by the Daily Telegraph, London

The SVH on the Surfer’s Bay of Arugam. Established 1977 by a devout CAMRA member. The “Siam View” is still run by the same Manx expat and his family to this day. Despite the 30 war years and 2004 Tsunami this place never once closed its doors for even one single day. Home of more than a dozen all natural draft beers. Continue reading ‘AbaY Hotel nominated for Best of British Award’


New Year’s Blast at Arugambay

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New Year's fire at Arugam Bay beach

Arugam Bay New Year‘s celebrations were peaceful, quiet and romantic.
However, residents and visitors were shaken by a totally unexpected fireworks display late on New Year’s day.
The fire started in some fishing huts in the middle of the Bay.
The popular “#38 Cafe del Mar” next door was engulfed soon and the blaze looked like Continue reading ‘New Year’s Blast at Arugambay’

Ms. Baldwin recalls events 5 years ago.

Home Needs shop, Arugambay high street, after high tide, December 2004

Remembering the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami (- aftermath, press coverage)
I’d been staying with my brother and his family in Bahrain over Christmas, playing with his kids and hanging out by the pool. I remember when we first saw the news of the tsunami on TV and those shocking images. I knew immediately that I really wanted to go. I called my boss in London and suggested I flew straight to Sri Lanka from Bahrain, arguing I’d get there faster and for less money than the London correspondents. She agreed, before I had the chance to change my mind. That phone call kicked off a whirlwind of activity and emotion over the next 10 days or so – excitement, adrenalin, anxiety, exhaustion. It became the most valuable and moving reporting experience of my career. I witnessed scenes that I’d rather not witness again, that remain quite vivid and that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

That’s not to say I saw the worst of the devastation by any means, or at least not the human cost. By the time I got from Bahrain to Colombo and from Colombo by road to the eastern district of Ampara – one of the worst hit areas – many of the dead had been buried or taken away. But bodies were still trapped in some of the villages we (I was travelling with a Reuters photographer) visited and Continue reading ‘Ms. Baldwin recalls events 5 years ago.’

Big profit from nature protection

By Richard Black
Environment correspondent, BBC News website

…….The project’s initial tranche of work focussed on forests, finding that the ongoing loss of forest comes with an annual pricetag of US $2-5 trillion, dwarfing the banking crisis Generic tretinoin .

The new analysis takes the economists to the undersea realms of fisheries and coral reefs…………

Fire clearing Amazon forest for cattle

Societies gain financially from leaving forests intact rather than clearing them

Money invested in protecting nature can bring huge financial returns, according to a major investigation into the costs and benefits of the natural world.

It says money ploughed into protecting wetlands, coral reefs and forests can bring a hundredfold return on capital.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity study (Teeb) is Continue reading ‘Big profit from nature protection’

Next Arugam Tsu: Only a matter of time?

Tsunamis triggered by a strong quake in the South Pacific have killed at least 90 people across a number of islands.

At least 65 people were reported dead in Samoa, more than 20 in American Samoa and at least six in Tonga.

Samoan officials say whole villages have been destroyed while thousands of people are reported to have been made homeless in American Samoa.

An 8.3-magnitude quake struck at 1748 GMT on Tuesday, generating 15ft (4.5m) waves in some areas of the islands.

Map showing location of Samoan tsunami

The Samoa islands comprise two separate entities – the nation of Samoa and American Samoa, a US territory. The total population is about 250,000.

A general tsunami warning was issued for the wider South Pacific region but was cancelled a few hours later.

The general manager of Samoa’s National Health Service told the BBC that 65 people had died and 145 people were injured.
US President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in American Samoa, enabling federal funding to made available to help victims.
Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi said he was shocked at the devastation.

“So much has gone. So many people are gone,” he told the AAP news agency.

False alarm

“Some of the areas are only a few feet above sea level, so you can imagine the devastation,” said Eni Faleomavaega, who represents American Samoa in the US.

Flood damage in Fagatogo, American Samoa (30 Sept 2009)

High waves damaged property and swept cars out to sea

“It caused severe damage to property, there are cars floating everywhere.”

Mr Faleomavaega told the BBC the waves had “literally wiped out all the low-lying areas in the Samoan islands”.

He said the tsunami had hit within minutes of the quake, leaving people with no time to escape.

“There would have been no warning system capable of giving adequate warning to the people,” he said.

Samoa’s Deputy PM Misa Telefoni told Australia’s AAP news agency that “the ocean went out within five minutes”.

“With the location and the intensity… I don’t know if anything better could have been done.” Continue reading ‘Next Arugam Tsu: Only a matter of time?’

Reknown Arugam Bay

…….The Eastern beaches of Sri Lanka, considered some of the worlda??s most beautiful Himcocid syrup price , are now open to the public. The reknown Arugam Bay, Nilaweli and Pasikuda beaches in the East are fully crowded these days with local and foreign tourists. More opportunities have opened up in the tourism sector as well…….

Text of Hon. Prime Minster’s historic speech below:

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Post LTTE scenario and ensuring sustainable peace

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka

The terrorists ignored our calls. They killed innocent unarmed people. They destroyed the nationa??s resources and created a bloodbath upon our Motherland.

My Motherland suffered from almost three decades of destruction from terrorism. But now we have shown the world that it can be defeated.

The FBI has stated that the LTTE is the worlda??s most dangerous and ruthless terrorist organization. We were able to defeat this organization which falsely built an image that it could never be defeated. Continue reading ‘Reknown Arugam Bay’

A AbaY Tsunami Drill takes place on …. ??? Be informed.

Mon, Aug 31, 2009, 08:38 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Aug 31, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights will be testing the pre-tsunami danger warning tower system Tuesday, September 1st. Purchase ralista 6

The government has recently installed fifty Tsunami Towers through out the country.

S.L. Government Tsunami Warning Tower situated on a hill overlooking Arugam Bay

S.L. Government Tsunami Warning Tower situated on a hill overlooking Arugam Bay

The Towers are expected to provide early warning messages to coastal communities who are vulnerable to tsunamis.

Several sirens are fixed at the towers and warnings will be issued once information of a tsunami threat has been received. Danger warning messages will be issued in several languages and a danger warning alarm will also be sounded soon after receiving the tsunami alert.

The warning towers are incorporated into the national tsunami warning system and work in conjunction with existing infrastructure operated by the Disaster Management Center (DMC) in Colombo and the Department of Meteorology.

According to the Ministry, the testing of the pre-tsunami danger warning towers in the Kalutara district will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. Buy cyklokapron uses

The testing of towers in the districts of the Colombo, Gampaha, Puttalam, Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Ampara, Hambantota, Matara and Galle will take place on the 19th.

A Dead End: Arugam Bay


Q: When (not ‘If’) will the next Tsu hit Arugambay?

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