Arugam Bay Beach Litter signs!

During long weekends, Arugam Bay attracts many local tourists. Day Trippers, who have never been on the East Coast before.

Paddle4Relief update, published 19thJanuary, 2010:

UK Fund Raising Group

The surfers of Arugam Bay, Inderal generic names members of the Where can i buy accutane uk Arugam Bay Surf Club, have managed to fund a project where they took the initiative and made and erected signs for their beach. Since the end of the civil war, back in May 2009, the beach in Arugam Bay has seen countless more visitors, and with it, rubbish!

AbaY Surf Club members & Paddle4Relief erected four signs on Arugam Bay beach

The young surfers are very much aware of the importance of protecting their natural playground. The sea and beach is not just a playground though, its a way of life, its where they fish to earn the money to support their families.
So with the help of travelling surfers and Paddle4Relief, the boys raised enough money to purchase materials to make four signs. The local surfers were concerned at the state of the beach and the effect the rubbish was having on their environment.
Fawas, Chairman of Arugam Bay Surf Club and Krishantha, Secretary, built the signs whilst myself, Leah, Erandathi and Fawas carried out the artwork in three languages; Sinhalese, English and Tamil.
Now there is no excuse for people to throw their rubbish on or around the beach area. The signs are clearly there to inform visitors that their rubbish is not wanted.
The local Special Task Force and Tourist Association have also acted on the problem and got involved. They have provided bins and more signs.
I personally, am very happy at seeing this initiative develop. From back in 2005 when we were involved in the first village clean there has been a slow but progressive movement towards keeping the village and beach clear of rubbish. The young surfers in particular appear to be at the forefront of this movement and are fully supported by the Paddle4Relief Team.

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