A safe, heavenly Haven: Arugam Bay

All is quiet and peaceful on the Eastern Front, we are happy to confirm.
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We are however committed to publish any relevant article, which our semi-automatic system detects somewhere on the wide Internet, whenever the word “Arugam” is mentioned.
History will be made in just two days time.
So safety and security is very relevant.

Too young to vote. But this boy knows that his motherland is going through exiting, decisive times

The best will emerge as a winner.
In this context, the article below is political, but alsoA? relevant. Because it addresses the mood in and around Delivery ginette-35 Arugam Bay and on its approach roads.

Relevant, because some fear violence after the election; there might be a bad looser around and suporters may be very disappointed.
As far as we can judge, there is no danger at all in and around Arugam Bay Prevacid manufacturer backorder .
As a resort, we are happy to recommend a short, safe holiday break aways from possible trouble elsewhere in the aftermath of the vote count.

Here is Nirmala’s personal assessment of the mood around our Bay:

Nirmala Kannangara in Arugam Bay

The lone supporter of ……..……President Mahinda Rajapaksa, a fisherman, tries in desperation to make his voice heard on the beach of Arugam Bay, but no one is willing to listen to him. He insists that it was the political leadership of Rajapaksa that led the security forces to defeat the LTTE, but he is verbally overpowered by a large group of men with dissenting views who insist that incumbent Rajapaksa must go for committing large-scale corruption and misusing power during the past four years.

This is the general sentiment in most areas of the Eastern Province, including Arugam Bay, Muttur and Pottuvil. Six months after the war victory allegations of corruption and abuse of power have overshadowed Rajapaksaa??s accomplishments. An obviously disgusted public is hoping for a change.

Surprisingly, Sarath Fonseka has a virtually non-existent campaign in the Eastern Province in comparison to Rajapaksaa??s colourful paraphernalia, which has not spared a single lamp post or public telephone booth in the province.

A majority of the fishermen, hoteliers and farmers are of the view that they need good governance and a country free of bribery and corruption, which is like a cancer in the society.

a??Now the government is claiming that they liberated these areas from the LTTEa??s clutches, but beyond that what could they claim?a?? claimed one fisherman. a??Have they given us any relief after winning the war? This is the same man who robbed the tsunami money given for us and the people are not ready to bring him back as the president of the country.a??

According to the residents of Arugam Bay, who spoke on condition of anonymity, a??a junior Rajapaksa siblinga?? has recently acquired a stretch of land along the Arugam Bay coastal belt.

a??No sooner had the war come to an end a member from the First Family came to Arugam Bay and acquired a big plot of land close to the bridge to build a hotel,a?? Abdul Ishaq told The Sunday Leader. a??These people need to be sent to jail once the General who brought peace to the country comes to power.a??

Due to the elections, steps were recently taken by the government to reconstruct most of the roads in the province, but the civilians insisted that they will not fall for such gimmicks any more. They also accused the government of a??convenientlya?? forgetting to rebuild most of the houses on the coastal belt which were wrecked during the tsunami five years ago.

While most areas in the Eastern Province appeared to be backing Fonseka, Moneragala showed different sentiments, with most voters firmly behind the President. For those in Moneragala, it was the UPFA government that built toilets for them while providing clay roof tiles for their thatched houses. Most of them, however, had very unkind things to say about Uva Province Chief Minister Shashendra Rajapaksa, who is the Presidenta??s nephew. They accused the new Chief Minister of breaking many pledges he made to them before the elections.

People in Siyambalanduwa and Buttala did not show any interest in the upcoming election, but the residents in Wellawaya, Beragala and Haputale were keen to talk to The Sunday Leader, saying that they want the present corrupt government, which failed to bring down the cost of living, chased away.

a??We know the man who fulfilled his promises will give relief to the people,a?? one man added. a??Other than Fonseka we do not have faith in the Rajapaksas or even in the UNP and JVP.a??


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