Lahugala, Kumana are News in China

Sri Lanka’s wildlife sanctuary sites (near Arugambay) reopened for tourism

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Chinese News Agency

Two of Sri Lanka’s renowned wildlife sanctuary sites were reopened on Saturday after years of closure because of the conflict between the government troops and Tamil Tiger rebels, a government official said. Ananda Wijesuriya, director of the Wildlife Conservation Department said the two sites were opened to the public on Saturday were located at southeastern and eastern parts of the island.

Lahugala sign on the main A4 road

Kumana, a bird sanctuary and a main eco-tourism attraction, is 312 km southeast of the Colombo while Lahugala, a wildlife park/ sanctuary reserve, is 318 km east of the capital. They have been shut for tourists since 2005 when the fighting between the two sides escalated.

Wild elephant about to cross main road

The parks around Arugam Bay are not fenced in so far

Both areas were under security clouds due to clashes until May last year when the rebels were defeated.

Wild birds AT Kumana. 38Km south of Arugam Bay

“After the end of the war we received security clearance,” Wijesuriya said. The end to the civil conflict has made Sri Lanka

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a major tourism attraction, the tourism authority said editor: Mr. Xiong Tong source:

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  • Hi chen,

    Once you land Katunayake airport u can higher private helicopter from operators in Colombo. But u are going to miss the scenic beauty of the central highlands when u fly to Arugam bay. The road from Colombo to Arugam bay lies in the most beautiful parts of the island.

  • I live in Shanghai.
    we want to visit this Arugambay niceplace
    airport open nearby. dont want colombo or west
    we can charter a private plane?
    T Chen, China

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