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Good News – For a Change!

Good News from Remote Arugam Bay!

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2.) New Books published (in English and German about AbaY)
3.) Weather and Surf reports
4.) Security updates (Military and civil)
5.) Tourist Visa is FREE again for most Nationals!

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Novel Prize for Literature goes to AbaY

Awarded for the 1983 account of life in Arugam Bay, Eastern Sri Lanka

Novel Prize for Literature goes to AbaY

German author Frau Claudia ACKERMANN, hasA?won the Novel Prize in LiteratureA?for “having created new and deep insights” into events of 1983 in Sri Lanka. Written in graceful, impressive literaryA?style by anA?impartial, foreign tourist & traveler during the long running conflict of this paradise island. Social Media, Facebook and A?Twitter is going off at the news. The prize winning travel novel is set in remote Arugam Bay, in the 1980’s.

Author and Laureate’s’s own Web site

Some people, critics and fans alike, are thrilled at the news that the “greatest living author of our time” has won the esteemed award.A?Sarai Dumminus, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, called Frau ACKERMANN a great author in the German speaking tradition” before adding that “for many years now she’s been at it reinventing herself, constantly creating a new identity.” Other fans called her a “master” while one fan said that they are “Not so surprise[d]. She is a great contemporary writer of our time.”


Novel Prize 2016 for Peace & Music

Novel Prize Winner Laureate Chris Sherpa

Meanwhile, the Nobel Prize for peaceful Music A?(NPPM) has been awarded to CHRIS SHERPA. An Australian Songwriter and Musician. For his outstanding composition of the “Arugam Bay” Song. He is the “first Nobel Laureate since George Bernhard Shaw to have been awarded both a #Novel Prize and an Oscar.” President Obama also seems happy about the choice and took to Twitter to congratulate Chris , “Together with Jock Johnson Chris is one of my favorite Surf Composers.” Check out the only known unplugged version of this awesome song. Performed LIVE at AbaY below:
Where to purchase rogaine foam Award winning “Arugam Bay” Song

Chris Scherpa & THE PLONK Bio:

The music of Chris Scherpa is melodic without baby baby schmalz, dirty without being sloppy, the music and lyrics dig deep but stay light and groovy. The songs tell stories. Acoustic sound with punch!
Order acivir injection For his songs the songwriter Chris Scherpa uses influences ranging from folk to funk, alternative rock, reggae, blues and even hip hop. Very notable is Chris Scherpa’s special style of acoustic guitar playing – sometimes sounding like 2 guys at once.

Sherpa @ Aragum Bay, 2014 (DPA A?file photo)

Go Here


Rough Guide to AbaY


Therea??s not much toA?ARUGAM BAY village itself: just a single main road running parallel to the beach dotted with guesthouses, cafA?s and shops, including some of Arugam Baya??s trademark quirky homespun architectural creations a?? rustic palm-thatch cabanas, teetering treehouses and other quaint structures (not to mention the distinctive wooden pavilion restaurant and red British telephone box of the landmarkA?Siam View Hotel ).
TheA?beach is now looking better than ever following recent clearances during which the authorities ordered the removal of all buildings within 20m of the waterline (albeit at considerable cost to local hoteliers and other residents, who were forced to watch as the government bulldozers rolled in and summarily razed significant slices of prized real estate).

A-Bay also marks the rough border between the Sinhalese-majority areas to the south and the mainly Tamil and Muslim areas further up the coast, and boasts an unusually eclectic but harmonious mix of all three ethnic groups a?? as well as a growing number of Western expats. Fears that the villagea??s uniquely (for Sri Lanka) alternative and slightly off-the-wall character will be erased by larger and more mainstream tourism developments remain, however, especially given the forthcoming opening of the newA?Hambantota airport, which will make the village significantly easier to reach for international visitors. For the time being, however, Arugam Bay preserves its own enjoyably eccentric charm.


EasygoingA?Arugam Bay is by far the most engaging of the east coasta??s resorts. A-Bay, as ita??s often known, has long been popular with theA?surfing fraternity, who come here to ride what are generally acknowledged to be the best waves in Sri Lanka. Ita??s also a good launching-pad from which to explore the gorgeous surrounding countryside and its varied attractions, from the elephant-richA?Lahugala National Park and the little-visitedA?Yala East National Park to the atmospheric forest hermitage atA?Kudimbigala.


With waves fresh from Antarctica crashing up onto the beach, Arugam Bay is sometimes claimed to be one of the top tenA?surf points in the world, and periodically plays host to international tournaments. TheA?best time for surfing is between April and Oct/Nov.


There are several breaks close to Arugam Bay, plus others further afield. The biggest wavesA?in A-Bay itself are atA?The Point Continue reading ‘Rough Guide to AbaY’


“Places to go and things to do”

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Kudumbigala cave Monastery & its wild life

Brothers David & Tyrone Graham returned to Arugam Bay after many years.
“Siyambala” is their web site and blog which A?gives unique and detailed insights into our island’s hidden treasures and culture.
We hope to cover more of their amazing observations on this page soon!

Take a look at their work: Order pamelor 25mg

Surfers town Arugam Bay

…”While Brent surfs his days away I am trying in vain to study for my exams but am more often than not distracted by the vast array of wildlife that combs the beach, monkeys, snakes, goats, cows, lizards, birds and the obligatory stray dogs and cats”…

Surfing is not just for men! (file photo)

Brent and I have spent the last five days or so on the East Coast of Sri Lanka in a sleepy little surfers town known as Order rocaltrol dose Arugam Bay. The moon shape beach is renowned for its point break and is often regarded as the best surf spot in the country. Being off season, Brent is in heaven surfing from dusk to dawn while only having to share his waves with a few locals and a handful of tourists. Unfortunately he learnt the hard way on his first day that the surf sits on top of a sharp and nasty reef and as a result has earned his far share of reef cuts and grazes.

While Brent surfs his days away I am trying in vain to study for my exams but am more often than not distracted by the vast array of wildlife that combs the beach, monkeys, snakes, goats, cows, lizards, birds and the obligatory stray dogs and cats. Upon driving into the town we even spotted a few wild elephants and Brent has been lucky enough to spot a few turtles in the surf. Further inland crocodiles lurk in mangroves but the locals charge a hefty price to visit them. Our little beach hut isn’t without Continue reading ‘Surfers town Arugam Bay’

Hideaway in Arugam Bay, Lahugala, 1st Century Monastery south of Panama

(extract quotes) ……Hideaway in Arugam Bay for the best rice and curry I have had in a very long time – very fresh, very hot. Purchase premarin no prescription

K: Kudumbigala monastery near Arugam Bay Cheap aldactone side /Panama-a fantastic setting for a 1stA?century BC site

Lahugala in April with millions of butterflies…..

Together on and off stage
By Smriti Daniel
Ranmali and Kumar have known each other since they were 16 a?? they first met on the set of Richard de Zoysa’s and Rajiva Wijesinhaa??s dual productions of a??Romeo & Juliet’.They shared the stage again for several plays, including Steve de la Zilwaa??s a??Accidental Death of an Anarchista??. a??I suppose you can say we a??meta?? on stage and the drama continues!a?? says Ranmali, of their 18-year marriage.

Unfortunately, acting hasna??t been a priority of late. As Manager Programme Delivery, Ranmali is responsible for all the arts related programmes the British Council delivers in Sri Lanka. An integral part of the team that createdA?, she is also working on several new projects that will nurture and showcase young Sri Lankan artistes. Continue reading ‘Hideaway in Arugam Bay, Lahugala, 1st Century Monastery south of Panama’

Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20

Producer Marijke van der Meer was holidaying in Sri Lanka when disaster struck in December 2004. Her personal report from one of the country’s devastated towns told of the harrowing situation there and the desperate need for aid.

Award winning (Re-) Broadcast on 1st March, 2010 How to order allopurinol online
In the southeastern Sri Lankan coastal town of Pottovil – a town with an ethnic mix of Singhalese and Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists – a golden statue of Buddha stares serenely over Arugam Bay. The bay was a Mecca for surfers, who stayed in guesthouses with names such as Chill Space Surf, Hideaway, Aloha and even the Tsunami Beach Hotel. The statue of Buddha is one of the few fully intact constructions in this demolished town where a thick layer of muddy dirt covers the ground.

Destruction and death

Arugam Bay after Tsunami 2004

Soldiers look on as bulldozers shove aside trees and bricks from destroyed dwellings. The bodies of some 1,000 people – killed within a few seconds of the tsunami – have been recovered. But there are many others missing and many families who have no roofs over their heads and are in so-called ‘collection centres’.

The medical situation is critical in this isolated district, where several people are saying that they feel neglected by the authorities because Continue reading ‘Classic Dox – Adrift in Sri Lanka On air: 5 February 2010 13:20 – 1 March 2010 13:20’


Haiti, Arugambay Thoughts

Steve Lendmann looks at Haiti, Arugam Bay and various backgrounds. His personal view.

Steve Lendman's Blog and views

…… For the moment, their focus is Haiti, ripe for plunder, like the second tsunami that hit coastal Sri Lankans. The December 2004 one took 250,000 lives and left 2.5 million homeless throughout the region. Klein explained the aftermath at Arugam Bay, “a fishing and faded resort village” on Sri Lanka’s east coast that was showcased to “build back better.” Not for villagers, for developers, hoteliers, and other business interests to exploit. After the disaster, they had a blank slate for what the tourist industry long wanted – “a pristine beach (on prime real estate), scrubbed clean of all the messy signs of people working, a vacation Eden. It was the same up and down the coast once rubble was cleared….paradise” given the profit potential……

Buy premarin .625premarin online order Disaster Capitalism Headed to Haiti – by Stephen Lendman In her book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism,” Naomi Klein explores the myth of free market democracy, explaining how Continue reading ‘Haiti, Arugambay Thoughts’