New Year’s Blast at Arugambay

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New Year's fire at Arugam Bay beach

Arugam Bay New Year‘s celebrations were peaceful, quiet and romantic.
However, residents and visitors were shaken by a totally unexpected fireworks display late on New Year’s day.
The fire started in some fishing huts in the middle of the Bay.
The popular “#38 Cafe del Mar” next door was engulfed soon and the blaze looked like spreading along the hundreds of cajan huts on the beach at some stage.

The morning after

The New Year brought some luck, however,A? as south blowing winds died off and the #39 Hillton (now renamed ‘Arugam Surf Resort’) and #40 Gekko were spared any damage.
Also very lucky also nobody was hurt, specially as some kerosene was stored in some huts. Most, if not all outboard engines and all the expensive fishing nets were quickly dragged onto the beach, too.
Locals talk of an internal fishing men’s dispute, maybe a case of arson.
It could also have been caused by a pure accident, electrical fault, or simply a fallen over safe marmite-bottle lamp. We feel safe hoever to suggest, that this blaze certainly was not caused by traditional celebration type fireworks. Because there were none in the Bay this year.
(….and perhaps for the last time ever)

#38 Cafe del Mar burned restaurant

#38 Cafe del Mar damaged

On a wider issue, of course, questions are raised why there is no fire fighting truck or equipment in Arugam Bay or even nearby PottuVille.
Road construction water browser trucks came, but arrived far to late to make any difference.
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3 Responses to “New Year’s Blast at Arugambay”

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  • Your concern is understandable, Nero.
    But obviously you were not present in the Bay on New Year’s Day?
    Simply put:
    There was nothing anyone could have done.
    Because there was/is no fire fighting equipment.
    And the few buckets & cooking pans full of water made no difference at all. The flames were too high & very hot, perhaps due to the kerosene and engine oils – even the water tankers could not get close.
    And they arrived about an hour later……
    Other remarks:
    A.) A fire truck (or at least a pump) is needed. Urgently.
    B.) Stricter zoning rules should be introduced
    C.) Environmental laws exists for fuel stored in petrol sheds, houses etc. :
    D.) But no law seems to apply to inflammables stored in bulk in fishing huts it seems, even when they are close to houses and hotels.

  • Amazing to watch so many people video & photographing the scene rather than helping!!?? Conspire as this site will, more likley a stray ciggie!?

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