Arugam’s parking spaces ….

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Empower the people and make them self reliant
by R.M.B Senanayake

……… (Extract) … Can they exercise power in the present centralized environment? Read the reports of proceedings of the Pradesiya Sabhas in the Lakbima. There was an interesting article on the Arugam Bay resort which lacks latrines, water, no covered shelters and central parking space for the thousands of tourists both local and foreign.

The Chairman of the Pottuvil Buy aldactone cheap Pradesiya Sabha was asked about them. He said he had applied to the central government for a piece of land to provide such facilities and would do so when he gets it. But when will he get it? So the development of the village depends not on the villagers but on the state officials at the central government and the village level and how efficient they are.

Who are they accountable to? Not to the villagers who benefit or suffer from their management or mismanagement but to a distant central government bureaucrat- the former Government Agent. But the latter cannot really control them because of the interference of the local politician who has come to play an important role in the administration. Administration requires certain principles to be followed.

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