Cerveceria Modelo to invest in Arugam Bay

Top selling Mexican beers to be produced in Eastern Sri Lanka
(CORONA is slightly less popular since end 2019)


Corona (Corona Extra) is a brand of pale lager owned and produced by Cerveceria Modelo in Mexico. It is the top-selling beer in Mexico and is one of the top selling beers worldwide.[2] Corona beer is available in over 150 countries. All  Corona beer is brewed and bottled in one of 7 Modelo Breweries in Mexico.
So far, pre 2019…

Corona Extra. The Mexican top selling beer

Outside of Mexico, Corona is to be slightly renamed and will be produced in a new brewery to be constructed at Arugam Bay. A world famous Surf spot and upcoming tourist resort situated in the deep South East of remote Sri Lanka.

To distinguish the new Sri Lanka Export product from the original Mexican label, and in recognition and celebration of local achievements following the end of the long ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, the following brand name has been proposed:

Caruna Extra. Export to Asian markets only

For this purpose the Mexican global leaders have teamed up with the award winning, but widely unknown Arugam Bay Surfer’s Beer label under an agreement with the Sri Lanka Government and its Board of Investment Authority.

Cerveceria Modelo’s chairman Senioria Condolenzza Gogonzola stated that the Company has welcomed branching out to new markets in the East.
Corona is a traditional Cult Beer favored by young, active people and is popular with modern party people.
As world economies are shifting to India, China and Russia it makes no longer sense to ship containers of beer half way around the globe. In addition, clubs and outdoor party organizers predict that Arugam Bay will eclipse Goa and Koh Phangan in Thailand during the next decade in popularity.
The founder of Arugam Bay Hotel Association, Dr. Ne.- Miller, stated before his recent retirement that Sri Lanka is well suited and very capable to produce such a world class beer for export.
“We are happy to be able to offer a locally brewed world class product, at considerably lower prices than imported products at Arugam’s traditional Full Moon Parties in future.
After all, these events held in Eastern Sri Lanka since the mid- 1960’s are much older than any other venues.
We all look forward to see a revival of such peaceful and beautiful events here very soon.
Thailand, for example, has long realized, that the back packers and party goers of today are the Quality Tourists of the future. Hopefully, the Government will support Arugam Bay to be such a ‘stepping stone’ and allow the Eastern Province to flourish.

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